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Explore related & popular photos in the lightbox

Viewing and sharing photos is a huge part of the Google+ experience. So today we're excited to launch a new way to find & explore even more awesome pictures.

When you reach the end of an album in the lightbox, we'll now highlight more albums by the photographer, more photos of people in the current album, as well as popular photos across Google+. The end of every album is now the beginning of another adventure!

This feature will be rolling out gradually on desktop, so if you don't see it yet, rest assured you'll see it soon. Enjoy!

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You make a front end that is almost negative time fast, and the things you can do become almost unimaginable.
So, so awesome! You guys and gals and totally effing kicking it at the moment! Sorry, but the amount of awesomeness is too much. :)

Well done +Dave Cohen and team.
+Dave Cohen  great feature for one who really reach the end of albums.  it's impossible when one holds 50 or much more images inside album, and album management is not an easy deal here.
A button that gives you the choice of viewing all the pictures at once would be great for finding one or two interesting shots among dozens of folders.
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This will be one kick-ass feature for sure.
Datz great!!!,..I really luv dat,..nice work
+Dave Cohen Awesome! Hopefully this is a step towards integrating the old Vine and Pool Party ideas into +Google+? I was super-excited about the possibilities for integration, then they vanished!
This sounds great but is there any talk of fixing the disaster that is Picasa? 
Annoying. Now instead of closing the picture by clicking in the black area, this pops up.
What I really still miss is that you cannot move the album where you want with drag'n'drop..
Oh, +Emil Georgiev, where to begin. As a photographer I need to be able to place my albums where I want them, and to easily manage the photos going into From Posts. There is a LOT wrong with it for photographers and others who need to have control of where things are, and for those of us who have an Information Management degree, its ridiculous difficult to manage. +Dave Cohen a number of photographers have been discussing this, and have brought it to the attention of some of the Google people, but I can't remember their names right now. 
+Dave Cohen  exactly like your inattention to my comment - i found the same whole G+ .. we need really working features but not shining "gimmicks"
 if you're interesting to know why this "feature" is only unusual gimmicks - give me know.. i have every day growing feeling that you - G+ employers actually don't use your creature - so, this is the biggest problem - down to earth Dave - i'll explain you :-))
+Victor Bezrukov I read your feedback yesterday and passed it along... I didn't realize you were looking for a response. We on the team do use the product every day, and there are many projects in the works at any given time to improve the experience. We have a lot of big plans for photos, and this is just a small little feature launch along the way.

I'm happy to listen to any more feedback you have, but remember to use the "send feedback" link to make sure it gets officially counted (the link has moved under the settings dropdown on the main page).
+Dave Cohen i'll try to do use the "send feedback" feature as my G+ friends did, and also i hope to get some confirmation that somebody got the envelope and opened it and even read the content.. 
in the first days of G+ we had a great opportunity to talk with team directly, sometimes to explain why some function working well and other just unusable.. and this two way connection with the team was one of reasons why this place is much better for photographers for example, than every other image sharing place... sadly to know that we lost this opportunity.. but now we have the "send feedback" feature !
+Victor Bezrukov feel free to reach out privately whenever you want. Is hard for me to respond to everyone personally on big posts like this one.
+Dave Cohen its great you are working on improving the photography aides (like galleries) but it would be every-so-cool if you would talk to some NOT-superstar photographers, to find out what we need from you! We LOVE G+, but hate the photo albums online Picasa to death!
:D I love G+, and you cannot imagine how important it is to so many of us. We think you are all fabulous. We figure that if we all keep poking someone was bound to hear us.

But, *if you are serious with that question, there are quite a few of us talking about what we hate about it PWA. If I start a post and ask them, will you read it? Many of us are using G+ as our professional portfolios +Dave Cohen 
I'll be adding to +Janice La Mere Hackney's post... In the meantime... I do not like this new feature.  It takes people away from my page directly to someone else and then POOF... I never see them again.  It's not good for those of us trying to grow interaction that do not have a large following yet.
I second +Mary Clark's point - I'm really not happy that my own photo albums are being used as advertising space for other people and that someone viewing my photos is being lured away to view someone else's photos instead of them staying on the album and interacting with me. It feels like Google have forgotten we're here to interact with people socially, and are treating this as some kind of art gallery experience - moving from one room to another, not stopping to chat with the person behind what you're viewing.
+Meirav M. This feature highlights your other albums first, and then other popular photos and photos of people that were in your current album. If your visitors wants to stay and see your other photos, they are invited to in the left part of the box. If they want to leave, they will leave anyway. With all due respect, if they wanted to interact with you, they would have done so before reaching the end of the album, wouldn't they? Why would you want to keep them "prisoners" in your content? 
+Ivan Phan lol... no, not interested in keeping anyone prisoner! just that I don't see why they should be invited to go view some other photos, totally random and unconnected to mine - it seems like totally the opposite of what we're doing here on G+. It feels very YouTube-like, as though the assumption is that the user is just looking for photos to view and not that they are interested in interacting with the person whose photos they just have viewed. Yes, they still can return to my album and talk to me, but this now requires two clicks where it was one click previously, and it requires the person to choose to ignore all this other stuff they're being shown.
They can also check out on your other albums with one click, which was not possible before. Though, I now understand better that maybe we should be given a way to customize that box a little. And If people should be invited to check out photos from other photographers, maybe we should be able to choose a topic or our friends, to link to our own photos. 
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