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Pan and zoom photos on the desktop

Google+ is full of amazing photos, and today we're introducing the ability to pan and zoom when viewing photos from your desktop. To give these features a try, simply open a large photo in the lightbox, then:

- use your mouse wheel to zoom in or out
- click and drag to pan right, left, up or down

Higher resolution photos will offer more to explore, so we're excited to launch pan and zoom just weeks after launching full-size backups of your Android photos (

Give 'em a go, and let us know your thoughts as we improve on these and other features!

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Hugo Diaz
On my iMac this doesn't work, using a mouse wheel or click-and-drag do nothing once you're in the lightbox except to drag a copy of the picture to the desktop kind of thing.
+Dave Cohen Not as far as I can tell. Using Safari Version 6.0.2 (7536.26.17) & OSX 10.7.5 on an iMac. 
OK OK.. I take that back... The update must be propagating, I reloaded several times and NOW it works. =)  Cool +Dave Cohen!
Ah... BUT there IS a bug... You MUST swipe BEFORE you press space-bar for full-screen, otherwise the widget with the zoom doesn't appear when you swipe a cordless mouse sideways as it does in little-mode.  Good job, +Dave Cohen, now iterate! =)
A good developer's job never ends. =)    The good news is that if you swipe in little-mode then it continues to show the widget in fullscreen after you've pressed the space-bar in the lightbox.  So, to reiterate, if you press space-bar in the lightbox FIRST then no widget, no zoom. Only zoom widget if you swipe to zoom before space bar.
Works like a charm on Ubuntu. About time this showed up, too, thanks!
Sean S
Awesome update.  
Would be nice if there was a magnifying glass button too.  
+Hugo Diaz Yep, well certainly continue iterating! Better to get something out than to wait for it to be perfect :) Glad you're enjoying the feature.
+Dave Cohen - this is freaking awesome. Thanks for the wonderful beginning of 2013 with this feature. Love it.
You guys do great work because you "eat your own dogfood", along with US. =)
Give the team a well-deserved thank-you from the real-world. =)
Sean S
A feature I'd love to have is an annotation/note feature.
The uploader would be able to draw a box around something in a photo and add a note to it to point something out.  
When you share an album, you get one large main photo in the post and a few thumbnails below it.  In future updates to Photos, after sharing an album and I reorganize photos or change the album cover, would it be possible to have the change reflect in the album post so that the main photo in the post is updated?
+Dan Soto It should work with the 2-finger scroll motion. Try refreshing as well, it might still be in the process of rolling out.
+Dave Cohen is it supposed to have rolled out already? I tried uploading kind of a huge photo.
First try did not work at all (black screen instead of my shot)
Second (after cutting the photo's size in half) worked but... I did not get the feature (which I see just fine on your photo and on +Vincent Mo's.
Finally, when I try to "Download Full Size", it's not even half the size of what I uploaded.
I reckon this is because it has not rolled out yet as this feature will mostly be useful for photos >40-50MP!

Thanks in advance, and always nice to see updates :).
+Clement Biger Photos uploaded through G+ (not instant-uploaded) are resized to the free 2048 resolution. You can upload a larger size if you go through the PicasaWeb UI (which will count against your storage quota).
+Dave Cohen nope...not working with my Chromebook even using 2-finger swipe.. I'll try my laptop to see if it's just not rolled out to my account yet or a CB bug ...
Very nice!  Nice and fast!

The momentum is really killing me, though.  When I drag the image, I can never get it to stop where I want to.

Also, it would be nice to have some damping / smoothing when dragging the small preview window, it ends up being really jumpy.
hellz yes -- now all i need is to upload my gigapixel photos to picassa directly and i wont need to use gigapan anymore to host them!
Hey, thanks +Dave Cohen. I continue to be pleased with the updates coming down the pipe.
Add the ability to click off to close like FB please! It's the one thing that is pretty annoying. 
On my gal note 10.1, ill just take screenshots, then goes to gallery , to see it larger or smaller.Thanks. for this tip, ill try on my laptop.

