Hey, This is NOT my Best Side!

I've been absent for G+ for quite a while. Many of you know about my eye injury a bit over a year ago. 7 surgeries later I'm still struggling with learning to use my left (non-dominant) eye, and keep the right covered (as it is very sensitive to light, but provides no usable vision). I've just been referred to a pain management neurologist to see if we can knock down the constant headache.

It's weird, I can't "see" things the same with the left eye. I can search for something in a room...not see it, and my wife will say "it's right THERE!".
I think it has also affected my ability to "see" things interesting to shoot. I know. Weird.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
I shot this butt while wandering around San Francisco with the awesome +Ron Clifford about 3 years ago (time sure flies!).

#SeagullButtsInDisguise (for other birds; a fine way to use up all those bird shots you took that are "not quite what you were shooting for" and currently languishing on your hard drive.)
#Gulluminati (what the group of non-curators have come to be know as)
#FunniestNonthemeOnGplus (because, isn't it?! … ;oD)
#Splatterday (Jasbir's invention, applicable for, ahem, some conditional shots … ;o7)
#SeagullButtSaturday #notatheme

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