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9 new features in Google+ for Android

1. Auto Awesome Stories now combine your photos, videos and the places you visit into beautiful travelogues. You can read more at

2. Auto Awesome Movies are now available on Android, iOS and the web, so lots more people will receive highlight reels of their photos and videos. Here’s one example:

3. You can now create animated GIFs and photobooth-style images on demand. Just tap the new plus button in Photos, and select either Motion or Mix.

4. Really big photo libraries are now supported on Android, so you can access your many thousands of photos quickly and easily.

5. You can now browse your entire photo library, as well as your highlights, by date. Just drag the new scroll bar to move forwards or backwards in time.

6. Profiles now display total content views on both Android and the web. (You can choose to show or hide this number via settings.)

7. A new navigation menu makes it easier to switch between your favorite circles and communities, as well as other places in the app.

8. It’s a lot easier to share content from your phone or tablet. To give it a try, just tap the new pencil icon at the bottom right of the stream.

9. The app menu now slides away as you move down the stream, letting posts fill the entire screen.

Look for the new app as it rolls out gradually to Google Play (, and let us know what you think!

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Sounds great! Can't wait to try this out!
But we still can't have a "Manual" awesome?
Just give us the tools and allow us to decide when to use them!
+John VanRoekel We are adding more Manual Awesome features with this release, such as Motion and Mix. 
Sweet, but more importantly, thank you +Dave Besbris for being the go-to on this. It's been a bit frustrating playing the "which member of the Google+ team is going to announce today's update" game. Nice to have a reliable source. Off to play with these new features :) Have a great day!
Oh, it is all android exclusive.
Never-mind.  Not my monkey, not my problem.
Looking forward to trying out all the new toys!
Its 7am in Cali and not even Wednesday 😱. I'm not sure what happen to 'Update Wednesday' but this is fine with me! 😎 Its also cool to know the G+ update leaks from awhile back were right on the money..
Liz C
These sound great. Looks like only one is available for iOS, looking forward to when the rest will appear!
They are working on getting the blog up, hit a small snag. :)
I love you guys, I really do. I'd like to see you do well with G+.  But my honest opinion is that you really don't have a clue what you're doing with user experience. Sorry to not lie and give happy-fun-only bullshit feedback.  But what I do know...
Great news, +Dave Besbris Now I really must get more awesome into my life and embrace Android. :-)
Great move showing that no one is abandoning Google Plus. Thanks Google Plus team!
They said Google+ is dead. Techcrunch please confirm ;-) New functions are great! 
+Dave Besbris Please, please, PUH-LEASE make it possible for us to organize our photo albums by other than date created, even just alphabetically will do.
Great to see that google plus is still alive and kicking at google
Neat update! Can't wait to grab it on my Nexus 5 :) I hope the next updates will be less Photo-focused and will be more about the UI and core-functionality of Google+, yet I'm not disappointed at all with this one :D 
These changes had to have been in place/scheduled/worked on prior to +Vic Gundotra leaving.  Does Google really ever push changes this quickly? It's always taken them forever to roll-on the most minor of changes.

I can't see that this is an indicator of anything related to potential G+ changes within Google's executive management.

To suggest it's a sign of anything seems pretty short-sighted. 
+Dave Besbris Sir,
Really happy with the update..

But I would like you to understand that only upgrading the photos section of +Google+ will not help.

We should change our focus from competing with other social network to making +Google+ a better place for the people in general.

Please consider +Google+ as your baby, it is worth a lot more.
Being an ardent fan of +Google I am sad to hear the rumour that +Google+ is losing its importance in the Co. Itself. Please put these rumours to rest.
+Dave Besbris congrats! Care to debug the random scroll back to top while scrolling down reading old unread post in G+ app for Android?

It's frustrating to be constant scrolling down to read where I read last due to G+ keeps pushing me back to top of the stream.

This is on Nexus 5 running vanilla Android 4.4.2.
I'd like to to make a desperate plea to have the functionality of change #5 implemented for profiles.  I have 3 years of posts.  I would really like to go back to any time.  The web version  implementation of Photos with the calendar needs to be on my profile.
+Dave Besbris awesome! As always, I have to wait a week or two for me getting the staged roll out.

