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RIP, Old Snakey!

Old Snakey was the first Gmail lab I wrote, and is finally going into retirement today. Interesting fact: it was originally supposed to be a game you could play while Gmail was loading, but too many people thought they had to beat it before you got to see your mail :)

I screenshotted all the Old Snakey levels to preserve for posterity. Admittedly, I had to hack the javascript to get to them all -- some of those levels are really hard!
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I never did see that Union Jack level. Nice work!

Now my ~ button will do nothing but remind me of yet another awesome thing we have lost...

I wonder if anyone has ever beat that last level...
Good times. Never realized that all the levels made it into the lab.
I never realized you added the Union Jack one :)
Man, seems like you just created the badges, too!
Hey, it's a great game! There should be a way to keep it available! Can't you share it as a gadget? So people would be able to play it on Gmail or iGoogle.
Aww, just noticed this was gone :( Has the code been open-sourced somewhere? Would love to use the game as an easter egg in other projects :)
+Kailey Lampert the code was very much integrated with Gmail, so it's not really open sourceable, unfortunately. I bet you could find some other OS implementations of snake though :)
Sad day (@ the code integration bit).
It's cool how addictive such a simple game could be though
Lol, I never knew there were other levels. Shows how crappy I am at a game with only 4 buttons.
I really want to play this again somehow. This would entertain me for hours
just realizwed this app was no longer available. to further deepen the blow, i never knew there were more levels than the red [ \ / ] level. RIP SNAKEY - maybe zombie jebus can raise you from the dead.
nc li
There were other levels!!!!??????
I also enjoyed “Old Snakey” from time to time. I’m surprised nine months passed before I realized it’s gone, but that’s probably a good thing.
+Dave Cohen didn’t say. Google must have thought we were having too much fun.
Hi +Dave Cohen and everyone! I wanted to let you know about a snake game I've created. I pushed it online just yesterday. You can check it out at Controls are up, down, left, right. Snake can overlap on itself, which actually makes the game somewhat more difficult. Users can also create/design new levels, which is really cool. It all started as an experiment, because I wanted to learn about canvas in html5, and then the experiment matured into a game. :)
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