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I've seen some questions about why we are removing the "Incoming" stream today, so I thought I'd give some details behind our thinking.

The "Incoming" stream was a part of Google+ from the very start and it served an important purpose at the time to help people discover others on Google+. Since then however we've added a suggested user list, What's Hot, the ability to share circles and in-product search with saved searches. We've also greatly improved our friend suggestion algorithms. These changes all served the same purpose that incoming originally did: connecting people.

Based on your feedback and our user research, we learned that the "Incoming" stream was a very confusing part of Google+. Not surprisingly, this feedback was reflected in very low usage of the "Incoming" stream compared to the rest of Google+, so we decided to remove it and simplify things.

I've also heard that some of you were using the "Incoming" stream to find people who added you to their circles so you can add them back. The full list of those people is still always available in the people editor under "people who have added you -> not yet in circles".

Hope this answers some questions, and see you around the stream!
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The thing is...when people added me to circles, I used the incoming stream to decide If I'd add them back based on their posts. Without it, I feel that won't be the case anymore.
Thank you for Removing it, as it made no sense and was really confusing...
+Ryan Lestage you can always open up the person in a new tab and look at their profile. At least that way you can see all their posts in one place plus see if they've bothered to fill out their profile
I have added a lot of people to my circles and feel like I have no way to find out which of them have not added me back/post nothing/are inactive. As someone who is insane, what is the best way to find out who these people are so I can cull my circles a little bit?
I like the fact that you've removed the incoming stream. +Dave Besbris
Do you think we will ever have the ability to post publicly, but exclude a circle or circles?
Removing it is a good move. As Dave mentions I did use "incoming" when G+ was new, but lately I haven't touched it. It seemed very superfluous.
I'm going to miss the feature. Another feature I'd love is the ability to see the incoming stream of a suggested circle.
I know its never going to happen, but it would be nice to have a 'geek' version of G+ for people who have no problems with 'advanced' concepts. At the same time having a supper simple version, which I could set up for my grandmother would also be great. Maybe a "complexity slider"?
+Bud Hoffman Posting publicly means by definition everyone is eligible to see it. Whether they do or not is controlled by them. If they have you in a circle or run across the post in some other context like a reshare or search.
+Ryan Lestage that's the one really good use for incoming that we lose with this change. Overall we didn't think that was enough of a benefit to outweigh the added complexity, and cost of supporting such a rarely used feature over the long term.
It's funny, I was just starting to use this. But the way I was using it, I can just use the thing you suggested in the people editor instead.
+Dave Besbris, while I recognize that most people may not have used the incoming stream, there are many of us who used it as a way to gauge the level of interest we had in people that had circled us prior to circling them back. Is there some other way we should do this, aside from manually going to each persons page to view their posts?
+Dave Besbris I'd had a similar thought as +bud hoffman and the reason it makes sense is it would be nice to have some say over which circle a public post is viewed in. Of course it's public so they can still see it if they visit the posters page. For instance, I like to post political things and I'd like to as a courtesy not have some of those posts show up in some peoples stream who may only be following me for tech posts. I don't care if they come to my page and see it. It's about not creating too much noise while posting publicly.
I do not think that the other items give the same functionality as the Incoming stream, but can appreciate the desire to streamline things. Now, whose arm do we need to twist to see that the What's Hot feature suffers the same fate?
+Marc Jansen Yes, that "What's Hot" below my stream is annoying as hell. I'd much rather have "Incoming".
My (imperfect) solution for now: Creating an Incoming circle of all those who formerly appeared in the Incoming Stream - and turning its Volume to zero :-) It should work much as the Incoming Stream did -- though wouldn't be used for making posts, which makes things a tad clumsier.
+Dave Besbris I can understand why you removed it, I would have preferred you kept the incoming stream.

I used it for it's likely intended purpose of letting me preview peoples post before I give them the social credibility of circling them. It was a feature I loved. Could there be a way to make it something I could turn on? Keeping your UI simple is a good argument for making the default hidden, but I did like the feature.
The problem with that solution, +Dave Besbris is the limit placed on the number of people you can circle.
That's disappointing. I actually used the incoming stream.
Create your own incoming stream. Make a circle called incoming. Click on it to open it. Move the slider at the top of the center column all the way to the left (don't show posts from this circle in the main stream) and add anyone that adds you back into that circle. Same functionality.
+Chris Hanlon Not a problem for someone like me, as I only have a couple hundred people I follow. However, it's a huge problem for those with over 5000 followers who are trying to pick out the best new people to follow. You can't follow more than 5000 people yourself. So it effectively cuts THOSE people off from ever noticing NEW followers who are sharing interesting content.
What's Hot should be called What Was Hot Last Week.

I used Incoming quite often. It was an additional layer that was much different than my standard circles.

Who wants to view individual profiles for people that have circled you?
That will work just fine until you get more than 5,000 people in your circles, +Chris Hanlon.
Everyone who will miss the Incoming stream should make sure to send their feedback through the appropriate channel.
+Chris Hanlon Not really. It means I publicly associate with people I maybe don't want to associate with. It also means that anything I share to "my circles", I share to a wider range of people than I want to share to.
Ze Wong
would be nice to be able to change the default stream list so some people don't show up on there, ie news website that updates every minute.
Bob O`Bob
wow. Dumb, in my opinion. The only reason it ever became "confusing" was because Google reformatted it to work in a completely different way from any other stream. When it was just another stream that worked exactly like the rest, it was far far better, and quite useful. So, they dressed it up in obscure fluff, and then blame the users for being confused.
+Ze Wong You can - I have a news circle, for news agencies. There's a slider at the top that you can adjust to the "level" of input that circle has to your stream. I actually turn it right off, so they don't show in my main stream, and select the circle itself when I want to look at news.
I'm surprised at the decision to kill the Incoming Stream. I'm more surprised that it wasn't replaced with something even better that included the same functionality, but re-designed for large numbers, and made it easy to have an overview of those folks you might want to circle. Since G+ emphasis seems to be on networking with folks you don't already know, it doesn't seem consistent with that concept to kill it.
+Chris Hanlon Actually no it wouldn't be the same functionality.

1) It would not be automatically updated when someone circles me.

2) The people I have in the circle would show up as in my circles, which would influence what I see on the Google Search results page, in essence it would give spammers more page rank. Not something I want to happen.

I would really rather just have the old functionality back, so I can preview people and see if they are someone I'm interested in circling.
I have been telling people that if they add me I am super active, but they wouldn't always know that without checking out my page first. This is also the reason I loved the incoming circle.
I can understand why it was confusing for people but it was the position and labelling of it rather than anything else that was the problem. If it was put in a separate place to the circles, for instance over on the right where the suggestions are for circling new people, it would work better and not be confusing.
I think it would be useful to see the posts that the new people are adding because often when they circle you there are very few posts and sometimes no profile to decide if they are right for you to circle or not. This means you ignore them. But looking at the "incoming stream" sometimes brings their posts to your attention and you can get more of an idea of the person now they have settled in and you may well want to circle them back rather than when they first joined. Without it there is no way to check people out once they have settled in without going to the names individually and that is not going to happen as it is too time consuming.

This doesn't give the new people so much chance of being circled unless they start commenting on public posts to get noticed, so for their benefit it would be best to relabel it and add it to the right hand column.
+Rachel Blum Yeah, you'd have to be more selective of your default sharing, for sure.

Either way, I've put in my feedback saying I think getting rid of it is a mistake... but I'll use my workaround until something better comes along. :-)
I just recently figured out its purpose and was actually liking having it. I'm dissappointed it's being removed.
Tom Nardi
Yeah...I'm really not happy with this. I have something like 40 people in my circles, but over 700 people are following me because I was included in some circles of people you should follow if you were interested in such and such topic. I have absolutely no intention of going through these people and adding them to my circles, as I don't add anyone to my circles that I don't personally know (I thought that was one of the major points of G+).

But I did go into "Incoming" occasionally to see what these people who were following me were into and comment on their posts. It seems like the people who added me where (presumably) looking for me to engage with them, so the removable of Incoming means those people will never hear from me again. This seems pretty counter to the whole point of G+.

Major misstep in my opinion. It's going to completely change how I use the service.
I used to uncircle people liberally because I knew I could still get their stuff in the Incoming stream.
+Dave Besbris Yes, there is almost definitely a bias on the post announcing the change.

But you've still taken a feature away and since there was no warning that you were thinking of taking it away, the part of your community that used the feature only has one place to make thier voices heard. Please don't dismiss us like that, it makes you sound like Facebook.

You have reduced my ability to discover new and cool people. While I understand your desire to simplify the UI, I hope that the idea of putting moving either to the circles page or allowing me to turn it on in settings can get some traction.
Is there any purpose for posting to extended circles anymore?
+Sean Chitwood Not dismissing you at all. This is why I posted, why I am responding and why I promise you our team is reading every piece of feedback, every comment and are doing realtime searches for "incoming" right now. We care a great deal about your feedback. I won't comment on how the "other guys" do product changes. :)
where is the -1 button. i want my incoming stream back.
Trim some fat, love this idea. You can still get the function of Incoming in the Circles section (to see who circled you) but it will be one less thing on the side of the main interface.
the other features do not adequately replace the abilities of that stream. Utter #FAIL #google
I posted this on +Natalie Villalobos's re-post of this, and I wanted to make sure I said it here too.

I don't like it. At all. The incoming stream was a valuable tool that I used to decide who that circled me should be circled back, based on the content they provided. A huge list of names does nothing for me. Seeing their interests via their posts, however, did. Hell, I had a whole challenge that I had people doing based on it ( Now doing that simply isn't a possibility.

No, this was a bad move, and I'm not a fan of it.
I just wish y'all would make it work for my tablet again. It used to be awesome.
Getting rid of Incoming is a big mistake. Like people already pointed out:
A) It's a great "filter" tool. You can explore the posts of people who've circled you and decide whether you should add them or not. You can also tell by their posts in what circle they could be added if you decide to do so.

B) It's a great tool to deal with the "I'll follow you so you'll follow" me nuisance. I don't have to follow anybody back. I can just go to incoming and see what they post whenever I want if I want.

C) You have a limited amount of people you can circle. That means that once you reach that capacity, incoming functions as some sort of second stream where you can still "follow" people you find interesting.

As long as you don't give us the ability to circle unlimited amounts of people and better filtering for what shows up in our streams, you should not remove incoming.
I do get the impression that your folks do care about G+ers, I've never been able to have a sense of anybody but the Zuck at FB, and that's in name only, here we are chatting with a G+ top dog, and I've enjoyed connections with other G+ staffers.

I'm amazed G+ works at all considering what all it does, but I'm not a geek and don't really understand all the under the hood workings, imagine it's pretty big and complex.

As to the incoming stream, I don't use it myself, sounds like others have found it beneficial. I joined G+ Sept. 30 and have been scrambling to keep up with all the lassoing and circling and corralling and fast moving streams and new people everyday. Don't need another gusher myself with incoming.

Appreciate the personal connection you all are making with us the users, sometimes abusers, keep up the great work on what appears to be now an ever present presence in our lives.
Sidenote: Please, please pass on the message that Google should really make sure they think things true before cutting off users to certain services or features.

Make sure they have something similar or better before you guys go chop and discard.
So instead of that one, oh so confusing, line on the side interface, I have to manually add every follower to a circle so I can look at their posts and decide who else I want to circle. and then also potentially insult folks when I decircle them. Strong -1
good job. i never used my incoming stream anyway
Vin Brown
+Dave Besbris: The full list of those people is still always available in the people editor under "people who have added you -> not yet in circles".

But that doesn't have the same functionality as Incoming. I mean, I can't click on it to view all the latest content from everyone there in one stream as I could with Incoming. That is a much more economical way of sifting through all the people who've added you to determine if they post content that interests you enough to add them to a circle.

How can we do that now?

Sure we could create a circle and then laboriously keep adding every new comer to that circle every day. But that is unnecessarily tedious and I don't want to add people to any circles simply because they have added me to a circle. That was the problem with Twitter and Facebook - everyone feeling obliged to follow back everyone that followed them.

So how are to filter all the new comers now that Incoming is gone?

Seriously, how do we do that now?
+Dave Besbris thanks for communication. Gold star on that. Describing the thought process and intentions certainly helps understanding and is really appreciated.

Not really pleased to see Incoming go. Granted - I didn't use it very often of late. But it's been an interesting feature and part of the unique feel of G+. Removing it has taken away a tool that allows us to personalize our G+ environment and experience in a very social and individual manner. I can understand that it has simplified G+ but that simplification may have also cost distinction.
+Dave Besbris Can you not just keep the capability and then give everyone the option to display it on their interface or not? The power of CHOICE is always good and never "evil." :)
+Dave Besbris I'm with +Ryan Lestage and the others who used this to quickly audit followers for adding. I only checked it about once a month, but it was an invaluable time saver for that purpose. Please consider putting it back
+Dave Besbris Maybe it would help if you told everyone how much time and money it cost to maintain something people seldom use. Maybe not but it's worth a shot.
+Pam Adger And split 1/2 the money saved with us users, then you'll get support on this change.
+Pam Adger They can remove it as long as they have something to replace it with. Not sooner.

What they thought would replace it doesn't work. So give back Incoming and go back to the drawing table.
Bob O`Bob
What I want -- what I actually enjoyed using before it got mangled -- is an incoming stream which works precisely like any other circle, but consisting solely of those people who have circled me and not been circled back. What I used it for was to see who was saying what, specifically at times when I could have seen those posts in my regular streams if I had circled those people. In order to decide in the most appropriate way imaginable which of those people I'd like to include.
The way it worked before someone had the not-actually-bright idea to collate posts and show only one person in weird groupings not seen anywhere else. NO WONDER people got confused -- GOOGLE made it uniquely stupid.
+Dave Besbris Simple suggestion: replace it with a "recommended" stream. Treat incoming links as one feature in the recommender.
Well they're not really recommended people. I wish recommended people would actually be exactly that. People whom whoever is in your circle said, "Hey, you should follow this person." I wish they would get rid of this so-called "recommended" people which is based on who-knows-what and doesn't make any sense about 99% of the time but I digress.

They should be working on this type of stuff instead of messing with what actually is useful. The people in incoming are people who circled you and this could be for any kind of reason.

Incoming was a great why to find out why and get to know these people so you could decide to circle them back or not.
Bad move. The only thing that ever confused me about the Incoming Stream was its screwed up chronology. Why were posts days old listed above posts that were a few hours old?

