*Images included in the new 11 New York Park Download Files Pack for $10
First 10 customers (3 left at this point) can request an additional file - any image from my site.

For $10 you can print all of these files at large sizes and redo your home for very little. If you have an email address and a credit card these files can be in your hands as quickly as you can download them.

Here's link for the sale: http://www.beckermanphoto.com/offer-new-york-parks

11 High Resolution Download Files for Only $10
11 Télécharger des fichiers haute résolution pour seulement 10 $
केवल $ 10 के लिए 11 उच्च संकल्प डाउनलोड फ़ाइलें
11 download ad alta risoluzione file di soli $ 10
11 Высокое разрешение Загрузка файлов всего за $ 10

Obviously I did the translations with the Google translator. Since I thought this was an excellent idea for international customers, I thought I'd give it a try. I even put a translator on the OFFER PAGE: http://www.beckermanphoto.com/offer-new-york-parks
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