Keep up the good work! :)

Wait, wait, I thought Google+ was supposed to be on its way out? I'm confused now, +TechCrunch.
+Dave Besbris I guess that the big question now is when non-chrome users can hope to see some of this.
Is sharing from Photos / Google+ to the Facebook app fixed yet?
+Dave Besbris One down. . .
Is it available manually?

Edit Never-mind that requires either android or iOS.  So not available at all to me
Second edit: Also available to the web, but still not manual.
Now just add muting you own post in app too, it used to be there but was removed some updates ago
I am just guessing Google has saved so many 'weapons' to be used on other tech giants' product announcement days. ;)
+Dave Besbris Do the "stories" have a collaborative functionality? Can various photographers add their photos?
Thanks +Dave Besbris
Can't wait to get it on my tablet and phone...
BTW, Any plans to add #Chromecast support on this app in the near future?
I would so love to be able to cast pictures or those upcoming stories in the living room...
+Nikita Remez "Stories" are "auto" You don't even collaborate with google.  They just do stuff with your content.  If you like it, cool.  If not. . .
+Nikita Remez Which isn't true?  That link doesn't appear to contradict anything I have said.
Edit, Ah, It is available for the web.  Good catch.  I will edit the above.
Looks great. Thanks Google+, love to be here! 
+John VanRoekel You can edit totally your "Stories". Read carefully the part "View or edit your stories"
I still think +Dave Besbris and I are related or something... Come on, now! Not a common last name, lol!
+Nikita Remez you can remove sections.  You cannot add or change. That is less "editing" and more "redacting"
Nice update. Still want more manual control of auto awesome features... like pick 20-30 pics and videos, let you do your thing, then tweak. Rather than shoot and HOPE you decide to create a movie with the right stuff. 
+Dave Besbris looks great, have you considered a way to collaboratively Auto Awesome, eg. my wife and I can select pics/vids we'd want in an Auto Awesome and put them in a shared repository from our respective Androids  
Please close the gap and give the photos section the missing Chromecast support. 
+Dave Besbris absolutely great features creating G+ a real tool for life.
But please you for these essential missing features:
1) ability to publicly (optionally) publish photos without detected faces (even unknown) while my family gets the whole album,
2) exif time photo/video sorting!!! Otherwise an album is nothing but mess,
3) creating awesome video from a lot of photos is really great but slow, please make manual photo sorting faster,
4) later post permission change (when changing ask a user if he want to retain the permissions for removed users from circles),
5) ability anyone (optionally) can add photos to my album
106) make G+ more friendly for photos/videos copied from a real photo camera through Wi-Fi (it's really great to directly share professional photos without a need of a PC).

Thank you for your great work
Great update
Finally they removed that horrible black stripe
This is great! It would be cool if Stories could combine a number of users' photos for a "Party Mode" type of Story, someday in the future.
+Dave Besbris when I screenshot it puts two copies in my ALL section in photos. One put in cloud and the original. This didn't use to happen before so is there anyway there can be a quick patch for that? 
+Dave Besbris The red solid bar at the top doesn't disappear when you are scrolling within a post. IMO, it'll look better if it did. Overload of red otherwise. 😞
Like it a lot! The transition from the Red bar to transparent on a profile page is beautiful. 
Does anyone know more about this feature - It’s a lot easier to share content from your phone or tablet? Can I now share a Google+ post to another app on my phone or tablet? I've been wanting to do that for ages. It would be cool to share a post with the Pinterest app or to LinkedIn, Buffer or Facebook.
Is this new update only compatible with KitKat OS? I've tried to install the 4.4 apk with no luck.
Hopefully this fixes the "video can't be viewed" issues. That's my biggest complaint with G+. Especially if you're trying to attract new users, then they're met with upload issues, why would they continue to use it? 
+Dave Besbris  I am in love with the new Google+ Photos! Everything looks good! I just have 2 things to say: When Chromecast support? :D and...

7. A new navigation menu makes it easier to switch between your favorite circles and communities, as well as other places in the app.

