Interesting article reviewing the new application model of Windows 8 (old-style apps verses Metro apps) and how there is a great opportunity for new Metro app developers whose applications will run on both desktops and tablets as well as being sold through the Microsoft Store.

Also interesting considerations about the new Metro/MS Store model reducing malware and crapware on our PCs and devices.

"I suspect that new Metro apps will quickly become the main focus of Windows developers. That’s because Metro apps have a key advantage—they’ll work on all versions of Windows, both desktops and tablets.

"This could be a bonanza for start-ups. With a single Windows Metro app, you’ll able to target hundreds of millions of Windows machines of all form factors. And you’ll be able to charge for it. The Windows Store’s compatibility between desktop and tablet machines will make it a significant draw for developers, potentially rivaling even Apple’s app ecosystem."

Favorite quote: "The world is never as excited as it ought to be about big news coming out of Redmond. The giant announces something huge, it gets a few links on Techmeme, and then we all go on pretending that the tech world revolves around Cupertino and Mountain View. Which it often does, but still."
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