If you want to scrap something, scrap the user suggestions on the right-hand column. That thing is useless in finding interesting people. A majority of the people it suggests for me haven't posted in months.
+Brian Arner That's right. +Robert Scoble has been saying this for months now! He posted several times that most people in the suggested area haven't even set up a profile yet.
Bob O`Bob
The "suggested" stuff has sucked all along. It's always been all about who they know, while it should be about what they have to say.
Geo Bits
Since I can't view "People who've added you" on the Android app, and Incoming is gone, I assume I need to sit at a desktop to look at their posts now? That doesn't really make sense to me. It was the second most used feature in the app for me. Check the stream, check incoming, done.

That's beside the point, though. How in the world was the incoming concept "confusing"? It was posts by people who follow you. How could it possibly be any simpler than that?
+Brian Arner Yes that stupid suggestion thing is annoying me to death. It pulls all my contacts up 3 at a time...and almost all of my contacts don't even have a gmail address. That suggestion box only reminds me of faceb*** and it makes me ill to look at it.
I wish the 'What's hot' thingy was optional.
It really annoys the crap out of me when I can't see the full stream of my 'friends' but instead get to 'What's hot and the option to scroll through a million pages there.
I do not want to scroll through all my circles, I want ONE page with all of their activities on right when I have my coffee in the morn...
why cant the tool bar on the left stay stationary when we scroll down? its quite irritation at times. i sent feedback of this ages ago as well, but i still have to scroll all the way back to the top to access it. its not like there is some other content there anyway...
Never ever used Incoming, so this is good, but only because it won't affect me.
+Dave Besbris You say to +Chris Kunzler that one can share to both individual circles and public in the same post limiting the viability.

If I have two circles A and B .. and I post something to A. Only A peple will see it. If I post something to Public A and B will see it.

Do you say that posting to A+Public will suddenly prevent B from having it in their stream? (so having a circle and public will change the behavior)
Also, if you are trying to simply the screen, why do I now have games links on both the left- and right-hand columns?

You took out the Incoming link so I can have a redundant games link??
Sorry +Eduardo Cervantes it's not something that is editable by everyone. You can share a circle of folks you recommended to others however.
Yes +Martin Djernaes that wont limit visibility. The post is public. You can use circles in addition to public to notify people of the post. Although that is a very aggressive approach that may not be appreciated.
Why don't you guys at least provide a link to it in the "Added you" page, so at least those people who are really interested and look into it..
+Dave Besbris I am not sure how you guys judge the usage pattern of the incoming stream, of course I didn't respond the incoming people's posts often, but it does not mean I did't read incoming posts in order to determine who of my followers should be added into my circles. Given the already limited user base and content on G+, I feel I have now even less content to digest on G+. Overall, I think it is a bad decision that is made at the current stage of G+.
The incoming stream was a really powerfully tool. Why not add a option? Mainstreaming is not always a good idea.
+Dave Besbris Not cool removing it overnight. I didn't see any polls or notifications on the same. I thought it was a bug that "Incoming" DISAPPEARED. And then I find your post in "Whats Hot". Not cool at all.
Also, IMHO, as you may hear from others - "Incoming" had a very specific purpose of verifying users (mostly based on their content for a few days/weeks) before adding them back to private circles. Now this is gone and there is NO workaround! Creating an Incoming circle does not suffice. Very disappointed! :(
+Dave Besbris in response to your response to +Chris Kunzler, your suggestion really won't help with what is being asked for. I want some posts to be available when people search for topic X. I want people who have added me, who I haven't added back, but are interested in topic X to see my posts about topic X. I do not, however, want to spam the stream of those who added me because of topics Y and Z with topic X posts. Posting publicly, but having the post not show up in the topic Y and Z circles stream would solve this problem. They could obviously still see it if they viewed my page, which is perfectly fine and up to them. If I posted it to my topic X circle and publicly, then topic Y and Z people would still have to see it in their stream whether they wanted to or not. If I just post to my topic X circle then new people would not be able to find my content through search, nor could people who have followed me but I haven't added to the circle see it. I know this is pretty off-topic but I wanted to explain why a function such as that would be useful. =]
+Cody Pa Click on the person go to their profile page and on the left side will be a blue button that says block. Once you block them they are unable to comment or share your stuff but can still see your public posts.
How is removing a single link (that hardly anyone clicked on apparently) going to make G+ less complex? What the???

I use incoming to view who I want to add back. I'd rather not have to go into "Circles > People who have added you" and open up 100+ profiles to take a look to see if they have something interesting to say or if they're saying anything at all. At least with Incoming you could see people who were actually posting and see if it was interesting.
+Matthew VandenBerg Can't agree more. I feel we are replacing a better friend suggestion resource (i.e., the incoming stream) with a stupid suggested friend tool in order to align with FB.
I'm adding you as a friend.
Never used it anyway. Actually never heard about the change, till I saw one of the shares of this post.
+Dave Besbris - I may have missed this, but where is this 'people not yet circled' thing? Are you talking about the 'people that have circled you in the circle tab? 'Cause if that's the case, there's no way I can go through profiles to look for new people. It's completely impossible for me at 14k+ circlers, and I'm not sure how you can do it with 40k+. Unless you just don't?

I didn't use the incoming stream often, but went there whenever things were slow. Basically I'm reduced to circling people that have circled me, or one of my friends, and actually comments on something now. Unless there's something really attention-grabbing about their profile pic and/or three-word description :/
I am very sad about this change :< As some have mentioned before, I used it when things were slow and I was looking for something random to read, from people who probably shared at least some interests with me, since they had added me to their circles. I picked up a fair number of peripherally interesting information of a far more relevant nature than the What's Hot stream. I'm happy with this stream being embedded in the Circles tab, but I really feel it adds value to the few who did use it. While you can see the people in the Not Yet In Circles dropdown in the Circles tab, there is no way to see their posts without clicking on them individually. You could of course, ironically, add them all to a Not Circled circle... Yes, yes I think I will do that. The fact that I have to resort to such a clear adsurdity is quite telling =P
I am not missing the Incoming Stream, but I am just curious... and this may have already been asked. What is the purpose of sharing to Extended Circles if the Incoming Stream is no longer around.
+Jillian Chilson Because extended circles shares to friends of friends, Incoming was for people who circled you whether or not you had friends in common.

So, if you shared with your extended circles, someone who had circled you (So they showed up in incoming) would not see the post unless one of the people in your circles has circled them.
Getting rid of Incoming is a huge step backwards. Suggested User Lists and What's Hot are spam, as far as I'm concerned. I want to be able to monitor what people who have me in their circles are saying before I decide whether to have them in my circles. This change also means that the page I maintain can no longer monitor what its circlers are saying without having to encircle them all - a huge administrative overhead.

A really, really bad move. Incoming was an extremely useful feature. Please undo this unhelpful change.
+Dave Besbris One more word. Please do NOT trust your user research. Of course it is confusing for anyone at the very first few minutes, which is strongly biased from the real users who uses it on a daily basis.
Why not keep it but make it less visible for the uninitiated, or have the option?

Maybe only 5% of people use Incoming, but when you have 50 million users then you're stepping on a lot of toes.

Please reconsider this "most people dont use it, so let's remove it for everyone" and replace it with "let's make it an optional stream that people can turn on or off"
+Terry Cameron I dont think it would make it less complex but for me it would make it less "cluttered" which why I appreciate G+ so much. I love the minimalistic approach Google uses on the interface. Coming from facebook where there is crap everywhere in all the columns I am tired of having stuff I dont want or need - period. I never found Incoming useful but others on this thread have very valid reasons I understand their use cases.

I dont get why Google would just take away stuff this flippantly either. They just launched "Search plus Your World" and I feel removing something even a few find valuable already hurts "Their World." I hope somewhere down the line G+ interface will become modular like iGoogle and everyone has the option to customize their interface as they see fit and use the views/features they find valuable. If Google really wants us in "Our World" then things like that this should be features we can turn on/off.

This would surely set Google+ a part from everyone else.
+Dave Besbris I don't think you understood. There is a need (or at least some people has a wish for) limiting who sees a post in their streams.

When you made circles I thought it was great, but over time you realize it it too one sided. You still need to distinguish between types of content. It is great that I can post to a limited circle .. but what if I want to talk public about thing which maybe only has a limited reach? Say that I'm into bird watching in my local area (I would have a circle - LocalBirders) and I'm also into say Cooking. It I post stuff to LocalBirders it is not that they only may see it ... it can be public as well. But people why circle me because of my Cooking postings may not care about notes about local bird sightings.

There is no control letting me create "streams" of context relevant information to people who would like to see it.

The requested 'limited' posting +Bud Hoffman and +Chris Kunzler is an (I assume) attempt at working around this.
+Bud Hoffman +Dave Besbris

How about the option to post something publicly but not to spam a particular circle (public excluding this circle)? So if a member of that circle clicked on my posts they would still see all my posts, but my posts would be muted and hidden from their stream by default.

I'm thinking about how to best manage your online and private identity. I have many articles that I would like to write and post on G+, but even though I don't mind my family reading them I wouldn't necessarily want my family's streams to be flooded with what is essentially topics related to my work.

What would be best? A separate Google+ Page? A separate blog?
What Google has failed to take into consideration is that, because they've allowed us to share circles, many of us get an overwhelming number of adds that we can't possibly take the time to sort through one by one. For me, the Incoming Stream ameliorated that by allowing me to conveniently check recent posts from these followers and add interesting users back at my leisure.

In fact, as a user who's been here on Google+ since day one, I'd go so far to say that the Incoming Stream only became useful with the implementation of circle sharing. Now, without it, I can't attend to potentially worthwhile followers in a timely and convenient fashion.

So yes, I agree with +Richard Carter's statement that this was a really, really bad move.
I hear you martin. Good feedback.
Off topic request: Can we get a mute post button on the keyboard controls please.
I'm off to bed. Keep sending in feedback though. I promise to read it all when I get up! :)
+Dave Besbris: A wrong move by G+ team.

Incoming concept was perfect to read contents from unknown people whom I may or may not add to my circle but always welcome their contents to read (in my leisure time)...You just took it away. I don't care where it is now (maybe graved in "advanced" option), if its not in my eyes then it does not exist.

I am a cs grad but when I use any website I want view as non-cs student who never care about advanced option.
thanks for taking the time to listen to us whining +Dave Besbris ... even more thanks if you bring it back :)
All I want to do is remove all this unwanted suggested stuff. Please give the option to remove it.
I would much prefer it if you simply restored the Incoming link, but if you're not going to, how about an option for Page administrators to allow new followers to be automatically added to a specified circle? That would get rid of the huge administrative overhead that getting rid of Incoming has just introduced. I have to remember to keep checking whether anyone new has circled my Page!

Can't believe you've got rid of one of G+'s most useful features. Will it be Hangouts next? Hangout are a great feature by the sound of it, but I've never actually used one!
+Dave Besbris. Sorry if you already answered this but I was to lazy to read all 70 comments. I still have incoming on the G+ app for my xoom, has it just not been removed from the app yet or is it back? I say good riddance, I hate when I accidentally swipe a little to the side and shoot over to that feed.
I liked it too.:(
+Dave Besbris Incoming was a unique feature of G+.
I could think about having "advanced options" in Google+ (someone other also mentioned). I know Google is not so much addicted to having "advanced options". But it maybe could be done without making settings complex for the average user.

Proposal: Make a simple switch "advanced options yes/no", if "no" selected, all advanced options are not shown at all.
Here in Germany, AVM company is making routers and DSL modems ("Fritz Box") very successfully using this model - simple settings for normal users, and a switch unfolding advanced settings for the more geeky ones.

For providing everyone with the tools most usable for him - please think about such a solution!
+Dave Besbris ,+Bud Hoffman for me atleast I would like that option. I like to post publicly so those who have me circled but I dont follow, can read my posts and stay current. But for the specific circle of gaming buddies who don't want to see all my dog pictures (but I want people to find posts from me of), I can at least not spam them with post topics I know they wouldn't like.
Also as to the removal of the incoming: I'll miss it, and I'm sure popular circled g+ers will be worst hit as who wants to wade through each individual person rather than hop in incoming and see if anyone posted something for me that's interesting.
Concur with +boris iomdin. :) Admittedly, there's a learning curve for Incoming. It has a unique purpose which is not covered by any other simplistic method.
+boris iomdin due to limited "always reciprocal" friending in FB, incoming could not be established there at all!
I just updated g+ on my mobile and still have my incoming ~backs into corner with a spear~ I'll never update again if it means the coding stays for it! #FoughtTheLaw :)
Add me to the list of people who think that "incoming" was very useful - and by that I mean "incoming" before it recently got weirdly sequenced.

I find that the value I get from G+ has been significantly reduced by the elimination of "incoming".

Please bring it back (and bring it back as it was prior to the recent changes.)
Incoming added complexity? Who knew?

I certainly found it simple enough to use.
previously (with Incoming)
1. click Incoming
2. scan post, maybe +1 a few and some comments on interesting posts
3. at times go "hey this dude/dudette does hava a few interesting posts"
4. visit their profile
5. circle back or go "meh maybe not, but at least i can still interact once in awhile when they have an interesting post"

now (without Incoming)
1. click circles
2. click people who've added you
3. select those not in circles yet
4. click a profile to view
5. scan their profile/posts
6. decide to circle back or not
7. go "oh eff sakes 300+ more profiles to go? i got no time for this ..."

i don't know. i prefer my g+ experience with the Incoming stream there. i had a choice to click on it or not. now i don't .......
Good idea to get rid of "incoming".

But I do think that there is still a problem with circles being bi-directional. What I mean by that is that circles are used for my outgoing posts and for my reading lists. Perhaps intuitively they are the same (people with similar interests are in a circle), but in practice since Google+ makes others' circles opaque to me (I see a person's post regardless of which circle of theirs it was posted to), they are quite different.

