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I wonder if I have what it takes to make presentations at the NSA.
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Definitely. Napkin drawings are approved by the NSA :-)
Oh you don't even have to draw it. They know. .
love how puffy your clouds are, Dave.
The nose on the sad face is great attention to detail.
I doubt it +Dave Cohen . You don't strike me as being utterly lacking in scruples.
I do like your artwork, however. Captures the essence of the thing.
As someone who used to work for the government (but not the NSA specifically) but had access to NSA databases.... 
meh I guess this is accurate, but the drawing is missing the army of retards who are in charge of communication between the contractors.

And on a completely unrelated note... can I sell you some troll food? I just got some more in my inventory.
Cloud looks compromised.
Months later: cloud is very compromised especially with " photos" sucking every raw pic or image up and eating up memory with useless thumbnails. Needs self control.
You forgot sneakernet/USB key in your diagram. Other than that, your clouds are puffy.
YOu make really great charts!! Remember the cookie chart??
Abso-freakin-lutely! They're checkin' it out right now. 
R u in a angry young mode???? Like amitabh bachhan... loollllzzzz

+Warren Rehman The nose is a crucial diagram component!

+J. Rae Chip Yeah, well you can only fit so much in a little puffy cloud :) I'll take you up on some of that troll bait!

+Georgette Nelson oh yeah! I totally forgot about that. It was life changing.
I need to talk to new yorker.
Give a smile to everyone you see along the way, for you may not see them again.Jesus loves you a
I thought it appropriate. You won many internets with this post.
Wow! Just, wow.

This needs to be published publicly.
Preferably even in our Google official blog.  ;-)
Above the fold material
better remove SSL ..that will increase data flow ^^
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