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My take on #cardboard  from I/O :)
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That box looks scared. I hope it finds its owner.
Ze Wong
Is there any spare to send to Australia? :P Or available via Play Store?
Perfect for the portraitist and flower guy of G+ (who's also in charge of it – minor detail). How did you get the holes cut out so neatly, +Dave Besbris?
I just made one with a ten dollar pair of binoculars, may not be perfect but it works and its flippin awesome!
I bet a cat would curl up in there. Yup.
I hope this spurs VR development as you guys have mentioned!
What did you do to scare the poor little guy, Dave?:P
Virtual reality apps already in Google Play Store
Dive City Rollercoaster
VR Spacewalk
Tuscany Dive

Google please sell #cardboard ;-)
Does it actually provide 3D experience by serving each eye with different picture? 
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