Seen some confusion about Ignore launching tonight. You should watch +Olga Wichrowska's excellent video if you get a chance. But here's my take.

We think the real social world is subtle so you also need subtle tools online to give you control.

Here's the way they work in a nutshell using exaggerated phrases to draw the distinctions:

Block is basically "I hate you." I want to keep you away from me and never see your face and have you never see mine. It is a drastic step and obvious to the other person. You can't be in hangouts together for example.

Ignore is "Thanks for following me but not interested". The person won't be able to tell they're ignored, their posts basically just stop showing up. They can still comment, see themselves on your profile, etc.

(Not adding to a circle is equivalent to ignore, but without suppressing the notifications and incoming posts from that person.)

Note that we don't actively inform the other party about either action you take (block or ignore), but it's not hard to deduce that you've been blocked.

Oh and we have an "Ignore All" button to make it easier to clean up a whole set at a time. That wouldn't make sense for Block.
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