It differs for all other Google Android apps. Not looking bad, just different :)

Anyway, keep up the good work!

By the way, Auto Awesome Stories should be nice to be incorporated for Photos and Videos shared in G+ Events.
+Dave Besbris Reading back over this, I realize that I am sliding into negativity.  I guess that my beef is that when google has more control over my data than I do, it is no-longer "my" data.  As a guiding principle, there should never be a change that google has the ability to make to my data, that I do not also posses.
I know that google wants to encourage people to store things on your HDDs rather than on their own HDDs, but driving home the idea that this gives you more control than it gives us drives a lot of us in the other direction.
I would love to be able to make a video from an album.
+Dave Besbris +Matias Duarte

+Google please make all of your apps with the same design. If your own apps can't follow some design guidelines, why do you expect other developers to do so? Also I wouldn't mind transparent status bar and buttons on the nexus. (OH WAIT, NEXUS LINE IS GOING TO END 😨)
Sounds great on paper, can't wait to try it out!
What I'd really love is if I could sort the "people who have you in circles" category by date they added you, not just by name or relevance. Would make it easier to review who you want to add back.
+Bas Keetelaar Because the UI / UX of this application is complete disaster. Tons of unnecessary effects, autohidding toolbars and similar stupid teenager candyeyes, but usability is poor.
Good job, but I want trending topic to Spain
Why google? why?? where is the slideout menu, Google? always changing things!
Staged rollout with opt-in would be the way to go....
This update is awesome. The new UI is a true improvement. Hope it migrates to other Google Apps
This is quiet a large collection of google + employee's here. Please withdraw G+ from youtube. Thank you.
+Dave Besbris - Will manual awesome features be available on the Web version of G+?  I'd like to be able to create, edit, and get notified of "Auto Awesome" videos via the web browser, not just on my Android devices.

Plus, it's easier to edit on the web using the mouse, and more screen real estate?  

Thanks for all of the other updates!  But where is the Hamburger slide out menu???
+Dave Besbris, Such good news to see you keep investing in Google+.

We'd like to have rich text abilities so Google+ can be a micro blogging platform. 
I very much regret signing in to comment I didn't know I would get a notification for every single comment afterward.
+Dave Besbris  Another UI change? at the time developers are slowly implementing slide-out navigation bar. +Sundar Pichai your great android team has brought in another interface change. This is height of inconsistency and the new small drop down, many would not even notice it :( sad  +Matias Duarte are you seriously at helm in designing & changing these UI??  +Larry Page android is not another beta product from Google to keep on experimenting with the interface hope you and your team realize this.
Missing the slide-in menu, this makes some functions hard to reach.
especially fotos, locations & events. And where is the Locals function or even a check-in function for writing reviews and anything else?
Please let us localize a batch of pictures at once. It will let storys be even better.
+Dave Besbris The loss of the navigation drawer makes it quite a bit more tedious to find your way around. Does Google really want users to relearn UI paradigms on an annual basis?
nice. fingers crossed that album sharing becomes real (real soon)
This update is much welcomed! Looking forward to more auto-awesomeness.
I wish the Android app wouldn't randomly reset me to the top of my stream every so often, causing me to start over scrolling. (No, I'm not hitting "refresh" or "see new posts".) Please fix this bug.
Chromecast support for photos is sorely missed!!
+Natalie Mootz we think we fixed that with this release. If you still see it, please send feedback from inside the app.
While I like the Stories and the way the menu is arranged (the collapsing and expanding Circles and Communities is very nice) I am not a fan of  this new trend of having things slide in and out as I scroll up and down.  It is a neat effect, but I feel out of control and it is a bit unnerving.  Most often, I might scroll back up and don't need to see the menu bar come down to meet me.  And when I am scrolling down the page again, I don't need to see that red pen circle every time.  I just want to scroll up and down the page.  Let me take some affirmative action when I want to go fetch something from the menu or refresh the page.  I would rather have something permanent that I could grab or tap rather than full-screen immersion that requires all the sliding.  
The stories feature is really cool, but it would be even cooler if it put pictures with the date headings correctly.  Seeing my birthday pictures that I uploaded from Android being marked as the days after my birthday kind of defeats the purpose.  I'm guessing its using the upload date, and not the actual date in the JPEG metadata.  
+Dave Besbris I can't see the Awesome stories section in the G+ app, I can only see it through the web, is that normal? Anyone else? Thanks! Great update!
+Dave Besbris any particular reason why white background is used as opposed to immerse dark background where photo pops.
+Dave Besbris, is there a way (or could you add a way) to share by link, same like we can with a photo album? Those with the direct link can visit to view? And thank you for all these awesome features/updates/work you keep adding for us :)
Is it possible to create a story from any album or do we start from an automatically proposed story? I seem I can't find how to create a story from an album.
I found one auto-created. I clicked it and it froze in the Chrome browser tab (never loaded, "book" icon just kept flipping pages).