As a simple example, I might want to inform my family about something but that doesn't mean I want to see all of my family's posts. ;)

The best way to solve this would be content-aware incoming filters (as described in another comment) but that might be complicated. Another easier option would be boolean operations on circles. E.g., so I could create a dynamic circle of "friends from work" out of "friends" and "work". Or, allow some information about circles to be public.
that sucks, I did use it to find interesting people who'd added me..
I miss the Incoming stream. I think it gave a somewhat decent overview of what type of content "new" people shared with me.
I also used it regularly to see who had circled me and the kind of posts they were sending. It seemed easier than going through all the people who had circled me one by one and viewing their posts individually.
By the way the: "people who have added you -> not yet in circles". Doesn't work exactly. Its a sort, so shows people at the top who you haven't circled, but lower it shows people in your circles. Should be a filter not a sort, or color code or icon to indicate who's not in a circle.

What is also needed is a way to see "people who you've added->who haven't added you back". Because when you are posting to a circle, sort of nice to know whether someone saw it or not. Again this could be done with a simple icon next to the profile pic.
+Dave Besbris The full list of those people is still always available in the people editor under "people who have added you -> not yet in circles"... I am sorry I have no idea where to find this option at all. Where's the people editor? I have never seen one. I know how to look at my circles but as far as I can see it's not there. I would like to know how to access this. Can anyone else reading this post help? Thanks.
+Dave Besbris are you going to remove the "Ignore" command? As far as I know all it did was keep someone's posts from showing up in Incoming, right?
So, where can we find what people write to us when we do not have them in a circle?
I would like the incoming stream to be back (or something similar).
How else will I be able to screen the people who circle me to know if I want to circle them back?
It was a crucial part of my "circle management" system to have a nice and clean stream.
Jacob Dix
So make "Incoming" less confusing instead of removing it. The difference between "People who've added you / not yet in circles" and "Incoming" is that I can circle these followers based on their CONTENT rather than a little profile picture amidst 20 others. Renaming "Incoming" (DUCK!) to "Followers" would have eliminated confusion on a good thing that is gone because of a burn the page instead of turn the page policy.
The incoming stream was essential to people like me, who do not easily remember names. Have you ever posted a question "Hi you who added me, who are you and what do you know me from?" ? I have, couple of times, and most people do not answer to that. Incoming stream let's me know their context quite easily, without having to click on each of those users separately.
I think it's stupid. bring it back.
I see possible pro and cons to this. For me the pros may outweigh the cons.
I was hoping to see extended circles go but removing incoming has a similar effect.
"Extended circle spam" has made many people reluctantly hide who they have circled. People circle you and make lots of spammy posts to extended circles so they would flood the incoming stream of your friends.
I'm hoping that those that have hidden who they have circled will make it visible again now that the "extended circle spam" issue has been fixed.
Link to "Extended Circles Spam and How to Stop It" -
Please bring Incoming back - it's the only viable way to sift through new people who circles you.

Besides, your "greatly improved" friend suggestion algorithm keept recommending that I should follow the photography scammer and content thief +Manik Photographe a long time after her profile was reported (including by myself) and had turned into a '404' profile.
+Dave Besbris if you could get the "What's Hot" feature out of my stream and offer only as a separate link that would be great!
Could the 'whats hot' and other saved searches be made available on the Android app? I not being able to access them via it :(
It's a real shame to loose this functionality. As with the high percentage of comments above I agree that it was a great way to discover if new people who have circled you are posting anything interesting.

I'm now forced to circle them back in a circle named 'People I don't know or trust at all'. If I had a lot of people circling me then this would be a real nightmare!

Perhaps once the API's are available someone will be able to create something to replace this :(
+Dave Besbris I left feedback about this. Why can't we have it as opt in/out? Oh & left the feedback once I found feedback button has switched the the left of screen! As for the improvements to friends suggestions this does not appear to have changed at all out with US. Would also like an opt in/out on What's Hot because just find that annoying on my stream.
Actually I think it is a surprising and unique thing of Google+
Bad move G+. I try to review the profiles/posts of all people as they circle me but sometimes there are just too many between my G+ visits and often notifications are broken anyway. Incoming was a safety net to catch interesting people that circled me but that I missed at the time. Now one option is to go through some 400ish profiles individually? That is not going to happen. Another option is to add them all to a holding circle - but many are spammers and I don't want to give them credibility.

Give me incoming back please G+
Typical Google... making decisions without consulting us the users. Incoming was little used, but was really useful when it was. You guys never cease to amaze / disappoint me. A pity.
i found Incoming stream more useful than What's hot, since What's hot doesn't mean anything for me and people that circled me.
+Dave Besbris While I understand the decision to remove it if not many people were using Incoming and people found it confusing, I must say this feels like a loss for me.

I too, only used it very rarely, but I loved having the option there, even if I only checked it once every couple of weeks. It was a great place to go when I was bored, and my main stream was moving slowly. I have found and added a number of people from there.

The reason it was good, was that I didn't have to manually think of a topic, or click on a person, to be exposed to new posts. I actually loved the fact that it was incredibly random, and required no thought or effort, just a single click, and let the randomness flow to me.

I feel that I will never go searching for or clicking on individual people to see what they post (unless the picture is of an unfairly attractive female of course). And I don't really want to have to think of a topic to search for in order to find new people. I also actually don't like the idea of only being exposed to people who know people I know, or post only things that I already post or Google thinks I'm interested in. I like the wild-west clusterfuck of the Incoming stream, if only on occasions. As a result, my circle growth will almost certainly slow down now.

But hey, if I'm the odd one out and this is for the greater good (simplifying almost always is), then I guess I understand. I still trust you'll get it 'right' in the long run.
+Joe Lancaster: No, buddy, you're not the odd one out. A great many of us feel exactly the same way. My circle growth is also going to be severely stunted now.
Perhaps I'm missing the intention of Extended Circles (I always thought of it as a quasi-public circle) but I used Extended Circle share extensively instead of Public because quite frankly I rarely have something to say publicly but I frequently have something to post to people "in my network".

Having said that, without an Incoming stream, people I circle who didn't circle me back have no chance of seeing much of anything I post since it won't show up on my profile. Likewise, if someone circles me and there's no Incoming, then I will find little to nothing about them on their Profile if they favor posting to only their circled people or Extended Circles and not Public.

Finally, given that Extended Circles is shown as "green" I think it should be treated as quasi-Public and show up on my Profile page for any viewer who is in my Extended Circles. At least if you did that +Dave Besbris I'd have a (poor) alternative to the Incoming stream.
+Dave Besbris I'm not a big user of incoming, so it doesn't personally impact me. I know Google can tell how traffic does.. so I trust you guys know better than us how often incoming is used. However, for the little amount I use it, I still use it a vast amount more than "What's Hot". That is the single most awful feature the Plus team has put out. As previous posters have said, all Plus is doing is allowing the polluting of our streams with gifs as well as posts by the superstars of Plus, like +Mike Elgan, +Robert Scoble etc... we already have those people circled, usually in more than one circle. There is NO intrinsic value to What's Hot. None. The redundancy of it collapses the argument for having it.
I used the incoming stream a lot, it was a great way to gauge peoples interests and activity. It was great because you knew these people were already interested in you for some reason and I could see if I felt the same about them. I've added many people through my incoming stream after seeing them regularly show up with interesting posts in my incoming stream. I am disappointed this feature will no longer be available.
I can see the problem if your research showed that it was confusing. I have seen the same thing among my circles, a lot of people didn't fully understand it.

However, my opinion is that simply removing it was entirely the wrong way to fix it. Perhaps a better solution would be to relegate it to being a less prominent, power-user feature. Or even better, change the name and improve your explanation of what it is!

I've introduced several of my IRL friends to Google+, and the pattern I see is that at first they don't see the point of incoming at all. But after I explain it a bit better, they have an "Ohhhh, now I get it" moment. "That's pretty cool!"

It is also unique (AFAIK) among the social networks, which probably contributes to the confusion, but also is a selling point once understood.
When over 1000 people have added you, you can't go through all of their profiles individually, the Incoming stream was vital for seeing what they were up to and the 'What's Hot' stream is absolutely no substitute.
As many before have said, the Incoming stream was a vital part of my Google+ experience. I have not, and probably will not, circle everyone who has circled me. There is more than one reason for this. However, the end result is that I cannot easily access this content now. This is a big disappointment.
Anybody else craving the 'Nearby' stream from the mobile app in their browser version?
Most of the post in "What's Hot" in G+ seem more like an advertizement of Google products Android,Chrome, G+ etc.

Reminds me of that famous Shakespeare Quotes

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark"
Mia C
good idea
What I'd like to see is the ability to share information with people "Nearby". It would enhance my local news through G+. I currently have to share local news publicly and I'm not sure anyone following me in the US is really that interested about my new local supermarket
+Dave Besbris +Bud Hoffman actually i can post public, block you, and you wont be able to see my posts while log on!
so why cant we post publicly and block/remove some circles? that way. users logon that have us circled would not see those specific posts in their stream, unless they log out and would go to our profile!

BUT who ever logs out of Google? :p
Without reading the other comments: The incoming stream was a rarely used, but very useful device and all the things you describe as alternatives have the character of workarounds. Please see, if you can, give me back the real thing!
+Dave Besbris here's a pratical example!I post mostly Public! there is a group of ppl that i have circled and that are circling me that work on EXTREMELY conservative places, where the slightest bit of skin on a photo is considered rude! I occasionally share ads or soft erotic photos, nothing that I would consider #NSFW but their employees do!
So I had to create two new circles: one to host EVERYONE i've circled minus those ppl that felt offended by those posts.
If I could post public and still exclude the circle of sensitive ppl it would ease A LOT my circle management!
Still I would have liked it to stay.
Or at least be optional.

Missing the discovery of nice posts people make that I've not circled back yet.
And checking out people one at a time, through the "not yet circled" list, is not going to happen, to much time consuming.

A missed chance I would like to call it.
I'm very upset that incoming has been removed. The new changes do not suffice
Sorry. That's a minus. Removing a stream facility seems pointless. Like, 'whats the point of reverse polish'.
Thank you for doing this. It was a backdoor for spammers. They would add you to their circles and spam the hell out of the incoming stream. I realise that individuals are block-able, but at least this makes that unnecessary and will discourage spammers, because nobody wants to circle them
+Dave Besbris this is very very facebookian. What's next - change the page lay out? sort by some random date that nobody understands (like posts that are 5 hours old are on top, stuff that just happened?)

This is really a kick in the man-bits. You have a feature that many people like and use and you hide behind "the cost"? Seriously - it's a query?

As others mentioned - have a "Advanced Mode" or add a setting that allows us to add it we want! I can share any circle I have with anybody - why not have a "Special Circle"?

Oh ... and since I am venting - build a real iPad App :-)
I'll gladly trade you the "whats hot" to have the "incoming" back. I fail to understand how people could think the incoming stream was confusing? I'm interested in what percentage of people found it confusing... though that number may make me weep for humankind.
+Dave Besbris, I've already submitted feedback but I just wanted to share some more thoughts.

1. There is no other single location where I can go to view the posts of people who have circled me, but who I have not circled back.

2. Putting these people in their own circle is inefficient, defeats the purpose, and is not technically possible for me and many other users given the current circle limit.

3. You don't fix something by discarding it. When my keyboard goes bad I don't throw away my computer.

Maybe not enough people used it. Maybe not enough people understood its purpose. Maybe it was cluttering things up where it was. That's still not a good reason to remove functionality.

If people need to be educated on its use then do that. If it needs to be renamed to make its use more intuitive then do that. If it needs to be relocated to where it is less obstructive then do that. But discarding it entirely just doesn't make sense.

At the end of the day this effectively limits my ability to circle new people.

So I'll ask again, is there some other way we should do this, aside from manually going to each persons page to view their posts?
I also use Incoming and would like it to remain even if only opt-in in the settings. I would also like what's hot and recommended streams on mobile.
anybody else noticed that the Send Feedback changed from the bottom right corner to the left side?
anyone knows why?
Thank you for the explanation, rather know in advance of changes rather than retrospectively...
With my "incoming" being filled with spam and really loud people drowning out others, using it to vet new people to circle wasn't terribly practical. I imagine doing so would be worse for those people with thousands of followers.
because it was overlapping the chat box in most browsers
I can't believe Google killed my favorite discovery tool. I don't have time to investigate every person who follows me. I prefer to judge whether I want to read people by their content. That means looking at my Incoming stream and seeing what pops out as interesting. Now I've just been disconnected from 5000 people, some of whom might have made a great impression on me but will never have a chance.

Your "What's Hot" and "Recommended Users" lists are useless to me. My Incoming stream represented my readers, my audience. That's personal. And now it's gone!?!
I'm disappointed.
Perhaps it was the least used of the functions of G+, but that does not make it unused nor unwanted - it's difficult enough to follow 1500 and find the best new content. Going through the circles name by name takes much longer and is much more difficult than skipping through the incoming circle.

Perhaps it's time for an extension or an opt-in/opt-out of the incoming stream?
+M Sinclair Stevens puts it well. I too have now essentially been disconnected from 12,000 people unless they actively comment on my extremely rare posts.
Not cool, +Google. Not cool at all.
And only probably about 0.1% of what used to be in my Incoming stream was/will ever be featured in What's Hot, which defeats this poor argumentation completely.
Listen to your users, I doubt there are many agreeing with this move.
I was extremely fond of the Incoming panel, I've had to make an Incoming circle to try and make up for it, but I would rather not have circled people at all just because they circled me. Please find a way to bring it back.
if "incoming" name is confusing, rename it instead of removing it!
I purpose "People that have circled you and you haven't circled back, nor need to", or Circled By for short
As I see it, there are 3 types of connections I might have to people on Google+:
1. Friends who have me in their circles and I've added back - I see their posts in my stream
2. People who added me to their circles and I don't want to add back - I used to see their posts in the incoming stream
3. People who post spam - there's always the ignore or block option

The reason the incoming stream was useful is that people I've not added to my circles might post something of interest to me. I used to check it every day. It was a good way of screening before adding them to my own circles.

As +Randy Majors suggested, you might have a "People who added me" circle, but that might be confusing to your friends, especially when looking at the People in common section on someone's page.

My opinion: an opt-in setting for showing the incoming stream. Would that be so difficult to implement?
A man circled me and he would only post gifs, funny pics and videos and he would do a lot re-shares which I didn't want to clog my stream so I didn't circle him back.

Every once in a while though I would go to my incoming specifically to watch all the silly things he posted and I had a big laugh. It often made my day.

