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Seen some confusion about Ignore launching tonight. You should watch +Olga Wichrowska's excellent video if you get a chance. But here's my take.

We think the real social world is subtle so you also need subtle tools online to give you control.

Here's the way they work in a nutshell using exaggerated phrases to draw the distinctions:

Block is basically "I hate you." I want to keep you away from me and never see your face and have you never see mine. It is a drastic step and obvious to the other person. You can't be in hangouts together for example.

Ignore is "Thanks for following me but not interested". The person won't be able to tell they're ignored, their posts basically just stop showing up. They can still comment, see themselves on your profile, etc.

(Not adding to a circle is equivalent to ignore, but without suppressing the notifications and incoming posts from that person.)

Note that we don't actively inform the other party about either action you take (block or ignore), but it's not hard to deduce that you've been blocked.

Oh and we have an "Ignore All" button to make it easier to clean up a whole set at a time. That wouldn't make sense for Block.
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A very nice feature. Thanks for clearly differentiating how it's different than blocking.
Martin: Yes, if they would otherwise be able to (ie. public, sent to them, etc)
thanks, +Dave Besbris! all we need is the ability to delete and/or mute comments on our threads and we'll be perfect! :)
Thanks. I was also hoping/expecting this to be the way it was working. Just wanted it confirmed. Great feature btw .. and keep up the work on additions to G+ and co ;)
Jason: you can delete comments on your own posts, check out the little triangle menu near the top right corner of the post. You can also disable comments if you want that way as well.
I am still confused about 'ignore'. The description sounds just like removing someone from your circles (or never having put them in). So what's the advantage to keeping them in a circle and ignoring them?
Thank you! I dislike watching videos that state simple facts in word form, my reading speed exceeds the physically possible talking speed ;-P
Darryl: Ignore is the same as not having them in your circles, except that it also mutes their incoming and notifications. You can't have someone in your circles and ignore them, that's a contradiction.
+Darryl Wright i guess the answer is social engineering. Kind of like "approving" them .. but not really caring .. maybe you really don't care about the distant cousin .. I assume you can still see their posts.

Which make me think that an ignore-circle would be nice. If you went to the circle you might still see the garbage .. mmm .. nice things .. these people talk about.

Let say you made a odd-school-friends .. 20 years later you might not really care if they have been running a 3miler this morning .. so you could "mute" the circle (hide the people in there) and only view them when you want to "check up with them".
+Martin Djernaes -- a new circle category that doesn't get posted to the main stream and is at the bottom of the list would make a lot of sense. Maybe a simple checkbox. [x] Post to Stream
ah, nice! i never saw that. i stand corrected. thanks! :)
How about a translate button on each post?. I'd like to follow some friends with oriental languages
So far I just see Hide and Block - Hide = Ignore?
J.D. it's still rolling out. You haven't gotten it yet.
Mike: yep. We're definitely hearing the desire for other kinds of noise control as well. Thanks for the feedback.
A way of excluding a circle from the stream would be perfect, indeed!
+sean n. bean Sean, Mike +Mike M perfectly describes the needed function.
The need for this occurs because sometimes you dont want to offend people by not circling them back or uncircling them, but you might not be interested in their posts appearing in your main stream, like often seen on facebook, people who post one music video after the other, or cat GIFs or whatever. Filtering on hashtags #HashTagFilter would really be great, if people start adding hashtags to their posts, one could selectively ignore all #Cats tagged posts from Person A, while still seeing all #Food posts from that person, assuming you like #Food and don't care about #Cats. ( I know, ... Everybody likes cats! :-)
+Martin Djernaes here above also perfectly describes the need for such ignore feature.
BTW, does uncircling (and deleting alltogether) a person send him a notification?
+Christopher Robinson No, it doesn't, so +Claude Rieth 's point about not wanting to offend people by uncircling them isn't valid :-) If you're afraid you might offend someone but are really not interested in what they have to say altogether, you can just add them back so they get a notification of that, and then uncircle them afterwards and they'll be none the wiser.

EDIT: I suppose one way they could find out that they're not in your circles anymore is by going to your profile; at the top right, right below the button indicating which circle you have that person in, it says whether you're also in that person's circles or not.
+Oliver Roelandt Your EDIT exactly brings it to the point, I would like to be able to keep somebody in my circles, because if you remove them, they will easily know it, and also to occasionally check what they're posting, but avoid being flooded by their posts.
I'd still like to be able to exclude circles from a post. That way I can quickly post "To all my extended circles EXCEPT this particular circle"..
I'm not sure that helps the game/not game problem but definitely a step in the right direction. 
Thank you +Oliver Roelandt Best way I suppose is to put people you no longer want in circles into some junk circle. Thanks to the user-specified order you can then put that circle way down your list.
Concerning the definition of ignore from the post.
Ignore is "Thanks for following me but not interested". The person won't be able to tell they're ignored, their posts basically just stop showing up. They can still comment, see themselves on your profile, etc.

I have a question.
Suppose If I have added a person to my circles. And then I ignore him.
when the ignored person visit the mine (who has already previously added him to the circle) about page. He will see the message 'You are in [his_name] circles' below the "add to circles" button, instead of seeing no message, like I have never previously added him to the circle.
AM I right?
+Suracheth Chawla Yes, a person that you have in your circles but have ignored, will see the "You are also in [your name]'s circles" message. They will not know that you have ignored them.
And what if I have never added them to any of my circles before. They will see no message. right?
I want to clarify this 100% for myself. Sorry if things are being repeated but I want to get my head around it.