+Dave Cohen Thanks, nice feature, working well for me too! What's a quick way to revert to original size in the lightbox after zooming & panning, btw?
AWESOMESAUCE! I've been wanting to zoom pictures for quite some time.  Works on Win7 in Chrome.
Awesome feature!  And fantastic perspective of Sutro, I haven't seen this angle before. 
Does not work.  More crap from a company delivering more crap as it grows older.
Sam Lu
When the zoom UI is active, Options->Download Full Size and Options->Photo Details cannot be clicked. Bug?
It takes lot of time to open lightbox on a slow network...!
I would love to go there. hehehe
I won't be able to upload my high res images until google has some sort of Pro account for photo use similar to Flikr. Adding more space via google drive is incredibly cost prohibitive - I won't be ditching Flikr until then. 
Its a good feature but the response time for the panning is a little slow.
Gary Ng
Nice feature well done team
Picture reminds me of Uru the puzzle game. Lol
Where is this place in this photo?
+Jim Chatman Thank you! Is it called lightbox on the desktop only? I'm on my Android tablet right now. Thanks again.
I would love to go there... That is awsome
A gorgeous sunset and beautiful  sea. That picture is great!. It's 100% unforgettable.
 it's so fantastic nature.
nice, google just keeps getting better and more creative.  soon I'll be closing my FB account and moving :-)
Great to see this capability with the Google + photos that +Chris Hadfield is currently posting from the International Space Station. For those that like space photography and seeing the beauty of earth from an astronaut's perspective, highly recommend adding him to a circle along with +Ron Garan if you have not already.
O my lord this is a amazing picture
Is there any way to zoom if you don't have a mouse wheel?
Tried on Chrome Version 23.0.1271.64 m on Win7 and drags only tries to allow starting drag/drop. I'm on a laptop so only have touchpad, no actual mouse or mousewheel.
+Sandra Parlow should be rolled out everywhere by now. You might need to refresh your browser. If it still doesn't work, ping me off this post and I'll try to help out.

+Josh Rosen, +Alex Nishikawa This was taken at Sutro Baths in San Francisco

+Cassia Lewandowski Every digital photo is digitally edited :) This one was a 5 minute exposure which gives you the smooth effect on the ocean.
Whose the photographer here? Zeus? Seriously, this is classic photography and it evoke a world superior and far away from ours. Love it!
Brilliant piece of tech
I was wondering if this was going to ever come! Love it!
Niko P
that's awesome!
yes it works on Linux in chrome but you must zoom in first before you can pan around because the image is already full-size when loaded
O how I wish this was the view outside my home
It works on the Mac. just put two fingers on the trackpad and pretend to scroll. Works every time (:
Great feature! This was much needed!
King T
now that is NICE!
Spectacularly high! Beautiful sight to behold!
Thanks for the information
Testing in Mac, weird seems that does not work in the beginning as +Hugo Diaz stated above but test again and works, seems it is not immediate.
Though, it is like coming out of view in a role-playing game, it is a beautiful and very unrealistic.
Nice new feature. Refreshed a few times to get the pan working in the image. A few problems I'm sure you will fix soon. Click and drag inside the zoom thumbnail loses tracking if you move the mouse outside the area. It would nice if the scroll to zoom worked inside the thumbnail as well.
this is a breathtaking picture but very cool update
+Dave Cohen it will be more useful when the full res instant uploaded pictures are no longer resized when added to an album or shared 
My guess is that few are reading this article coz the image is that mesmerizing! o_O
WOW...what a view....where is this...
Amazing update, Dave. Now for the inevitable requests:

- I'd like to zoom in / out by pressing the + / - keys.
- I'd like to zoom by dragging the slider in the widget.

Oh, and I would love to be able to use the same annotations as in the +Google Drive picture viever. Since today's feature seems to have been brought straight from Drive, can I assume that annotations are on their way too?
+David Prieto I actually haven't used the viewer inside Drive much. What annotations would you like in G+?
.....hmmmmm,,,,i find that place very rejuvenating
Well, Drive does this thing where you can drag your cursor over a particular area of the image, just as if you were tagging a person, but instead of a tag you create a comment. Oh, and other people can then comment on it.

I just figured you were working closely with the Drive team. You really should give the viewer a look to see what I mean.
+David Prieto Well, you can use the face tagging UI to tag non-faces too, but enabling comments sounds interesting. I'll check it out! I'm a little embarrassed to admit I've been so heads down on G+ lately I haven't been keeping up with what everyone else has been doing :-/
Also, I'm really glad to see you doing the announcement :-)
the guy above has a loooooooong name
great stuff. This is a cool feature. wants me make to use it but also to watermark more :(
yes, i did it ... a nice effect .. looking gr8 in jhooming
just imagine how awesome this will be when our photos are larger than 2048px.  !!!  :)
+Josh Rosen You can "Mute Post" after you've commented in it and you won't get millions of notifications.
Sweet - It's definitely a more familiar and beautiful experience !!
Great feature, I'm guessing. What are the keyboard shortcuts for this? I'm using a laptop with no mouse plugged in, therefore no scroll wheel. Any thoughts on how I'm supposed to use this feature?
No one know where is place at . Well let me look up my ass may be I can find it . 
wow sooooooooo  nic.............. luki................
Yuri G
Love it! Works fine on Win-Chrome but not in full screen
Excellent feature. Must upload a massive pano and see how it handles.
I'm going to have to go back and upload some higher resolution images.  Lovely!
great but we have to pay quite a lot for the storage every month if we want to upload high resolution a little useless for me....I have a lot of photos :)
Would this work on a laptop as well (without a mouse/scroll wheel)? And how?
As some people already mentioned, it doesn't work in full screen. It only works if you zoom and them hit space.
So great.
But when I view image in fullscreen mode, I cannot pan and zoom. Is it a bug?
Don't mean to troll but you guys really outplayed facebook once again. :)
I'm still getting myself together regarding Google+ - it all started with Google Chrome and Chromium ...Honest, guv! :)
The scroll didn't work, but I can click to enlarge the picture.
โว้ว...Google+ เพิ่มฟีเจอร์ซูมและแพนภาพ (zoom and pan) | ทดลองด้วยตนเอง คลิก>
Wish I was there 2 see that 
Indah sungguh alam ciptaan tuhan
Inspiring !! wonderful natural beauty.
Great ! I mean it's great to use as destop wallpaper or laptop wallpaper........ 
which place is that abslutly marvalas
most awaited feature!!
Where is the place in the picture?:o
where is the lightbox.  this doesn´t work 
Is this the same feature that I have been using on G+Art Project? It is a fantastic feature. Novice question- what do you mean "place on lightbox"
Using Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux 12.10, but the feature doesn't seem to work.
It is working on Firefox, and working Great. Thanks.
i find the zoom level indicator to be misleading. the spaces on the sides made me think that i could zoom in more.
So I just tried uploading some big panos, but the full resolution wasn't available to pan & zoom.  Why scale down something like that?
MacBook. No Mouse and thus no mouse wheel.
How do I zoom? (Firefox)

