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Dave Chalker
Editor-in-Chief, Game Designer & Developer with a love for breakfast sandwiches.
Editor-in-Chief, Game Designer & Developer with a love for breakfast sandwiches.

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Parchment is an interesting commodity because it's ultimately sheep or calfskin. It's highly labor-intensive to produce - especially for the sheep in question. The supply is limited to healthy sheep flocks and availability of a local parchmenter.

This doesn't matter too much when literacy is low and paper is a luxury item. Since few people are wizards, it's fine that their core commodity is pricy. But at a certain scale, it becomes economical for the wizard to start owning his or her own flocks of sheep and parchment processing.

In fact, historically, medieval monasteries and universities did exactly that. They leased entire villages to supply them with core goods locally and on-site so they didn't need to mess with finding wandering journeymen and disrupting their supply.

It makes a certain sense that wizards, too, would go into the sheep business. And with the sheep business comes the yarn and wool business -- big, big medieval businesses. There's bigger money there than in adventuring.

And this is always why wizards in adventuring parties knit. :)

This is more fun and light hearted than the normal doom and gloom.

#gaming #economics

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Interview: Rodney Thompson (@antarianranger) on "Dusk City Outlaws" RPG

Assemble your crew and case the joint by checking out this interview with "Dusk City Outlaws" creator Rodney Thompson.

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Debt Financing the Evil Lord's Iconic Dungeon by @multiplexer #Dungeonomics

How do the Evil Lords locate the capital to invest in their ego-stroking structures? Here's five options, with their pros and cons.

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Giant-sized fun or gnome-sized disappointment? Come find out.
Review: "Storm King's Thunder" - A Giant-Sized Toolbox by @JonBolds #dnd

"Storm King's Thunder" is a campaign-length adventure as players travel to and fro in the northern Forgotten Realms fighting cranky giants and trying to figure out why they're all up to various destructive plots, apocalyptic shenanigans, and general…

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I especially love Jaydot's art on this one.
The Quest for a Magic Sword: a #Dungeonomics column by @multiplexer

Magic Swords – real, true magic swords – were the stuff of legend. So the bards claimed. And bards claimed all sorts of ridiculous things.

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You have a pirate ship. You're free of the principal agent problem. You are your own master. And now what?

This week we take a look at the roles of the Pirate Captain-elect, the Pirate Quartermaster, the rights of the crew to throw the captain overboard, and on-board Pirate Constitutions to enforce laws, checks and balances!

#gaming #dungeonsanddragons

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+Dave Chalker and I are planning to lead a panel at Metatopia where we explore game design via improvised analogies. The audience will propose a thing, and we'll figure out what game design has in common with it, and what we can learn from that.

Who else wants to be on that panel? Ladies?

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Interstellar Pirates Part 1: The Merchant Ships by @multiplexer

Standard employees from the TB Corporation don't venture into space. They dwell in their enormous glass-paned high rise calculating shipping routes, mining trips, and round trips for the highest possible profit margin.

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Posting late today.

I was reading an economics paper and it had a sentence that started with: "All economists know that theft is dead weight loss..." And since I didn't know this I went poking around and pulled the data about theft being dead weight loss for both the thief and the victim. There's a social and private cost on both sides when stealing stuff.

I might not have explored this as deeply as I wanted to but I tried to pick apart this in a dungeon delving exercise and pick apart the private costs on both sides and the way they could come to a more profitable agreement.

Of course, it turns Adventurers into the Mafia...

#dungeonsanddragons #gaming 
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