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I'm looking at the Canon TS-E lenses on Amazon, and a lot of the reviews are... strange.

"I was skeptical this lens would have enough resolution to keep up with both my 5D MK II and 7D but those concerns were quickly put to rest."

"This tilt-shift lens combined with a high-pixel DSLR (like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II) enable a photographer to produce images that can rival the best from medium format cameras and even can under the right circumstances push image quality into 4 x 5 inch sheet film territory."

I've been looking for a lens that can put me into 4x5 territory!
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Only thing I can figure (on 2nd one) is that some people use tilt/shift lens to do stitched shots. You can take several frames while shifting the lens and build extra resolution... And obviously the tilt features move toward view camera capabilities.
Which one in particular are you looking at? I've been tempted to get the 17mm for a while now.
I'm not sure, actually. I was kind of eyeing the 45mm, although the 24mm might be nice too (I was hoping they made a 35). I'm going to keep an eye on Craigslist and see if anything comes up.

I had my engagement photoshoot this weekend with +Dustin Diaz and he took a lot of great shots with his Nikon TS. I didn't realize what a great lens that could be for portraits.
Love the 24. The 17 is a hulk of glass that does not always come along in the bag. For landscaping that is.

Dunno about portraiture.
I use the 90mm TS-E (ver.1) and recently acquired the 24mm TS-E (ver.2) with a 5D2. In using the new 24 over the past three weeks, I found very few instances where I actually needed the tilt. Being a wide angle lens, with subject distance greater than 10 feet, an aperature smaller than f\16 usually gave me enough d-o-f without using any tilt at all.

Manually focusing a 24mm is difficult. If I recall correctly, I read that the new 5D3 has a magnifier feature that solves this problem. (So, in addition to $1800 for the lens, all you need to do is spend $3500 on a 5D3; that's just peachy.)
+Dave Cohen : The tilt shift lenses are very hard to find used because they're so incredible. The 17mm and 24mm are 2 of the sharpest lenses in the Canon line-up. I am hoping to pick-up a 17mm before the end of the year.
I rented one from Borrow Lenses when we were in Cancun, remember? It was fun but the experience dissuaded me from wanting to shell out for one.
What about the 14mm? It's that or maybe the Tilt shift...
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