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End of the Road
2012, Upper East Side, New York
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dobre zdjecie, takie z zycia wziete. az smutno patrzec na ludzkie pieklo i nedze.
+René Locher Several years ago, I had the privilege of serving on a homeless shelter board for several years and I learned that the majority of, if not all, homeless do not want to be homeless. Many homeless are mentally ill and/or on illegal drugs. And, recently, many of the mentally ill just cannot afford their medication. In the US, homelessness became a huge problem as the federal government during the Reagan administration reduced federal funding for mental health in the 80s and redirected this burden to the states. Many states could not afford (or did not care to) maintaining these facilities, so mental health facilities closed. And homelessness in the US escalated.

This is a beautiful photo and says more about us as a society than him. Granted he could be taking a nap and both of our points would be moot.
+Lana Horowitz You judged him when you wrote "Someone needs to wake his ass up, get him a meal and a shower at a shelter and one outfit from the salvation army to go job searching."
+Lana Horowitz I wondered about that given the second comment but sometimes humor is so hard to interpret online.
I think Chris Rock has a routine that the people you hate eventually end up in your family [or family tree.]
donde se esta mas agusto es en el sofa de tu casa quericooooooo
Me parece interesante el letrero "Free", me hace pensar es sólo libre para descansar o libre de las preocupaciones que se incrementan cada vez mas en nuestras vidas. Ese es un descanso real...Vivir cada día al máximo.
+Maripily Berroa the garbage bag, which probably contains his clothing and other personal items, indicates that he is likely homeless. At least in the US. However, one never knows.
+Cynthi S. I worked the night shift at Kings County for six months. This was before the mentally ill were turned out onto the streets. I would sometimes meet former patients who were now on the street.

Now, in todays economy, there is a greater mix of poor and the mentally ill and drug addicted with people who have been living just on the poverty line.

As far as this shot goes, I decided when posting it not to give too much information, so that the comments would be a good reflection of how people feel about the subject. The comments are really interesting so far - telling more about our society than the picture does.
+Dave Beckerman It really breaks one heart. Before they were turned on the street, I must confess that I did not fully understand the extent of the problem or just the notion of homeless. I used to say "Who doesn't have family to got to?" Well, I have learned there are millions of people and, if you begin to do the math worldwide, then hundreds of millions of people."
Such a powerful image. Sad, but very well done on your part. Thank you for sharing. 
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