I miss being able to do that.
+Dave Besbris Removing/changing features without any prior notification is one of the main reasons people hate Facebook and why I personally moved to G+. Please don't copy that awful mindset.
Regarding the incoming stream itself, I haven't used it myself and could understand the motive for its removal. I'd prefer if Google add advanced search options instead of clutter the UI with special streams like "what's hot", "incoming", "nearby", etc.
In addition, I really dislike the twitter-like hashes cluttering posts. Please add tags/labels as in Gmail instead.
Regarding the problem with cluttering the stream with public posts, I'd suggest an option to select which tags will be made visible on followers' streams.
+Virginia Rafael the work around here, is to put him on a circle that you "hide" from your Stream and check that every so often.
works fine for a few but not when you want to check many dozen profiles
"confusing" and "unused" eh? And yet it fulfilled a very specific purpose tailored to how social works on G+ (the asymmetric following) and now has no replacement for that functionality.

Honestly, for all the effort you're putting into G+, you aren't half ballsing it up at times.
Bring Incoming back
You're making a massive mistake here!! People hate this arbitrary move without notification. People clearly use and love this stream - why get rid of it without notification or consultation. That's a Fascist move and very un-google-like.
+Dave Besbris - The incoming stream is still in the G+ Android app. Just thought you'd want to now.
Tim Kerr
HUGE SCREW UP G+. Possibly one of the biggest you could have possible made! You just turn out the lights leaving a whole lot of people out in the dark..
With the cap of 5000 on how many people we can add to our circles we are now left with no way of seeing what people have to say that we have not yet decided to circle. The Incoming stream was a great method for following those people, seeing what they have to share, and giving us time to decide whether or not we want to add them to a circle or which of our circles they belong in. You royally screwed that up for us now..
I would much rather you get rid of the Whats Hot and Recommended Users. I pay very little attention to "whats hot" for everyone else, and I make my own decisions when it comes to adding people to my circles. I don't need G+ to make automated recommendations based on an algorithmic guess.

+Randy Majors, That will only work until you hit 5000. IOW, IT WON'T WORK.. Otherwise I would have exceeded that a long time ago. And then what? Unless of course g+ Lifts the cap and allows unlimited circling, even then it's still a bad idea.
this feature crop is a design mistake. incoming stream allowed for serendipitous discovery, neither of your search and suggestion algorithms are able to match well. if people find a feature confusing, and yet seems essential to many, maybe there is a presentation or implementation problem. perhaps incoming looks like the proverbial fire hose. that shows you have not [as i have been complaining from day 2] figured out how to allow the user to shape their world, their stream, their fire hose.

it is fascinating to see that in the decade of twitter and facebook, google+ is in the dark, still going around with touch and feel, trial and error.
this is a massive mistake. we're still working in the room and you turn off the lights - and without any warning.

listen. We use incoming and many of us like incoming. If you're thinking about removing it, how about some consultation in advance?

This is a Fascist move in my opinion. Why not make it opt-in, as other's have suggested.

Don't be evil.
The advantage of minimizing confusion for new users versus the loss of the utility of quickly checking the content of those who have circled me but I have not yet circled to see if I have over looked some 'gems' is a poor choice. Is there a simple search term I can use to replace this function? I don't think so. Users want the right to choose this sort of thing rather than have it foisted on them arbitrarily from above.
In general I think it's the documentation that could minimize any new user confusion that's missing. I appreciate things are rapidly evolving and it's difficult to keep the documentation current with all the constant changes but perhaps more effort there rather than eliminating utility is in order.
everything's been said. this is a boneheaded move.
I had quit using Incoming long before mine disappeared (which was well before today). I didn't find it useful or anything but a time-suck rabbit hole. However, going to circles/not yet in circles individually is not a replacement for the function of the incoming stream. That is a slow, arduous process when those people number in the hundreds or thousands.

I don't want my incoming stream back, but it seems that it could be put back as an option in the circles management area, since that's the place where people would be more likely to be looking for a feature like that - "who are these people who circled me?" It would probably be less confusing because it would be clearly related to your circle choices instead of your regular stream. Then people could opt to look at along with their circles (think how easy management would be if it were next to the circles page and you could just drag and drop from there), and people like me could continue to not miss it at all.
I've commented on several member streams where this information was shared that I am so bummed by the choice to remove "incoming". That was my favorite little feature I had just begun using a few weeks ago! I used that for times I just wanted a little diversion and discovered great members and posts this way.

I have never found the suggested users to be helpful and "What's Hot" is just like Yahoo's daily video selections on that home page. Weighted to pop stuff and silly videos - who needs it? I also have been disappointed that a search inside G+ is nowhere near as effective as when I am not logged in and use the regular Google search. Weighting results to posts from G+ users is not helpful for me. Sadly, I have to limit logging into G+ now since I am a heavy user of search.
Tim Kerr
Oh, and about the hair brained idea of going into our circles and selecting "people who have added you". Give me a break! ROTFLMAO.
The idea of sorting through our circles and who has added us to circles and revisiting their profiles to see what they are sharing is completely ridiculous. Talk about a pain in the ass. You sort through hundreds if not thousands of people like that and see how long you keep that up. Yeah Right! you really think people are going to take the time to do that, when it was so much easier to browse the incoming stream?
Poor choice. I didn't use it often but I did periodically to see a flow of posts from people who had circled me who I had not circled back. It allowed for an easy access way to weigh up and judge which people were worth circling back and which posted endless cat gif streams or spam. I will not be likely to wade through every single individual's stream to assess them as there is not enough time in the world. The recommended and what's hot are not in any way substitutes for this type of discovery.
What +Jake Sharman said: what harm was Incoming doing? It was an extremely useful feature. If you really must remove G+ functionality, why not start with Suggested User Lists, What's Hot and Games? If I wanted to be spammed like on Facebook, I wouldn't have come over to G+.
I do believe that, this time, +Google+ has thrown the baby out with the bathwater.
I really liked (and frequently used) the Incoming stream. It's sad to see it gone.
Dan Scott
HUGE MINUS! Main reason I left FarceBook was because they kept changing the interface. If you want to change things, fine. But allow your existing clients to opt out of the change. The interface can be a MashUp of features.

MAJOR FAIL, FACEPALM, ETC. I want it back +Dave Besbris
Incoming was a great feature for finding people of interest.
It confuses some people and we don't want to confuse potential consumers. I got that. What of those that used this valuable tool? Why not make it a feature that us veterans can turn on?
The suggested user isn't a good replacement for Incoming Stream. I would really love to have that option put back. I still have it on my iPhone, so I'll have to resort to using it there, but that means I won't be updating G+ on my iPhone anytime soon.
Incoming is only confusing because it was never explained properly to the user. Perhaps if it had a more self explanatory name, or a subtitle to teach people what it was, then more people would have used it.

It's like taking away the J/K keyboard shortcuts because only 1% of people know about them.
Was Incoming stream causing too much server stress? You can be honest +Dave Besbris !
You never should remove something without being able to replicate all those features in another way.
"We've also greatly improved our friend suggestion algorithms." Really? Well at your suggestion I've had both the Dalai Lama and Larry Page in my circles for months and neither Larry nor Lama have once responded to my almost hourly attempts to engage them! ;-)
+Dave Besbris

Users don't understand incoming, leading to the feature being underused.

Your profile page has two sets of contacts: people I have circled and people who have circled me. Simply add a link to the circled me list called posts from these people

That way the feature would nolonger be confusing, and it would be used more.
It was used to Weed-out people who added me to circles ... now there is no way to easily check up on people who added me to circles to decide whether to add them back or not!?!?
Does +Google+ have an alternative now!?
With every tweak and change you make you get one step closer to where Facebook will be in a few years, which is where MySpace is right now (though I see a comeback for MySpace in a neo-retro way). Why not just add, or create options rather than simply change. By adding options it allows users to sort of be their own connect-the-dots "programmers." I love Google+ and say Facebook will be used by aunts and uncles and the generations who are new to the internet and social media. Google+ seems more for the niche, nuanced, and advanced though it needs no advanced education. I'd venture to say all Google+ users were facebook users first. And that says something possibly about migration.
Tim Kerr
+Samitha Kulathunga, The alternatives they suggest are utterly ridiculous. One suggestion is to create a new circle so you can place those people there. However you have a 5000 maximum limit of how many people you can circle so that won't work too well. Many people will reach their max in not time. Some have already.

Another suggestion, even worse IMHO, is to go into your circles, Select "People Who Have Added You" and then sort through and visit their profiles. As of now I've got nearly 7000 people who have added me to their circles and, I know there are many others who have many more than that.
How many people are going to want to take the time it would take to sort through all that every day when it is much much easier to browse the incoming stream instead.
Time to start a list of all the people who want it back and send it to the google team?
I don't see how this decision is "listening to our users", not with the feedback here.

"What's Hot" is annoying and largely useless; if it were a feature, maybe, but it's not something we can control. But no one's "listening to the users" on that, either.
I have created a public post. Lets kollekt +1 that want the incoming stream back.
With all the arguments for and again the Incoming Stream on the digital table, I think it comes down to this:

If users find the Incoming Stream useless or confusing, they don't have to use it. It's a completely unobtrusive feature that, when ignored, changes the Google+ experience in no way except by adding an additional item to the stream list.

In this way, it's no different than any menu item or feature of a commercial application that we don't use because we either don't need to and/or don't understand what it does. Such features are there for those user that do have a use for them, but in no way affect the users that don't, and, consequently, software manufacturers don't remove such features on account of what the majority of users find useful.

Similarly, the Incoming Stream should be reimplemented independent of whether or not its proponents represent a majority of users.
incoming was more useful to me than g-suggestions etc.
call it Rest and relaunch
I don't like it. The old way - the original way - was nice and easy. Go back to the original implementation of the Incoming Stream, and leave it at that. It was a perfect way to discover who was circling you. This choice makes it harder to meet new people -- which will eventually turn this into Facebook, and lord knows we don't want THAT.

KISS. Just give us the incoming stream, or if you must, auto-generate a circle of those we haven't circled (which is the same thing, no?) and let us decide how to use the app.
I miss the Incoming Stream. I look at it regularly to see if the people who've added me, have anything worthy to say, before I add them back.
To clarify one point -- I miss the Incoming stream the way it was in June. I don't so much miss the mangled, out-of-time-order version that was in place last week, because that wasn't a lot more useful to me than nothing at all. I personally am totally convinced that screwing it up was why "almost nobody" used it any more. If you dig around a little, you should find the complaints I made at the time. Getting rid of the crapped-up version is fine, just bring back the ORIGINAL simple incoming stream.
Interesting that you (google) would decide to remove functionality... I like many of the comments before like the incoming stream. It was great for showing me who followed me who actually posts stuff. And you could test drive them from there before you added them to your main stream. Most of my incoming was spammy stuff but i did find it useful.. so long "incoming"ers
Well, this bites. I used to use "Incoming" on a fairly regular basis to look for people to consider adding. Neither "suggested users" (which just shoves high-profile twits that I have no interest in at me as I've already added all the high-profile people I want to) nor "not yet in circles" (which contains profiles, not their aggregated posts) serve a comparable purpose. And "What's hot" does nothing for me; usually everything it in is just Caturday stuff or celebrity nonsense that I have no interest in.
+Drew Nicholson No, an auto-generated Incoming Circle wont cut it. For example, if you're used to posting to Extended Circles then this auto-generated circle will see your posts as well - which defeats the entire purpose.

Circles = People Approved.
Incoming = Under Verification/Observation.
+Bob O'Bob Hmm, I didn't notice the mangling. Would you please care to elaborate what exactly did they fudged up with the original Incoming?
The only rich source I have left now, for new interesting people to circle on the basis of them having interesting things to say are controversial threads like this one I'm commenting in now. And that's bad in a way, because it tends toward building "echo chamber" circles of people you already agree with.
+Dave Besbris honestly I think it is a bad decision. Incoming stream was a way to decide whether there's someone interesting among people that added you. Also I found it nice to see people I didn't longer have in my circles there, but I wanted to revisit them from time to time. Now, these options are gone. If a rationale for removing incoming stream was, as you say, that it is hard to understand for people, I'd put more effort into educating them instead of removing that functionality completely.
+Rahul Joshi - I wish now that I could elaborate, but the changes mostly drove me away. It has probably been over a month since I bothered. It had initially been just a stream like all the others. But the last dozen times I looked, it was organized as expandable groups of postings from one individual after another, with some totally changed regard for the time order. Maybe if that's not familiar to you, they put it back when I wasn't looking.
Sorry you've done this. You've reduce the usability and functionality of Google+ for me. It's only just holding on as it is, this is a backwards step.
+Joshua Keen Again, it's a single link on the left side, not a huge graphic or column. G+ collapses half of my circles anyways, so why not tuck incoming into that list of things that get hidden.
+Dave Besbris You can be honest... that removing the content and contact discovery tool Incoming was done to reduce visibility of, and the costs of responding to, spam. I can completely sympathize with that. But the sad thing is that there are so few features on G+ which aid in content discovery. The site is already dominated by a few people chosen for Google's suggested user list, and in so many cases, What's Hot simply provides an extension of their already ridiculous reach. Google said the suggested user list was chosen by interactivity, but there's a lot of evidence to reveal that positioning as a farce. But even if we completely accepted Google's false premise, research on social networks states pretty clearly that interactivity is important, but not a complete or sufficient metric to reward:

"Participation between users is predicted by social motivations, such as maintaining connectivity, and sense of belonging; while participation directed to the whole community is predicted by the individual need of providing information which is centered on informative content and not social interaction."
Motivations to Participate in Online Communities

In other words, it seems that Google has gone way overboard in promoting a few chatty folks, celebrities and Google partners, while ignoring the basics on a broader diversity of factors which drive healthy communities. Hey, it's your soup... you can put whatever you want into it... but I'm rooting for Google. I'd rather see Google succeed, in spite of itself.

Claiming that the recommended user list is the answer to content discovery (when it specifically leaves out 99.999% of the community and their content) is the height of blind arrogance. Go ahead and propagate interaction data ridiculously favoring a little over one one-millionth of your community here on G+ into Google search, and see how that works for your core search business. When corporations, small businesses and sole proprietors realize that they've been put at a huge disadvantage, poof, there goes your core search business. Maybe it's all part of a convoluted Google strategy to motivate them to come over to G+, but it gets harder to remake G+ into a level playing field with each passing day, but creating a potentially existential risk for Google is a dangerous precipice to dance along the edge of.

