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OK. This is my 4th Public post. I need some help.

Has anyone had a Medtronic Neurostimulator installed in their spine? After 10 years of spinal surgeries, we're down to this as a final option to give me some relief from the pain coming out of my thoracic region. I'm researching the suggestion to have one implanted and thought I'd reach out to you G+ folk to see if anyone has any experience with this tool.
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I know at least one, and I think 2 people on Rav who have them. They seem to give a lot of relief, but I also know one of those women have had to have a couple procedures to move the electrodes around and stuff.
I may be thinking of the same person as Heather and Dan are, but there's one LSGer who had some kind of spinal stimulator put in a few years ago, and has had several tuneups.
Think that's the same person as I was thinking of, Alice
Check into your local chapter of the American Chronic Pain Association and talk to the people there. They will know all your local doctors and particularly the spinal surgery types.

In the meantime check out Cat's Claw, unicaria tormentosa. It really helps with the inflammation/pain and doesnt' destroy your gut or make you sleepy. It's also very affordable if you buy bulk powdered herb form to make tea with. It's not the best tasting stuff around but it's not horrible either.
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