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We've just completed our rollout. Now everyone can create a Google+ plus page.

Thanks for your patience!

And as promised....below are the donuts that got us through the morning :)

EDIT: If you are having issues getting the link to work try refreshing your browser. It should work after that. Takes time to trickle through the intertubes sometimes.
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+Dave Besbris Not working for me right now. But great work nonetheless. You deserved the donuts :)
I get a message saying it is not ready for everyone when I click the link. :(
Arrgh, still can't. :) Will try sign out and in.
You tease me with the G+ and you tease me with the donuts. Can't have either one...
Signed out and in, and it now works.
you are having issues just refresh the browser. Should work.
How do we give other members of our team access or permission to post or manage our new page?
Michel, click on the little arrow at the top left under your name.
woops... how do you sign back into a page you create?
I have a little drop down arrow under my name at the top of the left column that says "1 page". Clicking on that gives me access to switch to my page.
Man those look good, where are they from?
+Dave Besbris - I know you might get swarmed with these, so I won't take it personally if you don't get back to me on this, but I have a question about Pages - is there a way to make multiple people admin of a given page, and/or to transfer admin rights?
Same question as several others, +Dave Besbris - I need to have multiple admins for my business page. How can we add additional admins/owners/contributors?
That's the question of the day! (Multiple admins.) Thanks +Dave Besbris & the whole team for the work that went into Pages!
I just used the "Send feedback" link at the bottom of the page to request the ability to add multiple team members to help manage the page.
Thanks for that feedback. We hear you.
Worked great for me, but now... How the heck do I grant admin rights to others?
Are there still any chocolate sprinkle ones left? No? Okay, okay, how about the maple covered?
So how do I see who's following my page? If the only way I can add people on my page is if they add me first, and the only thing I can see is the number of people following it, how can I add them?
Works for me, though I have to wonder - are there going to be friendlier domains available through Google+?

For that matter, will you guys be expanding the API to allow for automated posts? I made a fanpage for my webcomic, but would rather be able to set up automatic posting instead of having to manually do so.
Dani R.
YAYY! Finally. :-) I love G+
"This name is too long, has too many accents in a row, or needs at least one letter." Thanks for being clear and accurate and to the point and telling me the Max/Minimum/Allowed characters
how do you add multiple administrators to the page? Currently, I'm the only administrator, but I need to give access to multiple people within our organization
hi david,
just built "Where 2 Now" and cannot find the setting to link it to my personal gmail account? Can you please direct to "help" to set-up setting
Finally works with my domain :D, great Job
Glad to see it's launched. I can't figure out how to switch out of my page mode back into my personal mode, though. It seems I have to log out when switching between each...
Launch time!!! I want a slice of donuts please..... I'am hungry right now or make a twice, G+ are awesome... I love it....
Thank You. And thanks for the doughnuts (or at least a picture of doughnuts). :)
As always...Google ahead of the game when it comes to innovation! Love it and thanks...
Two suggestions: It would be great to be able to change between me and my pages in the very upper left of the screen, rather than next to the profile pic (it's pretty small and hidden there).
Also, customized URLs, which I'm sure you're working on.
Thanks for the life advice, Jay T! I'd +1 that but ate a burger and can't manage it.
innovation by providing a blog page that does almost exactly the same thing as Blogger (multiple pages, users following users, follow.. oh wait no corporate ads), but less no customizations and a couple other things. Blogger's been around for quite a while and is not an original Google product.. so no, I don't see the big excitement yet. I've played with the g+ pages and come away.. meh..
it may work, but it doesn't do anything new.
What I get about the new Google+ pages - google is the vehicle and functionality...we the users provide the pizazz/great content/entertainment/edutainment. As a leasing agent for retail stores once told me...they provide the steak - we provide the sizzle!
Laura: You do realize this functionality already exists and existed on blogger, right? Another Google product.
Blogger offers multiple author support, making it possible to establish group blogs.
Blogger offers a template editing feature, which allows users to customize the Blogger template.
Google Docs has direct publishing integration to Blogger.
Windows Live Writer, a standalone app of the Windows Live suite, publishes directly to Blogger.
I'm not bagging on Google as such. I'm bagging on reinventing the wheel, and people who see 'new' and lap it up like good little users.
Loving the Google+ pages so far! Keep up the great work!
I think the last time I logged into Google+ may have been about a month ago? I forgot it was still here! Lol
Can someone find a reason that my microphone won't work during a hangout? I love being able to see and hear my friends, but they can't hear me! I have a logitech C210 webcam with a mic that works everywhere but on Google+. I'm using Windows Vista and Google Chrome. HELP please!!
Hi Dave,
1.Pages need to have a customized URL for simplify to follower or fans.
2.Also as admin, i need to have ability to add some admins to my page.
3.Also in followers section i need to see who are following my page not only the numbers of fans.

I hope these give you thoughts to improve google + pages. :)
how do you log in as the biz page, if you already have a personal account? this is not documented well...
Look under your name on the "home" screen. there is a drop down.
Ze Wong
hello Dave, is there any way of excluding page updates from the main stream? that way you can see people you circled on the main stream and a page stream for news and updates
irish d
+10 for the donuts.
Wait. There's Donuts. Wooohooooo.
OMG I'm putting on weight just looking at this photo 
Syco Me
can we convert our current profile in to a page ?? with all our customers in the circle ??
I created a page. It only seems fair I should get a donut for that.

What a stinkin' rip-off. Where's my donut?
Please provide the ability to create private pages that can be viewed only by those shared to. I predict huge growth if you do this.
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