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Google+: 'Tis the Season for Shipping

18 new features are rolling out today, so it's definitely the #seasonforshipping.

Check out the full list (across mobile, photos, events, hangouts...), and have a wonderful holiday! #googleplusupdate
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+Dave Besbris - any chance you could figure out a way to let us upload photos once? e.g. I pay for Google Storage and it pains me to upload photos in their original (larger than 2048px) resolution when I've already done so once using Instant Upload.
ha ha.. thanks!!  I would say that's not exactly clear in the "up to 5GB Free" bit.. but that could just be me!
Don't get me wrong. I'm exited about this but, waiting even with more anxiety the new talk app (GTalk, Hangouts, Voice, Messenger).
Some nice updates in there. Thanks, Dave and team!
For some reason the one that got me really excited was GIF support :D
Baww... The widget still sucks.  Can we PLEASE go back to the old scrolling one?
+Dave Besbris Thanks, Dave. Looking forward to your goodies, and I hope you and your team get appropriate rewards and refreshment over the holidays as well!

All caps necessary for that. It made my day.
Psst......*peeps around the door and asks when is iOS being updated?......door gets slammed ;-)
+Jae McLaughlin Out with you! Back into the cold and wind and sleet! 
Wait your turn... You just got nicely-styled Maps and GMail and the like. It takes a while to make extra-pretty, I guess.
+Ron Lusk I know it's terrible isn't it. Give us a crumb and we want the whole cookie ;-) that aside it's great to see Google so active with updates and new Apps
Interface design continues to be more exceptional, but the bevel on the icon feels strange and off from androids launcher icon design guidelines.
when is this available ?? i tried now on my N7, still no changes...
+Jae McLaughlin OK, I expect to hear some gratitude from you now... You can come inside, shake off the sleet and wet, and sit...over, please, not too the fire. :-)  And don't forget to thank +Dave Besbris when you go.
+Ron Lusk bows in deep gratitude!! wipes your shoes from the snow and wet and make you a nice Irish Whiskey, how's that??
+Jae McLaughlin No, you and I are just fellow pilgrims on this trail. I'll stand you the first Bushmill's, and you buy the next round; oh, and I'll take care of my own shoes, thanks. But we can get +Dave Besbris to take a picture—ok, two pictures, one with each phone—and we'll keep in touch.
Hi +Dave Besbris - The Google+ app updated on my Galaxy Nexus but the communities support seems to be missing. Not sure why this might be as I also updated the app on my Nexus 7 and it works fine on there...?

Is there an issue? I spoke to a Nexus 4 owner and they say they have communities on their phone.


Ignore just appeared. I didn't expect to have to wait some time after updating the app before all the features appeared.
I know I've been on the net too long when it takes 3 seconds for me to realize the word shipping was literal in this case.
Top news! Btw, that's Ninja Ryukenden (Gaiden for some). And it's Ryu Hayabusa in the pic.
honestly google it would do a lot of good if you simplify the process of accessing google acc/s for login/signing in -coz right now I cant download apps to my mobile from google play using my pc .Why do you not develope an app that auto installs with settings that one can just download and fill in the  blank spaces then sync with their respective network instead of going into my phone to checking that and unchecking this in order to finally get going with dowloading, its a pain
Full resolution image upload ? Fantastic timing ! I've just finished finally sorting my 11 year old collection of digital photos so full resolution upload complements that nicely , thanks. ( Exif Sorter on pc went through my 11,000 images and placed them all in year + month folders, fantastic )
+Dave Besbris a fix for the couldn't-turn-off photo upload notifications.  Nice 1! Thanks!

whoops!  I spoke too soon.  Just got an alert.  Yikes.
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