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Hey! Google+ people. What the hell is wrong with you⁈ Some of us have older and less-than-perfect eyes. This grey-on-grey text thing isn't working out. AT ALL.

So do I just write everything in bold from now on? Or are you going to get past the "green screen" mentality of the early '80s and let us set our own colors? (_Hell, I'd even settle for amber at this point. grumblegrumble)
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I'm no fan of the gray on white either and I really dislike the black bar at the top. Would be nice to choose our own colors along with which items appear in that bar. I use "Sites" a lot and always have to go digging for it.
I agree with the comment text, and I have 20/20 vision! I don't mind the black bar, but I love the idea of being able to customize it.
I have really good eyes and htis grey on white shit...
Ditto on the decent (corrected) eyesight, and the Readability for g+ extension fixed it all right up.
I wish I could put it on this machine (which is way harder to read than my other one). But I can't afford to put anything extra on here or it will collapse under it's own weight.
Oooh, thanks for the tip. The extension helps a ton!
I want to know why Google keeps changing everything. Leave my freakin' G+, Gmail, and Google Calendar alone. I have things just the way I want them!
Why does this have to be only fixable on an extension in Chrome? WTF is so difficult about putting it in the options menu?
I have 3.0 reading glasses on and I still have problems reading the print
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