I closed the browser and re-opened it but the auto-created travel story is gone. POOF!
You may have been able to do this before but for sure you can now take advantage of KitKat's native printing
+Dave Besbris something many of us have been requesting for a long while is having the ability to mute our own posts directly from the app. Will that be in the update? :(

EDIT: nope, it's not :((
Constructive criticism:
The next-page button should not relocate between the first and second pages.  That is just bad UI design. Nail it to the right side (where it ends up) and be done with it.
+Dave Besbris : Removing the slide out left menu makes most of the actions need more slides or clicks. Please bring back the slide out left menu. It was super handy and easy. Imagine Gmail app without the slide out left menu? It's horrible and so is it with Google+. 
+Danielle Buckley Speaking of communities...if I post a picture to a public community, I don't care if someone views the picture IF they happen to be in that community.  BUT please don't post the picture in my Photos section so people see it Even if they never go to that Community.  :)
Hey, +Dave Besbris this picture showed up because people +1 shared it (which I hate) and Google+ won't let me mute it.
By the way, +Dave Besbris. After seeing and using stories, the thing I want the most are collaborative stories. I want Google+ to take not only my photos but also those of my friends who were also there, and create a story from everyone's best photos. Now that would be awesome.
Sean S
When I share a story publicly and try to view it while logged out, I get a page that says "unable to load story" and a "try again" button.
The story was created from an album that was shared privately.  The story was shared publicly.

Also, I'm getting two versions of the same Story.
On my desktop, I edited my Story by adding and removing a few photos.  After I share the Story, I get the edited version on desktop but in mobile, I'm seeing the pre-edited version, which contains photos I did not want to include in the story.  

'll also use the send feedback tool to report the bug.
Thanks for the update!
BUT you still cannot add photos to an event from the app? WHY?? PLS!!!
The app is overall fantastic. The new features are very impressive. I don't like how the removed swiping from the left to bring in the menu. It is a bit tougher to navigate. 
Sean S
Thanks for moving the search function from the bottom of the slide out menu and adding it to the top of the stream.
It would be nice if you could lightly highlight the post creator in the comments section. 
1.) AutoAwesome Stories does not allow to manually add photos from your existing G+ photos to the story. What if it picks the wrong pictures or if the most important one is missing?
2.) AutoAwesome Stories does not allow to manually create a story from ground. If G+ does decide not to create a story, than you're done.
3.) The Photos App is now not aligned to the actual G+ App from a design standpoint. It is still based on the old look and feel of G+, which shows the old profile page and still uses the drawer. Inconsitency! Awk!
4.) Switching to your own profile page on the Android App is a little bit difficult to find and also introduces another style change. Some more inconsistency. Awk2! Who is in charge of design here?
5.) Still missing all of the highly requested advance photo management options like:
- Photo collections/subsets based on Gmail tagging technology
- Free album/collection order
- Shared albums (other than Events)
- Consistent copy/move functions
- Tagging in general
- Mass update function for Geotags
- A logical workflow for AutoBackup
6.) Photos slowly starts to get messy or confusing. There are too many categories like: Stories, Auto Awesome, Videos, which has basically nothing to do with Photos.
I'd actually say the new navigation menu makes it HARDER to switch/find things. Part of it is just UI familiarity, the other is that since it's at the top of the screen, you have to reach up (so for big phones, this can be an issue) instead of across (always shorter distance for phones).