It's not your tools which are broken, but your strategy, and that's what opens the door wide open for another company like Apple or Yahoo to step in and better understand and meet the needs. I sincerely hope that Google eventually comes to recognize this, and starts to address the underlying issues before that happens.
The incoming stream was very useful in deciding which of the people who added you to their circles was worth adding back to your own. It was an incredibly convenient, and I'm disappointed it's gone. Functionality that gets the same results just isn't there any more.
+Drew Nicholson Same here. And the way they took it out... just like that!?
+Bob O'Bob Interesting, I may have been too engrossed to not have noticed. Thanks!
+Chris Rudram ROFL @ "It's only just holding on as it is"
+Terry Cameron "G+ collapses half of my circles anyways, so why not tuck incoming into that list of things that get hidden."

+Jeffrey Sullivan "It's not your tools which are broken, but your strategy, and that's what opens the door wide open for another company like Apple or Yahoo to step in and better understand and meet the needs. I sincerely hope that Google eventually comes to recognize this, and starts to address the underlying issues before that happens."
If this feature was removed because it wasn't working or because getting it to work was "too difficult", that I could understand. Removing it because some people don't know how to use it is just stupid, not to mention insulting to the 50% of your users that are smarter than the average bear.
+Jeffrey Sullivan Very well said. The thing with Social Networks (as with most others) is that it needs to be set free to really observe natural growth. Google is treating G+ like a overly pampered toddler; all which will only weaken its immune system.
If you moved incoming next to stream instead of hidden away it could have worked better, like chrome tabs
Incoming Stream was one of those rare things that you don't need to use a lot to appreciate.

In today's web world we always thing of more as better. More clicks, more eyeballs, more visits, etc. But there are things online that we only use once in a while but still value quite a bit. This is what Incoming Stream was. It gave us a sense of discovery and let us reach out to others.
I have over 5,000 following me. How can I possibly use "people who have added you -> not yet in circles", to find interesting people who are following me? Pop open each one and check their posts? Get real. Sure, simplify the interface, hide incoming but let us use it. Get rid of "suggested by google", and "what's hot". Both only give me access to more animated cat gifs. I can, wait for it, google, for animated cat gifs anytime.
Look at the Plus ones on the first two comments. 135 plus ones for "bring incoming back." One plus one for "glad it's gone". Listen to your plussers google, bring it back.
exactly its going from one click to 5+ clicks and a lot more time. bad bad anti progressive move google plus
We get many divided +1 here. I made a post so that we could collect everyone that want the incoming stream in one. This One is drowned in comments.
I know only +Vic Gundotra & +Natalie Villalobos and would also like to draw their attention to this thread. Guys please have a look at the comments here and and decide if the decision to abruptly remove Incoming was justified.
I hope I'm not overstepping here - if Yes, kindly delete this.

Others may similarly mention/direct key people here to get more traction on this issue.
How am I supposed to figure out which of the people following me is worth following back now? My previous way to do it was to check the Incoming stream regularly, and if I saw the same person posting interesting stuff on multiple different occasions, then I'd follow them. Now I don't have a way to do this that's nearly as streamlined. And all because it confused some people? Then just hide it for people who don't use G+ a lot, but for those who do, Incoming is very helpful!
Please give me my incoming stream back! What's hot and suggested users don't work for me.
I'm totally in favor of dropping incoming. I found it a source of spam from people I wasn't interested in following.
+Ivan Sherman Nobody was forcing you to look at it. If you really dislike it then either don't use it or block the bad spammers.
The beauty of the incoming stream, +Ivan Sherman was that you could choose to ignore it forever if you chose, and you'd never be subjected to that spam. Those of us who actively used it, however, are left with no practical substitute (the proposed "workaround" is simply unusable to many of us) .
If you followed Natalie, +Rahul Joshi, you'd realize that she reshared this post last night and is very much aware of the conversation going on about it. Her attention was already on this thread.
That's fine. I liked having it but honestly never used it. Clean up is never a bad thing.
I need a way to have a circle that does not dump into the stream. That way I can choose to go look at them when I want to, but still leave my main stream up the majority of the time. This is what incoming was to me. Please give me back "incoming" or make a circle muted from the main "stream".
"Not surprisingly, this feedback was reflected in very low usage of the "Incoming" stream compared to the rest of Google+, so we decided to remove it and simplify things."

+Dave Besbris Don't you think that low usage was just effect of that incoming stream was broken in large (browser) G+ client at least since middle of September 2011, and was usable only on mobile client? Many ppl was just waiting for you google to repair it, and you have killed one of the best features of the G+ idea.
Very inconvenient decision in my view... "people who've added you" doesn't give you a stream to browse through and I don't care for an algorithm to decide whom I might find interesting rather than being able to scan through a separate stream. Definitely agree with +Marc Jansen .
Incoming was useful. Suggestions is just annoying.
In addition, the "what's hot" is a joke of posts and items most of have seen on facebook a year and a half ago.
Strange. The Incoming stream still works on my Android tablet. Not only that, but it works the old way that I wanted back. Maybe that never changed on Android -- I wish I had known, I would have continued to use it there. Now I have to worry that they'll kill it there too tomorrow. Fortunately I just made some time and found a few new people to circle. I hope that won't have to be the last time.
Lil Peck
I liked my Incoming stream just fine.

I really resent things like "what's hot," and "find fantastic, beautiful, popular, famous people to follow." C'mon, that is way too much like high school. I was a nerd, and so are many of us who have made G+ our home on the web. The "beautiful, famous, popular people" can go sucks eggs for all I care. Please stop trying to ram their botoxed, liposucked butts down our throats. ;)
Incoming was a useful idea, shame to see it go.
Interesting that this discussion doesn't rate as a "What's Hot" item. Hmm. Well, if it is, I can't find it.
"Suggested user" list in not nearly strong enough +/or I can't find the right thing. Need ways to find new people here!! Incoming did it very well!
Just going to add my voice for an opt-in/out for this feature - and for other MARMITE features (e.g. HOT stream) come to think of it.
Yeah. I would like to be able to get the Incoming stream back.
Me too, +Todd Tabern. The incoming stream is how to separate the wheat from the chaff of people who circle me. Removing it all the way is a shame. How about hide it and let us enable it in preferences?
Google+ really messed up with this one. I always check my incoming to see what has been posted by others and to see if I want to add them to my circles. Isn't this the intent of social media? And, if the solution presented to me is to check their profiles, it is a lousy way because I do check peoples profiles and posts when they circle me. But, many times, they have not posted anything because they are new or have not generated content yet. Later on, I see that they have become active via my incoming stream and are showing great content and circle them back to put them in my main stream. I really don't care about "whats hot" because it is usually the same top users on G+ with their large followings. I have found great content from people who only have 100 followers. Their posts will never make it to "whats hot" so I would never see their work. I really don't have time to keep checking profiles of people who have circled me but I have not circled back. I was just showing this feature to a couple of Facebook fans the other day and they loved it and they even joined G+. I don't understand why there can't be a whats hot tab and still keep the incoming. I am really disappointed with this move by G+ and it will definitely impact my ability to meet new people on what I thought was a social media website.
I rather have a what's hot from my circles and things I am interested in....even what's hot from my incoming stream. I don't have a problem occasionally seeing what the top G+ posts are or what is trending but that is a completely different function than my incoming stream.
+Dave Besbris I wish Google+ would replace the Incoming stream with a Limited stream. It would be nice to have a tab where you can see all the posts that have been shared directly with you in one place. It seems counter-intuitive to me that when someone shares a post directly with you (particularly if they share it only with you) it appears on their profile and not yours. So if you miss (or don't get) the Notification about it, you will miss the post completely unless you happen to be logged on at the moment it is shared and you see it race by in your stream, or you happen to look on the profile of the person who sent it for some reason. And who can do that with everyone in their circles?
Everyone needs to use the Feedback at the bottom corner of their screen flooding them with feedback many times each day everyday until they bring it back.
It was a completely thoughtless inconsiderate move conjured up by a few people who don't use it so they though it would be cool to make everyone else do without putting millions of people in the dark.
If you don't use it, that is your choice. Don't take that choice away from everyone else.
Wes Lum
I think this is another mistake by Google. Fix the stream if spam is your issue. Just because it's only used by a "few" doesn't make it useless. Going by that logic, why don't you just remove the video link, photos share by your circles, the suggested user list which gets used once when someone signs up and probably never again. I want to be able to see content from people who have circled me. I don't need Google to tell me what I can't or don't need to. Thanks but I think I can make that decision for myself.

EDIT: By the way, +Dave Besbris, thank you for at least hearing us.
Wes Lum
And the solution to fix confusing is to just get rid of it? WTF. Talk about taking the easy way out.
I've read a ton of these comments and plussed many. Just to state it under my own name, Incoming was extremely valuable to me. I used it all the time as the only efficient way to check out what people were posting before adding them. I will never go profile by profile. There are no remotely comparable substitutes -- please get rid of the What's Hot (pure spam) -- and your recommendations have and continue to be absolute irrelevant garbage for me.
Don't become Facebook. Change after change after change will be the death of that social media site. Google+ needs to remain what it is and not try to be bigger or attract more users. Just let it be and it will be what everyone wants it to be. If it becomes huge, great. If not, no worries. Advertising and marketing will help with growth if that's what you want...spend your dollars there. If you do anything, just add options. Don't take away.
I really miss the Incoming Stream, and like many others I don't understand the reason for removing it. If people didn't understand how (or why) to use it, maybe it just needed a better explanation. I have close to 10,000 people in the "not yet circled" there's no way I'm going through them 1 by 1. I liked being able to look at my incoming, and if I found someone interesting circle them back. Yes, I can add those that interact on my posts, but sometimes I like going out and finding gems instead of waiting for them to find me.
I'm stunned that you removed such a useful feature. Confusing? maybe it was confusing to some people, but then quite a lot of stuff here is confusing to many people. If you removed everything that people found confusing, there'd be very little left. This was a really helpful feature for discovering new interesting people amongst those who have added us. I haven't got the time to check out their profiles one by one, but dipping into Incoming once in a while meant I could find some gems and add them back. I can't believe you've taken this away just because not everyone understood it!
That has been the WORST change you've made to Google+ so far.
Every now and then I went there to check and see if there was someone sharing interesting stuff. Being people who had circled me, it was more possible that the "what's hot" (usually "What's dumb") or the suggested standard people. Please, +Dave Besbris, tell me how can I do this now.
If you want to remove usesless annoying things that at least I don't understand, remove that weird YouTube link!
+Meirav Berale Naming it more appropriately would have reduced most of the confusion. The definition "Incoming" suggests it is content coming in and could just as easily be used to describe the stream. It was way too vague to give any idea as to what is was for, where the content was coming in from. Renaming it would have been a better idea.
+Terry Cameron Oh I would love that idea of rolling Incoming and even What's Hot into Circles so you don't have to look at it. I just wish Google would take this opportunity to give us features and let us customize our interface. Treat it like Labs in Gmail.
... I pay very little attention to "whats hot" and "People who've added you".
... I rather prefer to make my own decisions when it comes to adding people to my circles.
... when people add me to circles, I would like to use the incoming stream to decide If I add, ignore or block/report them based on the content of their posts.

... Also, being a google user for a lot of years now, I must say that this "no warning" approach have disappointed me a lot.
... this is not the "the users want it, we listen and do our best to provide it" google´s approach we got used to... and believe me, this approach made google what it is now.
+Vincent Brown. OK, what would you call it then? "People Who Are Sharing With Me But Aren't In My Circles"?
"Non-circled Sharers"? :-)
Sorry +Jera Wolfe, Incoming is gone. This is why people are so pissed. They just pulled the plug and then said, "here's why we pulled the plug. Surprisingly Facebook-like behaviour. Bad google, bad!
+DeAno Jackson I guess I missed her post. I must point out that mentioning really gets your attention. If only people were mentioning as much as plussing comments - Vic, Natalie and whoever else will feel the love eventually.
I have seen so many great comments +Chris Kunzler 's one was one of the most affecting one I thought. +Dave Besbris Chris actually meant that sometimes something we want to share with public and also our some circles but we don't want to share with another circle or individual. So in order to do that there got to be an option which says Hide from this person or circle ! Also there is another feedback you may please pass to your team that the ability to edit whom we shared by this I meant that we should have an option which will allow us to change whom we are viewing our post after posting it because now in mistake if we posted something to my A circle which was actually for circle B, we have to delete the post and re-share it with circle B, so please create an option which will allow us to edit whom we are sharing with after posting, which will consume our time and less work.Thank You.! In addition I appreciate your interest for reading every single of our comments and valuing them.
The ability to share with whom you like is intrinsic in "circles" will you idiots stop hijacking this discussion?

Bring the feed back that many more are asking for and want. You're losing thousands of potential users because they will never be found... NO ONE wants to spend hundreds of hours looking at individual users' posts and those samesaid (especially new people) will miss out on the social inclusion G+ offered because you decided (without any public feedback) we all thought it was too complicated and unnecessary?... I'm sorry, why are they missing out? Because they don't fit into a "suggested user" format that the "algorithm" deems worthy of any individual following?

In the early days I found (and many others found) a plethora of people they DIDN'T KNOW through incoming streams we decided were great artists, writers, experentialists, and people we just wanted to follow as they wrote aqbout their lives.

Now it seems we're only valuable as money-worthy commercialism... popular peeps who share nothing original are deemed more important (given your "suggestions") than people a great many of us would be much more interested in connecting with.

Now we're relegated to whomever is suggested by others or the google "algorithm"... and still... we have to grant you add-time as we spend countless hours searching through individual accounts (thereby increasing your ad-time rev) than a simple, NOT COSTLY feed of those who've added and might be worth exploring.

Twice this week Google's "algorithm" suggested people I have repeatedly blocked or chosen to ignore INNUMERABLE TIMES!

Pull the money out of your "hot list" and fatally flawed "suggestion" algorithms and re-open "incoming"

Talk about bass ackwards.

Google is ruining a VERY good thing.

You can redefine social networking... or you can kill it... much like a baby in bathwater.