No visual indicator for the user that there is a zoom function and how to use it. (everyone else including google maps uses a clickable MAGNIFYING GLASS as an indicator!)
2 finger swipe doesn't do anything.
2 finger zoom doesn't do anything.
pressing "+" and "-" doesnt do anything.
It looks unusable for normal and certainly doesn't look accessible for disabled people.
I don't have a scroll wheel. Even my real mouse doesn't have a scroll wheel. The web browser on my phone certainly doesn't.

If you throw BETA software at users of stable products, at least have the curtesy of calling it a BETA!
+Marcus Wolschon Why do you complain over a function you can't use because you obviously don't want to use it? Zooming with a scroll wheel works, you don't like scroll wheels, OK. You suggest additional functions that make the function more versatile and accessible, OK. But complaining that your new fork sucks for eating soup is pointless.

And on a side note: Almost everything is Beta nowadays, as there's always a possibility to improve something and change is permanent. So unless something doesn't work correctly there's little point in calling it beta. That's like putting a "under construction" sign on a website, which fortunately has died long ago, too.
I would of love to been there looks peaceful 
This is awesome, but now I have to be more careful with my masking! 
I'd love to see this supporting higher-resolution uploads, either from Android phones or the Picasa software. It appears the zoom feature doesn't work beyond 2,048 pixels even if they're available.
Awesome :D Thank you guys for the work.
its very nice. thanks for the feature.
concept is a little 80's the execution is poor.
fa que es agua o vapor? afsdfadsfad
I like that.  The photo is cool too.
The iOS G+ app protect us from saving our Photos in camera roll. Genius!
Thank you. I've wanted this feature since the beginning of Google+ and it's been the only reason I've stuck with the Picasa Web Albums for some things. This is great
Finally! Thanks +Google+ ! Great work! Next step: Merge Picasa with G+ Photos.
So what about 24.6 megapixel photos then?  I have a Nikon Camera that delivers that kind of resolution - which is great for choosing bits of a photo rather than the whole - which could be 6 by four feet if you want it and I really don't, just an A3 would be fine on my wall...
What's missing is the ability to save a "re-framed" view of a photo, either as a new image or as a user's preference.
Lovely photo, but zoom doesn't work for me in Safari 6.
Omg!!!! Very amaze,,,does it really????

It works but the image seems to shake while zooming
صندوق الأستثمار العسكري

It seems to have stopped working for macbooks with no external mouse.
(If there was an external "mouse", the usual thing on a mac would be a "magic trackpad". Haven't actually seen any macbook user use an external mouse at all.)
2 finger swipe doesn't do anything and ctrl+2 finger swipe only zooms out but doesn't zoom in.
Nice feature!  Too bad it doesn't work with the Pixl's touch screen...
Does the disable (right mouse click) downloads setting still apply to high res photos?  The zoom would be handy for people wanting to quickly zoom past a watermark/copyright notice.
Love it! Missing features:
- album sets
- same photo in multiple albums (not copies)
- album settings (date etc.)
- free definable album order list
- bulk geo location settings of multiple photos
- move of photos (not copy)
- zooming beyond 100% (up to 300% would be cool)
- posting of selective full size images from an album without creating a separate copy
That's one of the most prettiest things I've seen 
+Dave Cohen how do I view my google + photos in full resolution/ the resolution of my display? I have a retina macbook pro and am seriously considering replacing iPhoto with google + if it allows you to view them all automatically at the highest resolution for your device. Perhaps google should release a google + gallery app on the mac app store? :-)
how can I add a waterMark in Google+ Photo editing tool
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