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Filter Google+ search results to only show photo posts

You can now filter your Google+ search results to only show photo posts. Just type in what you’re looking for, and select “Photos” from the filter dropdown.

You can find any photo post that’s shared with you -- from items shared only with you, to public photos shared by some of the great photographers on Google+. Here are some searches that I enjoy:

- Long exposure:
- Steel wool:
- Cartoons:

We hope you enjoy using this feature. Keep the feedback coming!

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Nice! Finding ways to narrow down the content to always see only what you are looking for is the key to a usable interface 
and then they say google+ is a fail! :(
+Dave Cohen does this help Google to learn to understand what is in an image? Or just search text on photo containing posts only?
I'd really like to know if this also finds album names, or just the post's contents. The former is one of the things I've been expecting almost since day one.
sounds interesting. Like others, I'm curious as to what exactly is involved here - does it search photo captions, album names, post content? or is this some kind of GoogleMagic that identifies what is in the image?
+Dave Cohen ooo you tease.

Edit: I seem to remember a recent Google acquisition that dealt with image processing? That's why I asked: but I could be wrong, or it may be too early for that I guess. 
+Dave Cohen no I don't think so.
It's possible that I've got ahead of myself.

Edit: Remembered. It was the "identify a cat" Google X lab story from not so long ago.
Integrating that is probably a few updates down the line.
This filter option does not yet appear for me but I'm looking forward to it.  Can - or will you be able to - you apply multiple search filters - e.g. 'Photos' + 'From you'
+Darren Neimke You should have it if you refresh. You can't apply multiple filters at the moment, but you can search for your name and use the photos filter which will (mostly) do what you want.
Cheers, got it.  So if I wanted to find all of my pictures that I've tagged as 'hockey', I would search for 'hockey darren neimke' and then apply the photo filter?
Some positive changes to Google+ in the recent months. I'm loving where it's going. 
It doesn't work on mobile: ( nice update nonetheless.
+Dave Cohen getting closer to utilising the full power of Google search. With the impending death of Picasa Web, do you think that Google+ will inherit the tagging (non facial) that existed within Picasa?
Sean S
Thanks for this update.
I hope one day that Google+ Photos can be a flickr replacement.  
Ever since I started using Google+, I have not uploaded any photos to flickr.  
Google+ Photos still lacks many basic features that flickr (replace a photo, annotate a photo, embedding, etc.) has but I hope this will soon change.
Sean S
I hope that, behind the scenes, you guys have discussed being able to batch retag a person in the even that the person that you have tagged creates a new Google+ Profile.
Good new feature but I still need a way to search my own photo. I tried searching for an album name with this filter but it is not working. Only displaying content of other.
+Dave Cohen I finally got to try the new feature and yep, it does find album names alright.

The only thing I think it lacks is priorizing your my albums, since they're the ones I'm often most interested in and Google+ doesn't make finding them all that easy.

Maybe when you start typing a search, the drop-down autocomplete could have a "Photo albums" section showing albums from yourself and possibly also from your contacts?
this is awesome news!  Love it!  The more we can filter unnecessary things out of our life the better.  A more concentrated photo search is GREAT.

Now, what would be really slick, would be if instead of this page returning you a standard sort of Google+ format of feed items, if instead it returned you a bold, beautiful mosaic page with only photos on it (or at least as a view option) with infinite scroll.  Then you could scroll through the page, +1ing as you go, and see many more photos.  When going into photo search mode, the experience should be super photo-centric and immersive and a mosaic wall would maximize that experience more (I think).  Bigger, photos, more photos, zero white space, etc.

I'm going to Idaho on Saturday and will be there shooting for 5 days.  So I did a search for Idaho to see if Google+ could help me find some cool things to shoot.  What I got back were a lot of wedding and engagement photos.  Which were nice to look at, but not especially helpful for finding things to shoot in Idaho.  I then tried Boise and still got back a bunch of wedding and engagement photos.

I wonder what the best way to use Google+ to find interesting things to take photos of in Idaho would be?

Does this search consider our keywords on our uploaded photos?  I think Google retains these keywords in the version of the photo on Picasa.  These keywords would be valuable for search I'd think.
Agreed. +Dave Cohen I've noticed that the Android Gallery app can browse your photos by keyword, are you guys going to let users add keywords to photos as they can do in Picasa?
Now that's a Google-worthy feature, y'all are all about search after all.  Now how about some exclude filters?  Say "give me everything excluding circle re-shares" or "give me all photos excluding the keyword NSFW"?
Pretty cool! +Thomas Hawk has a good point about the mosaic scroll thing. I like surfing though photos on several photo places but would do it so much more here if it was laid out better so I could 1+ all the beautiful photos we have over here. 
Sean S
+Thomas Hawk , I was thinking exactly the same thing last night with the photo mosaic.  Something like how you currently view photos in your own album where there's just a wall of photos.
+Dave Cohen This is a great start.  What I really, really, really want is for this to return results from my private photos that I haven't shared yet! Currently, I have lots of pictures that I've uploaded to Picasaweb (but I certainly don't want to share all of them), and I can only find them by stumbling through searching album names / dates....then I can find my images.  

With Picasaweb going away, I hope that this functionality makes a return.

The mosaic referred to by +Thomas Hawk should be just like the "Photo View" in Events: beautiful mosaic of photos from various contributors.
+Dave Cohen I used the idaho search a lot more today and actually found a lot more useful stuff.  :)  Thanks, this is a great tool!
I want to be able to show photos only - from me. I want it to show photos I have added to what used to be Picasa.. More: I don't like entering the term and clicking "Search" before choosing a filter.
this is fascinating, but how the hell do you ADD a tag to a photo?
Hi dave can you please help me that how can i show my post image wth the text in googleplus search result.
Sounds fab! Gonna' go try it! 
amazing how I can find loads of stuff I don't need but I cannot find a simple tag in one of MY photos...
How about filtering for only videos?  Is there a trick for that?
I just add "mp4" or "mov" to the search string (or whatever extensions have your videos)
Sounds interesting. I am going to try.
ya it really work for me, thanks your  +Dave Cohen  helpful in of here
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