Up to you.
The only reason the incoming stream is confusing to some users is its name and the ui chosen to support it. Why don't you just call it uncircled followers and place it on a separate area not adjacent to the other circles? I bet it would become a much more used feature. Also, if you created a separate area to manage these people you could sort them by level of activity, number of original posts, number of reshared posts, number of followers etc...
24 hours later, and I'm still missing my Incoming links. How long before they're back, please?
Thanks everyone for the feedback. Since this post will fill up at some point, I want to remind you that your voices are heard just as much when you send your thoughts in via the Send Feedback mechanism. Keep it coming positive or negative. We really listen and talk about what you send in all the time.
+Dave Besbris Again, Incoming was a content-people based way to add people. Suggested users, however much trust Google puts in its own technology, is still only an algorithm-profile based way of adding people.
Good morning, +Dave Besbris. I really REALLY MISS my incoming stream!
It was my primary method of expanding my circles, and it allowed me to quickly skim the posts of people I had not circled back.
I am having a hard time understanding the motivation for removing it. Are you just trying to get rid of the "Ignore" mechanism? - So get rid of the "Ignore" and give us back incoming, please! Incoming was the tool that truly made G+ stand out in terms of discovery - apart from blind searching by keywords. How can I now - at a glance - take a look at the posts by people who follow me, without having to visit hundreds and hundreds of profiles every day?
Further up the comment chain, someone mentioned that they would rather have a "What's hot" that came from their circled and/or people following them, than the global, "let's go viral" thread. The what's hot is currently a display case for 90% fun and trivia, and 10% useful information, hence I'd also want my What's hot to put more weight on my circles and followers. If we only have what's hot, and the suggested list - our circles will be come uniform and stale with reshared content - or tweetified - if you like.

Incoming = Uncircled followers - what is confusing about that? Gief it back, pls!

Edit: Also - From a page - having the incoming stream of people that have circled the page, is a truly valuable tool get a glance into who they are.
+James Barraford This is one of those times when it should actually make it to What's Hot. More people should know about it so they can voice their +/- opinions.
+Dave Besbris First thanks a lot to explain a change in G+. This should be standard practice but unfortunately it isn't !

Circles are surely the nicest feature of G+ but so far there is no easy way to separate "IN" circles from "OUT" circles. The incoming stream was useful to read posts from people who follow me but that I didn't bother to put in my circles. Why don't I put them in a circle that I could call "outsiders" or "incoming" ? Simply because if I do so, all they posts will clutter my main stream !

So I would suggest the next move should be to give control to which (IN) circles are displayed in the main stream.
+Olivier Moreau What you are asking already exists on G+... if you go to any of your circles streams (not the main stream) you have a slider that lets you adjust how many of the posts in that stream make it to your main stream... if you set the slider all the way to the left that circle stream will not populate your main stream!
Was incoming more of a liability than asset?
When there is a change people usually complain about what they feel they have lost and don't say much about what they might have gained.
I want what's best for G+ in the long term and for it to be as attractive as possible when some of my FB friends re-evaluate G+.
The removal of incoming could improve the quality of posts on G+. Most of G+ is about you choosing what you want to see in your stream... except for incoming.
Incoming was a honeypot for people that want to push their, possibly spammy, posts to you. Having extended circles posts appearing in incoming made them want to circle you just so they could get their posts into the the circles of your friends, potentially thousands, for every person they circled, even if they didn't get circled back.
For every person a spammy poster circled, perhaps a thousand people in extended circles had to ignore/block them.
Does that make incoming seem more like a liability than asset?
I don't get how people assert that incoming was spammy. Of course it is not the greatest stream to always swim in. It is by its nature people who have circled you but you have not circled them. But it is a great stream to swim in occasionally to fish out great people to circle. They have circled you so you might hav something in common.

But incoming is different for each of us. I have a few thousand that fit the bill. People that have circled me but I haven't had the time to check them out. Going into circles and listing the people who have circled me but I have not yet circled is a totally untenable way to check people out. It would take months to go through the list. It probably grows faster than I can swim.

If G+ actually becomes successful my problem will become more of a problem. Incoming was the best way to check out who was following you. (Suggestions and "what's hot" is not.) It is gone now so that perfect person to follow is following me but I don't know her. And she will punt me in a week because I'll never circle her back. Tragic. ;-)
+James Barraford, I am surprised it hasn't made the What's Hot. Look at the number of post and re-shares. The numbers here are higher than some of the junk we've seen showing up in it every day.
Kinda makes one wonder how something makes it into the What's Hot. I have noticed some of the same names keep showing up all the time.

Flood the feedback until it is back.
Also use this link for feature requests.
+Tim Kerr You think Plus will allow this thread to be on What's Hot? I think not.
+Tim Kerr Google has a vested interest in pushing the G+ superstar/evangelists. 
+Duarte Most of us don't have the Circle Slider yet.
i think one of the most benefit of Google's features it is adaptive and can be fit to the user, the problem is why you can't ask us before removing a feature a lot of persons may be interested in and and depend on it ,, i wish this feature could be optional for the users.
There are some people who come here with the sole purpose of generating large numbers of followers. Some of these same people say they agree with the move and won't miss it a bit.
IOW, What they are telling their followers is that they don't care about you and won't miss you a bit. You're wasting your time posting anything hoping they will see it, because they won't. They have chosen to ignore you.
I've un-circled one of them and will be looking at more. I suggest others do the same.
+Tim Kerr That makes sense. I couldn't imagine someone who had a lot of followers not wanting to use incoming to check them out. But someone who doesn't care what a follower ever says and never listens to them wouldn't ever use incoming. I get it now.
Just wondering . . . I will sometimes post something that I would like a company or specific person to see and thus I will specify them in the "send" box. There would be absolutely no reason the company would want to see my other postings and therefore circle me. Without the incoming stream, will they ever know that I posted/mentioned them?
Now that "incoming" has been gone for a few days I am finding that G+ has dropped below the critical mass needed to sustain my interest. I expect that if things stay the way they are that I'll eventually simply stop using G+.
The incoming stream made sense and was not confusing. I occasionally want to see what people are saying that have added me, although I really am not interested in adding all of them unless I find someone particularly interesting. This is a disappointing change.
Can you guys make it so we have an option to get a newsfeed-ish type thing directly into gmail?
It never was confusing, at least for me. The Incoming stream was a good way to see what those people are sharing in one go and based on the patterns, decide whom to add to circles.
now that I have rediscovered Incoming on my Android tablet, and it works in the original way that I had really missed on the desktop, I've been using it several times a day, and will continue to do so until GOOG inevitably f's it up there too.

+Vic Gundotra +Natalie Villalobos just because you're in the driver's seat of this jitney does not mean you ever get to stop listening to where we want to go
Wow +Bob O'Bob, that's an angry post. I get that they want to streamline things even if some people find a feature useful. Otherwise your product starts looking like a bloated mess of options that no one understands.

Saying that I did find it useful myself. It had posts from people who I might not want to follow because their post volume is too high or I just wanted to see what they had to say first and I can no longer easily do that, which is a shame. Also it seemed to be a place where someone could mention you without you needing to circle them in some way.
The suggestion of adding a circle with all the people who you haven't added back makes no sense. Not only because it's a circle with people you don't want circled (yet), but because when you share something with all your circles, those people you are not sure you trust/like/find interesting will see it in their stream. And if you wanted them to see it, you would've added them to a "real" circle.
+Dave Besbris I think removing the incoming stream is a mistake on +Google+'s part.

Most people use that stream to check out posts made by people who have circled them. I don't do mutual circlings. I circle people back for different reasons, one of them is if they post interesting stuff and post publicly at least sometimes. Another reason I would mutually circle someone back is when someone interacts with me on one of my posts. I then go to their page and check out their profile photo, about me, and then their posts to see if everything matches up. Once it does, and I have had a few good interactions with them, I circle them back. But after watching their activity from where? The incoming stream.

I have done polls on this and most people I have spoken to swear by the incoming stream. It is also how we weed out and where we keep the porn posters, trolls, spammers and so on from our regular streams.

Thank you for this update and allowing all of us the opportunity to voice our opinions here.

And +Chris Hanlon, one would have to circle them to do that. And the point is not to circle people unless we know that they are circlable, right? :-)
+Tiffany Henry Absolutely, but lets come at it from another angle - if they Incoming stream had never existed, what would you do? :-) I'm not disagreeing that I would prefer to have incoming or similar functionality back, but even then, I used a quarantine circle. In fact, I used it with Plus Minus, even before the native ability to limit a circle's access to the stream. Its not as nice a feature as the Incoming stream, but it's a way to achieve a similar result with the functionality that currently exists.
+Leila Vieira is right. Adding your readers (the Incoming stream) to a circle makes no sense for several reasons. First, if you have a lot of readers, you quickly hit the limit of people you can have. Second, the people who find you interesting to read are not, and should not be, the people you find interesting to read. If everything is a reciprocal relationship, then Google+ becomes reduced to a closed loop, just like Facebook. One thing that used to differentiate Google+ from Facebook was that Google+ celebrated asymmetrical relationships.

If you aren't reading (have circled) a different group of people than the people who have circled you (your readers, Incoming stream) then you will have nothing to share with your readers -- because they would have already seen all the same stuff you've already seen. Echo chamber. Boring.

Even more importantly, once you circle someone, they become part of your contact list. Your friends will see that you follow them and to some people, that is a tacit recommendation or at least a stamp of approval.
+Chris Hanlon: That's easy when you only have 51 people that have you in circles. When you have more than 16 times that number, it become a bigger deal. When you have 10 times that number, it becomes simply unsustainable.

That is not a viable solution. +Google+ really needs to rethink this and give us out Incoming Stream back. They can make it opt-in for all I care. Bottom line is that I need it back. G+ is nowhere near as interesting to me without it.
+DeAno Jackson I have over 300 people in my circles. You've misread.

I also have my privacy settings adjusted so that only what I allow people to see is visible on my profile - including the posts that are there. People in my quarantine circle don't see anything I don't want them to. And I don't see them unless I look. When someone convinces me that they're someone I want to see more of, I move them.

I prefer Incoming. But this suffices.
+Chris Hanlon: That doesn't change the fact that the limit for having people in circles is 5,000, so when you have more than that which have you in circles, your solution is unsustainable. It most certainly does not suffice.

Also, you misread. I didn't say how many people you have circled. I said how many have circled you. That number is 51.
+DeAno Jackson No, at 5000, it doesn't. And at 5000, how much use is having 20,000 on your incoming stream? How many people with more then 5000 followers actually ever looked at the incoming stream?
+Chris Hanlon: Yes, at 5,000 it does. Where are you getting your info from? You can't have more than 5,000 people in your circles. That's a fact. How much use is it having 20,000 people in your incoming stream? I'll tell you when I get that many. What I know for now, is that I checked my Incoming Stream on a daily basis, and not having it removes a large part of what made G+ different from other social media sites, and I want it back.

As for your other question there, how would I know? Feel free to run a poll, if you wish. I don't particularly care. I'm concerned about my G+ experience here.
+Chris Hanlon I have more than 5000 followers and I look at my Incoming stream. I don't read every post. I don't, as some people say, make any attempt to "keep up with it". But when I have some down time or I'm bored I definitely J-click my way through it. And some people immediately pop out as people to follow. Others, as people to block.

Do you think it is in any way faster or more efficient for someone with more than 5000 followers to check the profile of every single follower and spend time considering their posts in order to decide whether or not to follow them back? And what about the people who follow me who just read and don't write? They would never show up in my Incoming stream so why would I waste all that extra time to go over to look at their profile only to discover they were readers not writers?
Maxim R
I can tolerate removing of "Incoming" stream..Some high volume people followed me and i occasionally wanted to see what they post. "Incoming" was my way of evaluating if I wanted to circle them in the long term or "mute" them. Using "people who have added you -> not yet in circles" is a very inconvinient way to trying to read those people's posts.

However, when I circle these people they automatically get shoved into my Google Chat and that I absolutely do not want! Just because I can/want to read their Google+ posts, doesn't mean I want them in my IM contacts. You are forcing me to cross communication mediums that I do not want to cross!
+A Ross Bravo! You should take your comment and turn it into a post so that we could reshare it.
I also just recently learned how useful the incoming stream could be. Maybe a better option would have been to try to help people understood the feature. I hope it returns.
I have to say that I would like to see the incoming stream come back or at least a link to see live public posts as they stream in. I really liked that as a real time news and great content finder.
I would have liked to see the ability to post to the incoming stream.
I mean, I have a few different circles to post to for different stuff; for tech, or writing, or whatever. So I have a fairly-regular public post saying "These are my circles, which one do you want to be in" ... but I'd really prefer to be able to just post to incoming.

Making my own 'incoming' circle lets me do that ... but it also makes the "people in common" thing effectively useless. Maybe I should send a private message to each new follower individually. But then that would clutter up the display of my own posts when I view it. The best way would be if we can have (some subset of) circles displayed on our profiles, and allow followers to add themselves. I guess you could achieve an equivalent functionality by creating yourself a set of Pages, but I suspect there's rules against that.

(Actually, thinking about that, is there any way to view "My posts to [specific circle]"? I find quite often I'm looking for a week-old post to reshare with somebody who asked a question, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to find them)
What does it take for a post to go to the "What's hot" section? I ask because I thought this post would be there, since it's had so many responses, shares, and +1s, but it isn't. If it were there, more people would be able to join the discussion---there is, however, a post of a video that supposedly is "the funniest commercial ever" with only 46 +1s, 52 shares and 5 comments. How is that hot? or.. relevant?
48 hours without Incoming: I am missing all my serendipitous links.
+Angel Wedge I made a similar feature request last August. [Sorry. Having trouble finding the link to the right post.]

I wanted the ability to reshare things with the people who followed me (my readers) without making them public posts. I prefer my public posts (those viewable by people not on Google+) to be original content. But I like to share fun stuff privately to the people who have elected to read my comment (by circling me).

There is no way that most professional writers can circle all their followers. Nor should they. It's the readers, the subscribers, that should do the circling. That is, I should circle the people whose content I find interesting not the people I want to "share" (push) content to.
+Ali Asghar The left column could be too tall for the browser window – it is for me if I expand my circles list, unless I also zoom out – so having its position fixed (without being able to independently scroll it?) may not work too well.
That is an excellent question, +Leila Vieira! Your find only helps to illustrate that "What's Hot" is useless!
+A Ross Well said.

I do use Incoming to see if others who have me in their circles (or have shared with me via extended circles) have to say. I'll add people to my circles not because I may want to follow them but because I may want to share privately without having to ’ explicitly mention them via the ‘+name’ method. As such, others' mentions of ‘incoming’ and ‘outgoing’ circles make sense to me, but there may always be some who I don't want to add to either type but who I may still want to see, and Incoming conveniently has them all in one place.

