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Check it out, I'm on!

...and people are already making fun of me :-p

What if I just don't care that much to see people's "cutesy" photos, like the guy in this screenshot. Look at me, I have snow goggles on, am unshaven, and have a goofy look on my face like I'm having fun. Who-- the-- heck-- cares.
Google announced on Wednesday that it is rolling out a significant redesign for its social networking platform Google+.
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Wes Lum
Uh oh...put your flame jacket on!
Pfft. I mocked you before it was cool.
You know people only mock those they're most jealous of, Dave. That said, I always thought you do have a goofy look about you.
i have seen +Dave Cohen show up to work un-shaven too .. so they are not that far off the mark here.
+Ricardo Lagos I thought he had the scruff tattooed on since he has a hard time growing it.
ha ha ha I'm laughing with you, Dave.
They wouldn't have mocked you if Sparky had been in-frame. :)
The last time I had the pleasure of being in a similar situation, there were more random internet people leaving comments wishing that I die painfully of disease than I've had friends in real life. At least people can come together and agree on something.
Dave! It's your arch nemesis, they mirrored you!
the guy's just jealous that you're heliboarding and he's not
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