Block is straight forward, I get that. But..

Ignore "is for the people that circle you but you aren't interested in". My theory is just don't circle back. But from the comments I gather that Ignore also "removes them from incoming and notifications". Does this mean then that if Mr X circles me and I choose to ignore, when he comments on my posts I wont get a notification about it? What if he +mentions me on my post or other posts? Do I not get notified?

Lastly I would actually like to be able to circle and ignore. I post privately mostly, so it would be useful for me to be able to circle people that want to follow me so they see my posts, but also ignore the ones I don't want to hear back from. You could circle your whole office, but only listen to what 20% have to say this way.

Thanks for reading
+Suracheth Chawla If you haven't circled them then they won't see anything, correct.

+Mike Hatch Correct, if you ignore a person you will also not get a notification when they comment on one of your posts.

And yes, you can circle and ignore a person like you say; they will be able to read and comment on all your posts that you share with the circle they're in, but you will not see their posts or comments.

EDIT: to try and clarify the difference between Ignoring and Blocking once more:

Blocking a person limits their way of interacting with you; ie. they simply won't be able to a) read any of your posts that are shared with a Limited audience and b) reply or comment on any of your posts that are public.

Ignoring a person doesn't limit them, ie. they can yap away all they want, you just won't see any of it, and they won't know you've ignored them.
+Mike Hatch Hmm, I must admit I haven't read all 40 comments on this post. Reading this post ( and watching the accompanying vid, I think I may have been wrong and you were right; ignoring a person will, in fact, remove them from your circles.

That makes your point actually a very good one; you may want someone to be able read what you say, but you might not want to read what they say.
Cheers. The linked help centre on that post makes things a lot clearer

Well at least we are both a bit clearer now.
I don't think the concept of ignore and blocking is going to work for the long run. From what I understand is Google plus is the two directions communication. the 1st direction The person says what they want to say to specific people. The 2nd direction The person listens what they want to here from the specific people. By adding the concept of ignoring and blocking which is the one side thing that the person doesn't want the people on the another ends to know what he or she has done.
You're right, does clear things up a bit. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea if they explicitly stated in that help centre article that ignoring a person will effectively remove them from your circles and thus prevent them from reading any of your posts that are not public. It may seem obvious but I can understand this confuses people.
mmm. ignore is similar to mute, without extra notification or mentions.
i don't seem to have the ignore option - still rolling it out?
ah ah - i have to get them out of a circle before i can ignore them
Hmm, that's new to me. I seem to remember that ignoring a person would automatically remove them from your circles. I guess they must have tweaked it a little since then.
i tried to follow the instructions from the you tube video and i just didn't get any tabs that gave me the option to ignore. now i'm worried my friend will see he's not in my circles when i only wanted to halt his barrage of posts
If he is not in your circle than you will only see him in your incoming stream not the main stream.
+Deirdre Green Ignoring your friend will effectively remove him from your circles. You can't ignore someone who is in your circles. So either you keep him in your circles and put up with his posts, or remove him from your circles and then either let his posts show up in your Incoming stream, or ignore him altogether using the Ignore option.
thanks, oliver. i'm preparing to leave facebook altogether so this kind of thing is becoming important. he's out of my circles and ignored. my only concern now is that whoever i ignore will know they are not in my circles because sometimes i get a tag alongside a person that says "you are in (name)'s circles too". so now i think my friend will know he's no longer in one of my circles. it seems like he might know that i've ditched him
i like claude reith's idea of having a circle of people you ignore, that way they are still in a circle, but don't know which one
+Deirdre Green Correct, people can know they are not (or no longer) in your circles when they visit your profile.

I guess you can follow Claude's suggestion, but then those people's posts will still show up in your main stream, so that kind of defeats the purpose of having an "ignore" circle. Maybe you can circumvent that by using a Chrome extension that lets you change which circle's posts are displayed in your main stream, but that seems like a bit too much hassle for a problem for which the solution is really fairly simple.

If you don't care about what a person has to say, then you remove them from your circles. If that upsets them, then that's their problem, surely, not yours? Would they rather you keep them in some obscure circle while not actually caring about what they say? There's no crime in letting people know you're not interested in what they have to say.
thanks oliver, that's true. i guess my brain is wired for facebook and i need to think differently about the way i use social media now, thanks to google+. i never would have got this much help with a fb problem so easily - thanks to everybody who chipped in
I still do not have the "ignore" feature. Please help!
The ignore feature, as it's currently implemented, is useless for me.

I have an annoying guy in my circles that posts around 10 times each day, I mean over 50% of the posts in the main stream are from him.

However, I don't want to remove him from the circles. I just want his posts to be removed from the main stream. That is not possible with Google+.

Until this is implemented, Google+ is almost unusable for me.
+Vladimir Nicolici I know this isn't a perfect solution but if you put him into new circle (make sure this is the only circle he is in) you can change the volume of that circle to be zero. His posts won't show in the main stream anymore, but you can still share with him and read the posts directly from the new circle.
+Dave Besbris And where exactly this volume setting is?
I've Sent to me as I can't book mark or screen capture this & I need this info to digest slowly as there is lots of info to get through
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