As far as sorting is concerned, I'm one who prefers chronological ordering: sort postings by datestamp, using the most recent create/edit datestamp associated with each posting.

It's as well that Incoming is still working properly in the Android G+ app, so I'm using that.
+Leila Vieira, Look at it every day and you might noticed that most of what is showing up in the What's Hot everyday has been by the same people.
IDK, Perhaps they are somehow blocking this thread from making to What's Hot on purpose so it doesn't go any more viral than it has. Everyday since they removed the Incoming there have been all kinds of posts going around about it, and many of them have more comments, shares and +1's than a lot of what is showing in What's Hot.

Every once in a while something does show up there that I might think is interesting. But if it is truly a Hot topic I will have most likely already have seen it in my stream, or I eventually will anyways. It's not necessary and only adds more noise to the stream, so they can get rid of that.

Apparently the G+ team only listens to, reads and considers what certain people have to say. If you're just an everyday common person your words mean nothing. On the other hand if you have a certain level of celebrity status and association with Google then they might listen.

Has +Dave Besbris, addressed anyone here? You would think with the response he has got on the first day of this that he would have addressed the issue by sharing a follow up post or something. Seems he is hiding in the shadows thinking it will just go away if he ignores it long enough.
If somebody don't need the Incoming Stream he is not obliged to use it but those, as me, who like to have a quick and synthetic view on the posts of my subscribers it was a very good tool. In the other side, I never use the G+ friend suggestion.
I could only understand this removing if there is a software reason, but if not, then it's a bad choice.
+Leila Vieira - I had hoped that would be obvious to all, but thanks for stating it.

Also, Google, the whole idea of suggesting any substitute process for what used to be one click is pretty seriously backward.
+Jacques Chazarain I agree about the friend suggestions. I'd rather have it just show up as a link rather than having people's names show up on the page. That way people who want to use it can, but is less intrusive for those of us who don't.
+Leila Vieira At this point it's blatantly obvious Google Plus is blocking the thread from going into the What's Hot feed as they don't want it in everyone's streams. I'm surprised this thread hasn't been closed. If Elgan or Scoble had this many shares, posts, and +1's it would be in the What's Hot feed and we all know that. As a Google Plus evangelist from the beginning, and as someone who has written many articles extolling Plus, it's disheartening to see them take this tack.
James, this post was in what's hot.
Cool, Dave, thanks for the update.
I think I may speak for many people in this thread when I say that I was very pleased months ago to discover that if you collapse the What's Hot section it stays that way, and I have never been back. Also I find the friend suggestions a similar waste of screen space. Pretty much all the "alternatives" suggested so far, for finding new people like the original Incoming stream made easy, involve portions of G+ that many of us consider to have always been _mis_features to begin with.

I'm here to meet and interact with people based principally on what they have to say and frankly anything that even resembles a meter of celebrity or popularity is a minus in my opinion.
+James Barraford I found it initially in What's Hot. But obviously, to keep What's Hot from never changing, What's Hot only covers extremely new threads. This post is already older than the What's Hot content.
And you can take the Suggested User List right along with it.
Everyone ... Please use the feedback button to tell them you need it back, Thank you!
Terrible idea getting rid of it. I have close to 90 people add me a day. I used that to decide who to add back as the notification page doesn't exactly make viewing each profile easy. And once I hit 5000 people, I won't be able to see what anyone after that is posting. I'm rather disappointed....
72 hours without Incoming, and G+ remains spookily quiet. I'm guessing the feature could be turned back on in a matter of minutes. Now would seem the perfect opportunity to do just that. I urge you to seize it.
It's a completely insane move to remove Incoming. I use it to check if I should circle new users or re-add those I uncircled (just in case they post something interesting again). The suggested user list is completely useless: it keeps suggesting people for my one overpopulated circle that I want to reduce, I have zero desire to increase those numbers!
Why would anyone who finds Incoming "confusing" click on it? And why make that a criteria for taking it away from those of us who like it a lot?
That's just insane. You don't want to cut down on functionality that enables your users to interact, you want to build on it!
A What's Hot section? Never seen it. Sounds silly to me. If you have to get rid of something then by all means get rid of that.
+Dave Besbris "I've also heard that some of you were using the "Incoming" stream to find people who added you to their circles so you can add them back. The full list of those people is still always available in the people editor under "people who have added you -> not yet in circles"."

That is NOT the same thing. Seeing a LIST of people who have added me is NOT the same as seeing the CONTENT of the people who are following me. The incoming stream is the fastest, easiest way for me to see if I want to add back any of the many people that add me daily. There is no way to keep up without the incoming stream.
So, in summary, can you turn it back on, please?
well, still not on 500 comments :)

Although +Google+ is a wonderful place where we can see +Google engineers come 1st hand announce their changes to the products, it's more often that they dont come back to reply to users asking for reverting or improvements (take a look at the case where G+ added an option to filter you can mention you, and set it to Extended by default, killing G+ as a messaging service).
In this case, +Dave Besbris did came back a few times to comment. but we are still without +Give Us Back The Incoming Stream! and will be most certainly for ever :(

Besides the use case most are mentioning of filtering ppl they havent circled, there's two other's that I consider very important and havent seen mentioned yet:
If you comment on a thread from an OP you havent circled, you could follow it in Incoming. That is no longer possible;
If you set the option of who can mention you to a smaller circle (or even if you leave it by default to extended), those mentions would go into Incoming! That is no longer possible;

I hope Google reverts this, instead of hoping we forget!

PS for some freaky reason, i'm not getting notifications of this thread....:(
If a person adds you to a circle and you don't make an immediate decision to add them to one of your circles, On behalf of everyone here G+ has decided to make the Ignore Option automatic.
They took that choice away and made it for you. Aren't things much easier now?
sigh... Incoming still not re-implemented! The functionality is still there on the iPhone app, so the underlying code must still be there. How big a job can it be to turn this extremely useful feature back on? Come on, +Dave Besbris, it's time to man-up and admit you made a simple mistake! There is no shame in that - we all make mistakes - but, in this case, you are in a position to be able to put it right. Go on, you know you want to! Thanks.
I've been comparing my Incoming stream to some relevant postings pages, and I've seen more content on those pages than has appeared in Incoming.

So either there's been too much filtering going on as a result of my choices (I've muted quite a few postings, often in the local stream, because they persistently appeared at the top of the list because I'd done something trivial like expand them in the Android G+ app, sometimes by accident), completely out of the last-modification-time sorting which I prefer) or the filtering settings have been adjusted to “not much shown”.

I'd noticed that there was less content there, but had just assumed that people weren't posting so much and/or were being more selective about who could see it. I'm now seeing that this isn't the case.

Since I'm obviously not capable of deciding for myself what's relevant, Google taking that decision away from me is Much Appreciated. Well done, Google.
Incoming was a much more valuable tool than What's Hot. I discovered more people to follow there, while incoming is a mess of meme- or pic-du-jour.

I used to check it regularly, and I can honestly say that the most confusing thing about Incoming is the decision to remove it.
I WANT INCOMING back. What's hot is genrally the lowest quality stuff that appears on Gplus.
Yes, I used incoming to see if people who circled me are sending me interesting items. I'm not going to go through the 6000+ people who have circled me one by one to find who is interesting. I'm afraid you have removed a useful tool that allowed me to see who was an active user. :( The tools listed above are not useful to me unfortunately. Never found the incoming stream to be confusing.
When there is no option to tick, whose profile I have already seen and whose not, then incoming stream was a dream come true way to see new people to follow. I want it back! ;)
+Dave Besbris, how about some sort of response to the many people on this comment thread who are waiting patiently (or, in my case, impatiently) for the return of Incoming? Surely you must have got the message by now. Thanks.
I came back to check on this post to see if there were any news, but nothing so far... I wish we knew if there is at least a chance of the incoming stream coming back.
Incoming was very useful to me ... There are people I don't want to circle, but do want to learn about form time to time. That's what incoming was for.

Removing this reminds me of Facebook & why I would rather people use G+ then facebook.
Well they removed it from mobiles too so it seems to me that they're not going back. This is an outrage! Keep sending in your feedback.

We can't give up. There's a page about it: +Give Us Back The Incoming Stream!. Please support, share and keep addressing the subject.
+Virginia Rafael Incoming is still working on my Android tablet, and there does not seem to be a pending update to the app.

The browser-accessible mobile "m dot" version still sort-of works, but it is all out of time order. What I've been doing there to overcome that is to open it in a tab, then use ^F text search to look for "minute ago" to see some of the newest, then "minutes ago" to see more (note that "0 minutes ago" is one possible result). I generally haven't had time to search back more than an hour anyway.
I can see how it can initially confuse people but I think more thought needs to be put into retooling the stream than just cutting it. I personally see more value in "incoming" than I ever have in "Whats Hot". Also, expanding the web G+ to include "nearby" would be great (powered via user entered zip code or the like)
I'm beginning to suspect that +Dave Besbris has muted this post. The 'conversation' seems a bit one-way at the moment. Is that how G+ is supposed to work?
Well they can't mute "Feedback" now can they? I'll keep posting here and giving feedback. I won't give up!
Also, those who want Incoming back and haven't +1'd the first comment, I urge you to do so. This is something like a poll and we're just 2 votes behind. Also send feedback. Take a screenshot of this post or that of +Natalie Villalobos about the subject and send it to feedback. Explain why we need Incoming back.
Why you remove Incoming? Are you Apple and you think that your users are too stupid to understand what it is?
I miss Incoming :( I primarily use G+ on my mobile so I didn't realize it was gone from here until this morning.
I didn't mute this and have read all the comments. I just don't have anything else to add to the conversation at the moment.
Dave could you at least tell us if the team is taking our complaints in consideration? Or that they are thinking about another way of implementing the functionality we lost?
+Dave Besbris Let's face it, this was not a very smart change. I have seen a steep drop-off in follower growth - probably in part because I publish to "Extended Circles," which relies on the "Incoming" stream for people to discover new content. New people log in, they have a few friends they add...then what? Oh, here's some content in "Incoming" I can check out. Please, +Bradley Horowitz, don't go tone-deaf on us, "Incoming" is an essential content discovery feature.
I am 46 years old. I am keen to make best use of the limited time still available to me. Monitoring 'Incoming' via the people editor is simply not going to happen. It has been 11 days now. The sooner you restore Incoming the better. Thanks.
There are a lot of comments here, and I haven't had the time to read all of them. But, I came here when I discovered my Incoming stream missing this morning. (I know, I'm behind the curve, but I had to take a break from G+ for the last few weeks for various reasons.) Please bring it back!!! I don't like to circle everyone who has circled me. While I am appreciative for any "follows" I get, some people do not post things that I am interested in. Adding people to an "incoming" circle just so I can discover interesting posts defeats the purpose. In the past, I constantly monitored the incoming stream to find like minded people who posted interesting content so that I could circle them back. Please bring it back!!! I don't have time to go to people's profiles one by one to see if they are actually sharing good stuff. Please bring incoming back!!! (Have I asked enough!) :)
I agree, it pays to have it, we should be able to get a feel for the content of who's following us. As a publisher it gives us a sense of our audience and what is interesting to them, so that we can adjust our sharings accordingly.
I use the Incoming Stream still on my iPhone. Don't take that away from me! lol

I don't, however, feel there is much value in Suggested Users and What's Hot (either same people or ancient Gifs)
It may be low usage, but that was a function of how it would be typically used, rather than its usefulness.

It would be typical to check my circles constantly, yet only check incoming once or twice a week to find interesting people and posts from those who have added me, without needing to keep checking their profile pages. Having it as a stream let's you pick up on people you forgot, or perhaps have changed the nature of their posts over time. It was really useful, yet there is no easy way to duplicate the functionality.

If it was confusing to some sub-section of your userbase being on the main page, put it on a menu somewhere, or make it an option, please!

Also, it was infinitely more useful when it displayed the actual stream of the group rather than just one post from each.

What's hot and Suggested Users are of zero utility to me - I'm looking for interesting people which is not a function of popularity. In fact I'd mostly rather not be a sheep thanks.
Rather than Google merging all of our personal data across YouTube, Gmail, search, G+, etc, couldn't you simply give us Incoming back and leave our privacy intact?
I actually like what they're doing with the privacy policy and unifying all of their services. I do, however, still want my incoming stream back.
+Richard Carter Your privacy was never intact. Google has had this policy since 2005, they choose not to implement it fully until now.
Just wondering, is Google going to remove all of the fire-extinguishers from the Googleplex because they don't get used much?

Usage is not always a good indicator of value.
Okay, +Dave Besbris, here's a compromise. I don't care about the incoming stream itself. I just care about the function it served. If we can gain the ability to create a saved search that would show all of the posts from the subset of people who I've not circled that have circled me, then I'm happy, and everyone else here that misses this feature would be as well.
I too just want to retain the function. Without circling people or other totally unnecessary rigamarole. These are the people who have volunteered themselves to me, it's reasonable to presume they desire my attention, but it is UNreasonable to presume I want to circle any before I know a thing about them.

Incoming still works just fine on my Android tablet, so it's absolutely clear that the function is supportable. I don't care if it gets wrapped in another name and buried in a menu, I just want something that works exactly like a stream and includes exactly those people.
"I've also heard that some of you were using the "Incoming" stream to find people who added you to their circles so you can add them back. The full list of those people is still always available in the people editor under "people who have added you -> not yet in circles".

The problem with that is we decided whether to circle people based on their posts, and now we have to dig into each person's stream separately to make that call. It's much, much more cumbersome.

You appear to be looking at this as an amalgam of the notification I get when someone circles me, but that wasn't how I used it. I circle back people I know, but if I don't know them, I need to see their posts to see if I want to circle them back. It's how we make new connections, rather than just re-establish existing ones in G+.
Also, the idea that sharing circles is a substitute, well it really isn't. Sharing a circle is a big operation and usually requires a lot of tuning afterwards to get the stream back to a nice bubbling flow of interesting goodness. Perusing the incoming stream for interesting posts was the occasional work of a few minutes.
Circling sharing is fine but it's quite orthogonal to the incoming stream.
While we're at it, how about boolean circles or venn circles? A circle that is always a combination of other circles (i.e. the operation to combine other circles is dynamic and not a one off thing). That would be very cool.
I'll echo what many others have said. Incoming was extremely useful, for simply scanning the output of folk who circle me that I haven't immediately circled back, to pick out the interesting ones. It's how I've "met" at least half the interesting folk I have on G+, and none of the workarounds I've seen floated come close to providing the same ease of use. Losing Incoming has totally changed the dynamic of G+ for me, and made it a lot harder to sort the wheat from the chaff. I have a couple of thousand people who have circled me, and there is no way in hell I can individually visit all their profiles to scan their output.

