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Is Pinterest really going to be huge?

With all the Pinterest hype in Jan this year we thought we should post an alert about it, and Dan selected one which is certainly highlights its importance.

I have to say though, that I can't get my head around the data. It's from a relatively small? sharing service called Shareaholic = 250 million share sample.

Their report talks about referrers, but don't think think they mean referrers in the sense of referrers to a destination website, instead it's clicking on links in the shares, which could be back to Pinterest rather than a company site.

I also find it hard to believe that it's causing less referrals than LI, YouTube and G+...

Do you remember the stellar growth forecast for Quora this time last year / bigger than Twitter and other such nonsense??
Social media's rising star refers more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. According to aggregated data from Shareaholic, Pinterest has had meteoric growth, accounting for only 0....
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I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this. When the team here highlighted the press release I asked if there was any collaborative data, but whilst there has been plenty of buzz and some good articles they all seems to stem back to the same data set.

One point with the site is it's all about referral so they would be heavy in that area, still...
Likewise I'm not alone! I was specifically casting doubt on the ability of Pinterest to refer traffic since the page templates/UX just don't support that.

We have to look to Hitwise/Comscore to look at growth and certainly there is impressive growth:

These days though, there are so many people working in tech/marketing it's hard to know when the tipping point to mainstream audience occurs. Maybe that's not important since the growth of G+ in the first few days suggests there's a sizeable market right there!
I think the trouble with some of those putting out releases like these (not pointing fingers), only have a sketchy handle on the mathematics or skew the meaning of technical terminology (your note on referrals being a good case).

It would be interesting for example for Hitwise to confirm what they mean by a Facebook visit when they quote monthly figures of 1.3 billion visits in the UK, that combined with their 500 million minutes spent browsing in the UK mean that the average visit is only 23 seconds long (somewhat different from observed behaviour).
Quite! Don't get me started on Hitwise "upstream" traffic being used to infer referrals.

Until next time Richard
It might be exactly what it is. Take a look at service and value upon merit in combination with....
My first reaction was to compare the hype with Quora, but they're very different.

Quora requires deep interaction.

Pinterest is much cheaper to engage, it's got broader reach, is perfect for tablet browsing -- and faster dopamine hit for users.

It's much easier to pin a product image up than create 140 characters of copy - so lazy marketing teams will be all over it.
Agree with the analysis Matt - as usual! It will be more important that Quora for the right brands I'm sure. It would work well within Facebook - wonder whether they can integrate it...who might acquire...
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