The Human Carpenter's Level

Yes... if you have a table or desk or deck that you want to make sure is level, for a small fee I'll come over and lay down on it, and you can check the position of the bubble in my eye ;-) 👀

The bubble is harmless. It's just left over air space after my surgeon filled the eye with silicone oil on Monday. My body will naturally fill the space with fluid over the next few days... but when Susie and I first saw it, we thought it looked pretty weird!

I'm spending all of this week stuck face down in hopes that the retina will take hold and stay attached. I'm told that I will likely have to leave the oil in permanently or risk detachment. However, since the oil emulsifies over time (forms opaque clumps), I will have to have periodic oil changes. (I'm not sure how many miles I can go between changes... ;-) )

The vision itself is pretty bad. The retina is very damaged. I can make out fingers if held in front of a bright light, but the image is very dark, distorted, and rotated. It's not the kind of thing that slowly gets better.
I really appreciate all of your continued prayers and encouragement. It means a lot to me!! I still have several months of healing and adjustment time to get through... but I'm not discouraged. There are many people who do just fine with one good eye (including a number of good friends).
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