I understand y'all wanting to KISS, but in this case you have yanked away an invaluable feature that power-users rely on, for the sake of keeping it simple for the more casual user. As several folk have suggested, perhaps implement an "I know what I'm doing", Advanced mode that gives the power-user more knobs and dials, rather than catering only to the lowest common denominator.
When considering removing a feature that is not much used, please inquire from those who do use is as to how useful it is for them when they do use it.

Please give us back "Incoming" as follows.

While looking at "People who have added you" in the Circles page, give us a way of looking at "Postings from people not in your circles".

ALTERNATIVELY, let's use terms for different types of followers, and use one of those to name the Incoming stream.

"Fan" or "Pure follower": They are following us, we are not following them.
"Mutual Follower" or "Connection": We are following each other.
"Guru" or "Followee": We are following them, they are not following us.

Now the Incoming stream can be called "Pure followers" or "Fans".

"Fans" sound nice and complimentary. People like having fans. It's got a good connotation.
Twenty days after incoming is gone and it still sucks. Looking at the first two posters the voting is 237 to 4 against removal.
And they will continue to ignore our request to bring it back, all because some geek at Google was too confused and decided that since he didn't use it nobody should be able to.
Bring it back or tell us why you won't.
They might need more than 237. We need something like a SOPA blackout to get Google's attention. We have Dave Besbris's attention but maybe that's not enough.

OR maybe the decision to eliminate incoming was driven by some other factor, e.g., to decrease implementation overhead -- Google Plus is near-realtime and must take a lot of processing power and network bandwidth.

One of Google's little flaws is that Google does not distinguish between (a) it's been decided and will not change and (b) if enough people ask for it we will do it. So we users do not know whether or not to go to the effort of asking for it in greater numbers.
It's obvious to me now, that if Google can pull off a Presidential hangout so brilliantly - they can bring back a new improved version of the Incoming Stream. Just sayin'.
+Dave Besbris mentioned in a comment, maybe 200 back, that Incoming took a lot of resources and had very little activity. He also mentioned that this post isn't muted but that "He had nothing to add" (or something to that effect.
All this makes me think that this is a done deal and Incoming is flat-lined.

Personally I think I could handle a technical explanation of why it took up a lot of resources, or whatever the quote was. +Dave Besbris, we are not dummies. Maybe you could explain?

The whole thing still pisses me off. They ninja-killed it and then announced it's death after the fact in a "well, no one was using it" kind of way.
Fascist move if you ask me. Google minus 1 for this.

But is it dead? Is there a way for us to reinstate it? I'm a geek but not techy enough to know what we can do to get it reinstated. Anyone have any ideas/
I'm going to speculate a lot here. Google has a lot of bight people who make things work fast while still keeping resource consumption manageable. E.g., Google Instant, that Bing and Yahoo cannot match. Fast rerouting on maps, which I think Bing and Yahoo (and Mapquest) can now just barely match, but could not for a long time. Real-time multiuser document editing with single-character granularity which, so far as I can tell, nobody else provides. Ten-user video conferencing that nobody else can provide. And now, Google Plus.

To do all this, Google must carefully manage resources such that it provides services that its competitors cannot while still keeping resource usage economical. Anybody can provide real-time response at high cost if they don't mind losing billions of dollars every year. Doing it while still remaining profitable is much harder.

So I expect that Google will keep fine-tuning Google Plus such that we get features that, in the long run, will let Google Plus pay for itself. That means keeping resource consumption within limits and pruning features that cost too much in resources.

So you will see Google Plus add more real-time features that Google thinks Facebook will be unable to match but which Google is able to efficiently provide.

But some things will have to go which have less competitive value and are expensive to provide, and I suppose Incoming was one of those. I don't know why Incoming would be more costly than anything else in the stream. They have to follow a long chain of permissions in any case. There may be some subtlety that I'm missing.

It's too bad that Google is so secretive, not only about things that would benefit the competition, which is understandable, but also about things that would benefit its users, which is less understandable.
+Bob O`Bob, regarding your question "How can it be . . . a massive resource hog, when it still works just fine on Android?", things may take plenty of resources on the server side, and then your device just receives text from the server and formats it for display.
My point is that, if they removed it from browsers because it was a resource hog on the back end, why does it still exist at all?
The most likely explanation I can think of is that the server will keep feeding Incoming to the mobile apps until all the mobile apps in the field have been upgraded to gracefully handle a missing or empty Incoming stream. And then it will be switched off. Given the varying rates at which the apps get upgraded on people's mobile devices, it's probably a big challenge for Google to make major changes on the server side without breaking anybody's Gooogle Plus mobile app. The Incoming stream was not just one more Circle, so I'm sure it is hard-coded in the apps.

This is another example of where Google is secretive even when there is no competitive advantage to being so. They could have explained the situation better so we all would not have to guess so much. Cynically, it could be that they want to give us something to discuss on Google Plus. This entire discussion would not exist if Incoming had not been discontinued.
+Rahul Dhesi But how much of a resource hog is it when G already know the number, the id's and the circles of the people who have added you? It's should over-simplistically be just a different select from data already known. I think when +Dave Besbris talked of cost of the feature it's more likely to be the ongoing code cost - requirement to debug, provide user support for confusion, regression test that it still works when other features are rolled out etc. If it is a resource hog, then it's very likely so is any circle.

Must confess I'm a little disappointed at the lack of ongoing conversation about this - it feels very one-sided in here, compared to, say, the excellent dialogue we had over on Yonatan's post regarding the naming policy. If there is a good reason Incoming cannot be, I am sure many of us would like to help explore ways to have a similar functionality that is more productive than the current ugly hack: Check Circles, sorted by not yet in circles, then check individual's pages one at a time.
+Matt Holmes, I think you intended to plus-mention me and got Rahul Joshi instead.

If we allow posting to extended circles, we have to follow the directed graph of circles to every person in the extended circle, and see who is logged in, and send them the posting. Extended circles can be large (max 5000 * 5000 = 25 million), so there must be quite a bit of overhead in following the outgoing directed graph of circles. We also have to check individual permissions along the way, as if a person keeps his circles private, then we don't want to follow him as a link in an extended circle. And since the directed graph can contain cycles, we have to remember every single node we have already seen, so we don't loop forever.

If we propagate postings only along paths on which we have bidirectional circling, the set of people in the extended circles becomes much smaller, greatly reducing the processing needed for each posting. Maybe by a factor of 100.

And requiring bidirectional circling eliminates Incoming.

I am building data structures in my head in real-time as I type this, so please take the above with a pinch of salt.

Edit: If the above analysis is correct, then that explains why Google has not given us more details -- because obviously they don't want Facebook to know what their internal data structures look like.
+Rahul Dhesi You're correct. Edited :)

Must confess I absolutely didn't consider Extended circles. I can see how that could change it somewhat. Though extended circles on incoming is probably only a check of visibility to a specific post - not so different from viewing publically, or having someone circled.
But of course I've no idea of the actual internals and performance bottlenecks :)
How I miss the incoming stream. Just now a guy added me and sent a message saying he's new and would like to make friends here. I didn't circle him back because I don't know enough about him to know if he's interesting, which is what I usually do, but then today I got this feeling of how much I might be missing out without being able to know what people who've circled me are talking about.
I'm surprised there is still the possibility to comment on here...

I for one would love to see incoming back on the desktop, it was a great way to discover new people. More than anything, what's the point of posting to "extended circles" if this feature is off?
I see that Incoming has gone in the latest release of the Android G+ app.

I'm sticking with the previous version.
I used the 'Incoming' feature on my Android app daily. I don't like 'What's Hot', and I'm sad to see my Android app become less useful to me. Also on in the Android app, posts in my circles are not showing up, but I can see them from a PC's browser...
Well, with the Incoming stream gone from mobile too, I guess any and all organic growth to my circles is dead. I almost feel sorry for those that add me to circles after this. I'll never see anything they post, I'll never interact with them on their posts, and there's a near zero chance I'll ever add them back.

The two way street of interaction here on Google+ is dead. Brilliant move, +Google+.
I wouldn't call it a brilliant move, but it's definitely a good business strategy to keep the server-side overhead low. This way Google Plus can grow at its own pace without consuming so many resources that Google is under pressure to monetize it immediately.
so, +Dave Besbris , are you and the others planning to get rid of "extended circles" as an option for sharing, too? I don't see the point, after this...
There have been multiple shares recently about the update to the Android app that shipped this week. It did remove Incoming, and there have been many relevant comments. Personally, I have refused the update on my tablet, and most importantly the Incoming stream is still working today on the previous version of the app

I suggest that folks interested in the return of Incoming seek out those threads and make your feelings visible at least with some +1s, if not also comments. Opposed viewpoints? Hey, if that's how you feel, then you too, the more the merrier.

Not just that one thread, also I suggest using the Ripples feature to find re-shares, many of which also have strong comment threads. I've stated my opinion in several of them, but limited myself quite a bit. Don't want to be accused of abusing comment threads...

Also, for those who let their Androids update, there is still the m-dot link, though it's awkward to use, it is accessible through browsers:
The IncStream is still available in the iOS Google+ app. Needless to say, if an update appears, I won't be installing it. ...And yes, just what is the point of keeping Extended Circles as a posting option with no Incoming Stream?
I suppose the more general question is why Google+ can't make it easier for us to discover interesting content from people who follow us but who we don't follow yet? Having to hunt through people's profiles individually or to probe through the Circles interface seems quite ungooglish this way. The "What's Hot" filter is not the answer to this question - that just tells us what popular in general. +Google+, we need an "Interesting Stuff from Extended Circles" filter. Take it from there.
In an earlier comment, I estimated that the presence of the Incoming stream might increase the processing cost of postings to Extended Circles by as much as a factor of 100. And I further concluded that the reason you still see the Incoming stream on your mobile application is to allow time for all users to update the application to a newer release that can gracefully cope with an empty or missing Incoming feed.

So I predict that those of you who are not updating your copy of the Google Plus application will soon find that the incoming feed is gone anyway.

Posting to Extended Circles has never made any sense to me. Doing so will send a posting to people you cannot identify, s such postings can't contain any confidential information anyway. If you are going to do that, you might as well just make the posting Public and make it accessible to an even greater number of people.

The concept of Extended Circles came from the older social networks (Orkutz and I think Friendster) and i think Facebook just copied it and later so did Google Plus. I think they had this naive idea that people one hop away from you (in extended circles, friends-of-friends, etc.) are somehow worthy of your trust. I don't think that works well in practice, as people you know often trust untrustworthy people.
We're only 4 messages from the 500 limit here, any chance of an update for us all +Dave Besbris?
I'm still missing the incoming stream. It was hard to explain +Roy Charles that the posts he send to "extended circles" will most likely never be seen. It's hard to organize all the new people who circle me every day. I've got beter things todo than clicking on every profile.
+Matt Holmes: Sure. I'm still reading this thread and listening to your suggestions. I can't comment on what we may or may not do in the future--we as a rule don't speculate on upcoming changes. I can only tell you that you have been heard loud and clear.

As for lowering the value of "Extended Circles", it actually doesn't change the way that works at all. Posts shared with people in your Extended Circles, but whom you didn't also have in a circle directly never showed up in Incoming. The way it used to work was that Incoming contained posts shared directly with you or shared to "Extended Circles" or "Your Circles" by people who who had you in a circle but for whom you did not have them in a circle. See...clear as mud :)

The typical use of Extended Circles as a share target is as a "softer public". Great for those posts you want broad engagement on, but don't really want publicly available on the internet to everyone in the world, including crawlers.
I'm glad that you all have continued listening to us. It's really all I ask. I hope to see some form of this function returned soon!
Thank you for that much, +Dave Besbris
However, as I mentioned to +Natalie Villalobos last night in a related thread, for Google representatives to refuse to say even one more word beyond "we've heard" can most easily be taken by the reader as a dismissal. At a minimum, I suggest you negotiate with whoever made this executive decision for permission to add "action is planned."

Also this thread has shown us many examples of the continued confusion over what Incoming is in the first place so I think Google needs to recognize that a major contributor to the confusion and the claimed lack of use has to have been deficiencies in the documentation and tutorials.

Per +Hugh Messenger "As for "What's Hot", I'm sorry, but that's still a joke. It's almost all memes and reshares which I'm already tired of seeing in my stream anyway. I could almost use it as the basis of a filter for "things not to show in my stream""

... I would like to formally make that a feature request.

Fortunately the Incoming stream still works just fine on my tablet, since I have refused the latest app update. I'm using it more consistently now, given that it could quit working any second. I'm pleased to say I'm finding more interesting people specifically through Incoming almost every day. It was a great function, even if it really was little-used. Please bring it back, under any name.
+Dave Besbris +Natalie Villalobos following Dave's suggestion that we use "What's Hot" and the "greatly improved" friend suggestions to somehow replace the functionality of the Incoming stream, I've been paying some attention to those features. A typical day at the top of my "suggested users" list features people who don't even have Google+ accounts, or are obviously 'dead' profiles, and no indication at all of why I might be interested in these people, leaving me once again to go and individually delve in to their Public output.

As for "What's Hot", I'm sorry, but that's still a joke. It's almost all memes and reshares which I'm already tired of seeing in my stream anyway. I could almost use it as the basis of a filter for "things not to show in my stream", rather than a way of finding new and interesting content / people.

Nothing as yet on offer replaces the very simple and direct purpose of the Incoming stream, which was to see the output of people who have us circled, to help us make decisions about which ones to circle back. Pretty please can we have Incoming back?
Should have kept the URL and functionality, even if not offering/keeping a UI piece to it.
Jenny A
I used the incoming to keep an eye on what people were posting to see if they were worth adding to my circles. Now that it's gone, I don't circle anyone unless they have some people in common.

As for the feature of "not yet in my circles" I never use it because it's not a good way to search for people to add.
I've also heard that some of you were using the "Incoming" stream to find people who added you to their circles so you can add them back.
I was using incoming stream to also assess their post quality and add them if they were good. 
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