Bring back the nav drawer (hamburger menu)!
Where is the MARK AS READ feature for posts?
Sean S
I like the new navigation menu layout.  Much better than the previous version.  But I miss the slide out menu.  By habit, I kept pressing my profile photo at the top left thinking that a slide out menu was going to open.   
The stories are very cool. I would really like to be able to manually add albums or photos to a story, or select an album and have it turned into a story, since so far my automatically generated stories are ignoring most of my non-mobile photos, which are the bulk of my photography that I wish to share. 

But great work so far! I love this update.
+Dave Besbris, when you create and publicly share your Stories, do the photos/videos in it get copied to a public album or do the permissions on the original auto backup photo get changed? Since you can receive comments on the photos/videos, I was wondering where to go to see them when you're not viewing the travelogue -- Go to the original auto backups or look for an album created for it?
Surprised the hamburger navigation is nowhere to be seen. Hopefully this isn't the new standard.
Is it possible to create Auto Awesome movies from the desktop? What about manual motion/mix from the desktop?
It would be nice to be able to generate Auto Awesome Stories from [already curated] Albums.
Is it just something I'm missing or is there no longer any way to jump straight to Hangouts from within the new Google+ app?

Lots of changes to get used to. My initial impression is this is a huge step backwards - hopefully that opinion will change with some more usage.
Great new features - especially the Stories.
+Dave Besbris  please add "share this post" button so that i can share the post i like with other friends who are not much active on google plus ... just like twitter for android . Clicking on the link should open g+ app to see the post. 
For example (when i share a post with whatsapp users .. it should apper as below) :

9 new features in Google+ for Android
+Dave Besbris the everything tab is not consistent though... Doesn't always show when i scroll down..!!! Needs a fix
Why no transparent status and navigation bar? :(
Wait gradually? HAH, this is android! We got apks son! Lol. 
+Graigoree Jones I recall earlier this year someone uncovering Chomecast code inside Google+ APK. Hopefully it is a matter of time...
guy yak
+Dave Besbris ¦ thought i wanted your job but not anymore ¦ you will never make everybody happy ¦ oh the inhumanity of feedback ||
Can't wait for this update I'm stuck on 4.2.1
+Nick Miller you can get it right now. Just search "Google+ apk" and search for the Android police post. 
For auto awesome stories, what about using photos of more than one person?
+Kyle Petzinger I was hoping for the same when I saw Movies listed "for the web" but I haven't been able to find a way to create them like you can on Android Nexus devices
+Dave Besbris when will a manual auto awesome movie be made available? By this description it's here in this these but i can't seem to find it. Before I got a new phone I was able use it and loved nothing?
When I am looking at someone's profile, I like the way in which the top bar becomes red from transparent.
WOW, Thank +Dave Besbris , Auto Awesome Stories are really awesome. I only hope that Photo editor can work in some time on Firefox too.
+Dave Besbris I don't know if this has been mentioned or maybe it's just me, but on my profile page the photos tab fails to load. I will submit a screenshot through the feedback menu.
I just noticed that the #stories  entry appeared in my Photos menu...
I only browsed for now (I'll have a closer look tonight at home) but wow it's just mindblowing...
Congrats +Dave Besbris and Team!

A quick question. I once participated in an event which lasted 3 days. I got 3 stories for it (one per day).
I suppose that he thing that triggered this is that I went back home every night.
Is there a way to merge those 3 stories in a single one?

Thanks in advance
I have to disagree about ease of posting on mobile. The pen icon only appears when you first open the app - once you are scrolling through the feed the icon disappears and with it the option to share anything. Unless I'm missing something!
+Dave Besbris  love the story feature but kind of sad my March family trip to disney didn't get auto storied. Is there a limit to the album size for a story (had about 900 pictures in the album) ? is the system still cranking out a backlog of stories? 
Thanks +Matt Katzenberger - I thought I'd tried everything to find the thing, but you're right, that does the trick!
Now how about a way to turn off the spam notifications about pictures being automatically uploaded?
+David Lawrence I believe that is available.
Overflow button (three dots)>settings>your account>notifications>scroll to photos section>uncheck photos added from auto backup.
+Dave Besbris Can you please clarify what is meant by: "2. Auto Awesome Movies are now available on Android, iOS and the web...

