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I feel like tickling people today

Does anyone know of a tool / process that would allow me create a sort of Google Maps of a fantasy world or even use the real world, but file off the serial numbers?

So I am in the other room doing some emails for work and I can hear that the laundry  has stopped. I ask my girls "Hey can you switch the loads around?" and they reply back with

"We are getting a blood sample from my bloody nose for the microscope"

I don't know to be scared or proud... I better check why she has the bloody nose.

Maybe I am not looking in the right place, but does anyone have a CS5 or lower version of the Playbook template?

I was wondering if anyone has done a hack ... Re-imaging... of Everquest in the DW? Some things seem pretty straightforward, but I play to use things like SpellSlots and Mana, a Threat subsystem as well as Trade skills as small Compendium Classes, but things like movement effects on players are tripping me up. Thoughts on how to handle increase speed and snares? just letting them do more before others act seems logical and a defy danger to allow movement... But it seems flat

Edit: I mean  how to handle Speed mods other than pure Holds which are well established in the rules 

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This came across my feed and I had to marvel a such sloppy media control from this NWO... thanks Obama
Controlling Weather for Profit: Geoengineering and World Dominance

This is the final part in a two part series about the spraying of toxic particles in the atmosphere. The spraying of nanoparticles of aluminum, barium, strontium, and other substances produces persistent contrails that spread out over the course of a day to form artificial clouds in the skies over America and large parts of the world. The first article described the creation of these clouds by jet aircraft and described the health consequences.

Regardless of why persistent contrails are being sprayed, the health hazards are serious. The aluminum that is in the spray is associated with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig's disease, autism, developmental delays, and other neurological conditions. These particles can enter into any cell of the body and cause Inflammation and disrupt normal life processes. Heart disease, pulmonary failure, and cancer are linked to high level exposure to particulates in the atmosphere.

President Obama recently spoke on climate change and said that the climate problem, “is not simply a danger to be avoided – this is an opportunity to be seized.” It appears that Monsanto and other corporations are getting in line to seize the opportunities that are about to develop. Monsanto is developing abiotic seeds, which will be able to withstand drought and severe storms. So, if your country is having unusually stormy weather or is experiencing drought, then Monsanto seeds will still give you a crop, while your neighbors who don’t use Monsanto seeds will experience crop failures.

Monsanto also has a solution for all the nanoparticles of aluminum that are being sprayed into the air, and which eventually fall to the ground where it accumulates in the soil at highly toxic levels. Monsanto has developed an aluminum resistant gene that they can insert into the next generation of their seeds. This means that it won’t matter how much aluminum accumulates in the soil from aerial spraying, because Monsanto crops will still thrive, while the crops grown from non-GMO seeds will just turn yellow and die because of the excess aluminum.

Monsanto will be ready for the future and will have seeds for every contingency.

#Geoengineering #monsanto #Contrails

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This must flow!

I am so tired of hearing people say: " Everything happens for a reason..." of course it does, its called causality, but that does not mean the event had a "higher purpose"... grrr

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This song has been bouncing around in my head since my daughter had me binge watch all of Steven Universe with her... enjoy

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The Welcome to Night Vale cast... I seem to have lost poor Tamika FLynn and all those heavy, heavy books though

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