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Oh, I doubt it'll ever be fixed now that the Clean Water and Clean Air Act are almost gone.

Judging from my finger healing speed, it'll be another fortnight before I'm back in the knitting game. But it's coming along quite well.

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Uh oh, Florida Man, looks like you have competition.

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‹sigh› "Republicans say the plan's price tag and estimates of how many people it will cover aren’t really important."

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I've heard of them breaking into natural history museums for rhino and elephant horn, but this is damned brazen.

The International Women's Day demonstration in Petrograd on 8 March 1917 led to the overthrow of the tsar.

My bad. Koch Group opposed the ACA replacement plan because it only kicked ~10,000,000 off insurance. They want to see 20,000,000+ kicked off. WTF?

PAUL RYAN: OK, our plan to replace Obamacare is complete.
TRUMP: What should we call it?
PAUL RYAN: Murder?
TRUMP: That's way too obvious.
~Born Miserable via Twitter

Why is +Google+ adding extra steps to every screen action? Used to click the bell and see new replies. Now I click the bell, see a list of who replied, click on the person to go to the reply... WTFSM⁈
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