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Dave Clarke
Dave Clarke is a Professional CEO, MD, & NXD and works alongside entrepreneurs & professionals to support, lead & guide in building solid businesses
Dave Clarke is a Professional CEO, MD, & NXD and works alongside entrepreneurs & professionals to support, lead & guide in building solid businesses

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Good stuff via +Richard Tubb 

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Good rant from Charlie!
I am about to rant, you have been warned :-)

Well, I have slept on it and I am afraid to say I still think the budget is outrageous! Words fail me ...

The headlines focus on the "living wage" which doesn't kick in until 2020 (in full) but benefits are cut next April. If you have children about to go to university, their student debt just went through the roof and if they aren't, they'll not be rushing off as they have had their housing benefits taken away whilst said living wage takes 5 years to catch up!

Public service pay capped at 1% for next 4 years: ummm what about inflation and not forgetting they haven't had a proper pay rise since 2010! Bare in mind public services have been cut to the bone in the last four years, they are now been asked to work with less, achieve more and get paid less than inflation. Private sector took a hard hit between 2008 - 2012 and are only just catching up from massive pay cuts, but public sector been crippled now!

"In raw terms, pay levels are higher in the public sector than in the private
sector. However, after accounting for differences in education, age and where
workers live, the differences are much smaller. Among men, the average
public sector pay differential in 2013 – 14 was close to zero, while among
women it was around 8%." Public Sector Pay in the UK, Institute for Fiscal Studies (Oct 2014)

Oh and don't forget the small businesses where done over like a kipper! This is important as they are the engine room of our economy, creating jobs, tax revenue (including VAT), opportunities and training.  As a director I pay myself through PAYE and dividends as this is tax efficient and retains cash in the business, enabling us to grow and create jobs. This is taxed at source through corporation tax at 20% (although Georgie boy will reduce this to 18% over two years) it doesn't balance out against taxes on dividends so it's a double whammie!

Osborne in four-fold attack on contractors

+ In 2013, there were 4.9 million businesses in the UK, over 99% of which were small and medium enterprises.
+ Small and medium enterprises employed 14,424,000 people in the UK in 2013.
+ The European Commission’s SME Performance Review estimates the Gross Value Added of SMEs as €473 billion or 49.8% of the UK economy.

[source Small businesses and the UK economy, Economic Policy and Statistics]

Osbourne had screwed the public purse down and still can't make the books balance, so is now after small business; large businesses will not be effected as WPC and others will find ways for them not to pay tax. Let's face it, you don't have to look to far to see the likes of Vodafone and Amazon taking the piss and lest me forget the deals they make with HMRC!

I am sure many will tell you this was a good budget, but it wasn't! It hits the poorest, the youngest and the hardest working and all because the banking system collapsed in 2008 through greed; anyone that sells credit swaps for a profit is a complete tosser, but me thinks they done care as they made a pile of cash destroying the our economy and our country and our future! So much for the rhetoric "one purpose, one policy, one nation".

I rarely share my political views, but believe in fairness: this wasn't a fair budget and punishes hard working families!

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Excellent stuff from Russell Brand

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Are you left or right wing? #GE2015  

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Blog on the reasons why the results from networking efforts may be disappointing. Please share!

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In my latest Podcast I look at 3 of the best MSP tools from the 2014 +CompTIA EMEA Conference

Check out the file search and organisation tool from +Rummage, the "partner friendly" Office 365 hosted solution from +AppRiver and the Cloud Telephony solution from Benemen UK.

Thanks +Ben Lange, +Mark Charleton and +Dave Clarke for the interviews!

#ITConsulting   #Podcast  

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Quentin Crowe and 4 others were tagged in Dave Clarke's album.

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Added photos to Christmas Lunch.

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Join us for the NRG London Christmas Lunch
Meet up with business owners and professionals like you for our London Christmas Lunch Event and its unique mix of facilitated networking, mastermind forums, FUN and learning over a fine lunch. It all happens in a private dining room at the Tatler award winning Hush Restaurant in Mayfair. Visit the official event web page at for more details on the event and who you'll meet.

The format of the event is designed for you to connect and form business relationships with other like minded business professionals who understand the importance of building a strong network:

12:00 Registration and Informal Networking
12:20 Facilitated Networking and Mastermind Sessions over Christmas lunch
14:00 Expert Speaker Quentin Crowe on expanding your operations into emerging markets
Quentin has been there and done it and shares the highs and lows of his journey and the lessons you can learn from him.

As it's Christmas wine will be available over lunch as we look forward to the festive season.

The NRG London Group is hosted by +Dave Clarke and the members and guests are business owners and professionals like you who value the support and business they get through the group.

Everything is included for the price of lunch so join us and experience it for yourself.

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Thanks +Simon Phillips. Great to be featured in your Professional Networking book with cartoon from +Simon Ellinas 
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