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Dave Burke

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My report on the Mad River Valley Half Marathon that I ran yesterday in Waitsfield, Vermont. #running  
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Dave Burke

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A few tips and pointers for working with properties in Spring. #java   #spring  
Version 0.0.2 of Spring-Hibernate on GitHub focuses on properties handling. Populating a Hibernate MySQL connection is a pretty trivial task, right? Yes, but there are a number of angles to Spring property handling as you'll see in this post. Here's a sample output of the new Property Handling ...
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Dave Burke

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Good looking watches!
[ Android Wear Watch Face ] 
I would like to introduce to you my latest project - Zodiac
Express your inner soul!
Customize every element according your mood and desire!
Pictures will do better than any description...
All details on Google Play:
I hope you'll like it as I do :-)
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Dave Burke

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Trying to put the uncontrollable catalina.out issue behind me, here's a follow-up to my "Keeping Your Linux VPS Disk Usage Low" post. Here I'll show how to reduce logging to your Tomcat's catalina.out file using Tomcat and Java application configuration updates. #Java #Linux #Tomcat  
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Dave Burke

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Dave Burke

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I went back to the old fashioned way of recording my runs, a spreadsheet. And since I'm a Linux Guy, that spreadsheet is LibreOffice Calc. The issue was calculating an accurate Minutes Per Mile as opposed to a Decimal Time/Distance figure. Now I'm happy because my running times are right! #running   #libreoffice   #calc  
Like most runners, and especially geek runners, I'm big into tracking my runs. My main measurements are distance, time and minutes-per-mile. I know there are apps that will do this for you. I used one for a while, but I decided to go back to doing it the old fashioned way: record it in a ...
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Dave Burke

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So happy for Spring this year! More than I can every remember.  #running  
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Dave Burke

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Stay classy, Oracle.
WTF Oracle?!! This must be some sort of a joke right?!

#oracle  #fail 
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Dave Burke

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From Spring.IO Guide on Using Gradle

Adding the Gradle Wrapper

The Gradle Wrapper is the preferred way of starting a Gradle build. It consists of a batch script for Windows and a shell script for OS X and Linux. These scripts allow you to run a Gradle build without requiring that Gradle be installed on your system. To make this possible, add the following block to the bottom of your build.gradle.

task wrapper(type: Wrapper) {
    gradleVersion = '2.3'

Run the following command to download and initialize the wrapper scripts:

gradle wrapper

After this task completes, you will notice a few new files. The two scripts are in the root of the folder, while the wrapper jar and properties files have been added to a new gradle/wrapper folder.

└── initial
    └── gradlew
    └── gradlew.bat
    └── gradle
        └── wrapper
            └── gradle-wrapper.jar

The Gradle Wrapper is now available for building your project. Add it to your version control system, and everyone that clones your project can build it just the same. It can be used in the exact same way as an installed version of Gradle. Run the wrapper script to perform the build task, just like you did previously:

./gradlew build

The first time you run the wrapper for a specified version of Gradle, it downloads and caches the Gradle binaries for that version. The Gradle Wrapper files are designed to be committed to source control so that anyone can build the project without having to first install and configure a specific version of Gradle.

#java   #gradle  
this guide is designed to get you productive as quickly as possible and using the latest Spring project releases and techniques as recommended by the Spring team
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Dave Burke

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Learned a valuable lesson in managing Tomcat Log files in preventing having to upgrade my VPS Plan #Linux #Tomcat #Java  
The full title of this post is “Keeping your Linux VPS Disk Usage Low by managing your Tomcat Catalina.out file.” The Backdrop. I've been a happy Linode VPS client for a year or so, paying $10 bucks a month for a 20GB Ubuntu Server. Everything was great until a couple of months ago when my sites ...
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