My friend has a Galaxy S4 and he can't create auto awesome movies.  Is it still only available for a few select devices?  Can you create movies in the web interface?  Is there more information you have on this?
+Ben Petro AA Movies are now automatically created server side and given to all clients. Creating them manually however is still not yet available on all devices.
Thanks for clarifying +Dave Besbris, fantastic work with Stories! Looking forward to seeing more functionality - and printable books ;-) - added in there soon.
+Dave Besbris first of all Stories are amazing. I spent my entire after-work time on them yesterday.

One little little piece of feedback: you can't seem to be able to add autoawesome movies as moments to stories. Only "raw" video. Maybe worth looking into it? ;)

Thanks again for this awesomeness!
- Google+ Stories automatically combine photos, videos and the places you visit into beautiful trip summaries
- Create animated GIFs and photo booth-style images on demand
- A new navigation menu makes it easier to explore the app
- A new, fluid way to create posts
- Start a Hangout with, or:

 *get driving directions to friends who appear on your Locations map*

- View total content views on profiles
- Additional bug fixes and performance improvements

I don't seem to find any way to be able to *get Driving Directions to Contacts shown on my Location Map*...  Anyone (or +Dave Besbris ) care to add comment or clarity?
Nazty nazty red barziz, we hatzez itz :(
+Patrick Rice, in location, select a contact on the map, then swipe their name at the bottom to the left. It's hidden in there.
Has the Check In feature dissapeared fom the latest update?
Excellent, thanks +Dave Besbris.
Please could we have better control over what appears under the Photos tab on the desktop?
Photos at present takes you to an area which looks like a garage sale, with a very random selection in prime place. It's a shambles and given the visual nature of this platform , really needs improvement.
I would like to be able to choose what I want to be displayed, at present we have no control at all. Thanks and good luck!
Hi +Joe Wehry yes I found that but wasn't sure if that was it. It seems odd to reduce it to that. It's gone from front and centre to a minor add on. Will still use it though. Thanks again for your help. 
Disappointed that we still can't share Google+ posts to other apps using the inbuilt sharing facility. All other apps do it, so I really don't understand why Google don't have this facility within Google+. It would be useful to send a G+ post to the likes of Pinterest or Facebook. 
+Sean Durrant definitely, and the Android sharing facility was built by Google. It is one of the great things about Android (iOS doesn't offer it for example). Do you think it is a deliberate ommission? 
+Joe Wehry I prefer to be here on Google+, but the majority of my friends are on Facebook. However, I am more interested in occasionally sharing G+ posts to Pinterest or send by email or save to Evernote or Pocket. I can share to Evernote by creating a circle with my Evernote email but I am not sure that works on the mobile app because I don't think you can also send an email to the circle members. There isn't a way to share to Pinterest this way because there is no Pinterest write API. 
Ok.. after severall hours with the new UI, i find this is a huge step backwards.
The Burger-Menu offered an "easy to reach-navigation" to all Functions and settings of an app. Now you must take further more steps to do what u want. Hardly to say that many other Apps inside and outside from Google integrated the Burger-Menu and build up a consistant design-language for Android-Apps and now they throw all over board... :-(
+Dave Besbris, Few hours spent with the new app. But didnt find integration with hangout app. Possibly yet to figure that out. The auto awesome choice is something was waiting for since autoawesome was launched. Story is a good addition too.
Any ideas on why on the Galaxy S5 the stream will auto refresh and also take the reader to the top of the feed...

Feedback sent.. Happens on S5 and Nexus 7
I would like Google+ to be deletable ownself-private photography.
After the update all of my previous autoawesome movies are gone! That was the feature I really liked. How can I get them back?
I am also having a problem where I get the "Unable to Load Story" message with a try again button when I try to view a story that was shared with me. I am able to load my own story from my recent vacation, but I am not able to view the story that my boyfriend made with the photos he took. I reported the issue to google through feedback. Any idea how to make this work?
This is really a cool feature. I've being wracking my brain trying to figure something out. My backed up photos that were originally in Picasa are now all migrated to Google+. Pictures that I took years ago with a camera with no GPS in it, are used in "Stories" such as "trip to Vegas". One story even showed a map with where I traveled from and to. How does it know location information? The only thing I can think of, is it has combined location information from my phone that correspond to the time date stamp of my photos. Anyone?
U are right. If there is no GPS, they try to use your location even if u use the same Google account. Also Google+ can locate photos by things that are on the photos... Like the Eiffel tower liberty state or something else
Love it, but like the photo album feature, it's missing a very important option, that being a "Create" or "New" button/menu/item/choice/option. 

> > > > > > NEEDS A "CREATE A NEW STORY" OPTION. < < < < < <

The feature is awesome and fun and visually exciting. And yes, having it detect changes in my GPS tendencies is a convenience. But what if you want your "story" to start BEFORE you leave? Like, for example, saying goodbye to people before the trip. If you could add photos, that would be great, or show traveling short distances before the big trip. Finally, Google Plus has something to offer that might make people WANT to use it, something that will drive people to G+ happily. Why ruin that by not giving users the control to define when the story begins and ends?
+Marcel Soika I had considered the identifiable landmarks. That would not explain how it knew I traveled to there as opposed to living there. It must be that it combines location information from your device that's tracking location information with the dates and times of the photos. 
+Dave Besbris i am unable to view my previous stories! :( what do you think has to be done to view it? O.o
I have uploaded loads of pictures post my travel, not just one, 4 - 5 travels, all o fthem presnet in google+ autobackup, but it failed to create stories.

Later i thought it might be that i have to create an album for them, so i did that, despite that there were no stories created. 

Later i moved them all to google drive but still it did not create stories. 

Yes all of these were tried with a time gap of a week between each other. 

Is there a limit on storys that a user can have ? I can see just one story in my account, hence this question.
Where do we direct our queries / wishlist of features?
Reading through many people are echoing the issues I've had all day....
Been to a festival for 3 days, want to create 1 singular story, but can't do it.  the stories function desperately needs an add button that works (it allowed me to add selected / random photos).  I've tried rebuilding and now my recent stories don't work at all!

Also, what's with the photo organisation?  It's really confusing to try and create albums, highlights are pointless.  Simplify the whole photo functionality please!!
I also get the "unable to load story" message ... can anyone tell me how to fix this?
And I got "unable to load story" and miss my album.
+john gerity Completely agree with John! it's an awesome feature but for example i removed a story by accident and now google isn't creating another one for me :/ tried a lot of stuff even deleted the album and reuploaded it all over again and still nothing :/... not really sure what else can I do.
how to down these stories on your local device ?
the stories function desperately needs an add button that works. I uploaded pictures from my camera, and could locate only a "story" and not an album, and wasn't able to add pictures from taken from my and my wife's phone. Rebuild option didn't work, and after I removed the story I wasn't able to locate the pictures. I am uploading the pictures again, now into a pre-created album that has pictures taken from my phones.
How is this function DISABLED???  I do NOT want automatic sharing of my pictures!!!!!  Who decided this was a desirable feature???  
+Essence Revealed​. It only automatically backs up. You have to manually share any backed up photos, or not.

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How does one locate their stories? At the moment I only find it when I get a notification on my mobile 
I give up...I created a story and apparently limited who can see it and NOWHERE can I find instructions on how to redo the sharing. I would redo the whole thing but that doesn't seem possible either
I fumbled around until I finally figured it out. I had limited it to 'friends' and finally figured out how to change it to public. I've also discovered this whole program is FAR more suited to tablets/phones. I can't do a lot of changing/editing when viewing on my desktop that is really easy on my tablet. For instance, it wasn't until I opened it on my android tablet that I was able to change 'friends' to 'public' viewing. there is no share button when viewing it on a desktop...not in Internet Explorer, at any rate. It also views a lot better on tablets/phones. Thanks for your help.
Does Google stories offer a printed photo book product? 
I just wonder story after google auto make, it is public automatically or not?
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