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Oh, it's a dreamy walk when you fall in love... Anonymous 12th Century Poet. Of all the colors, I find green to be the trickiest to deal with. Pastels, no problem. Deep blues, brilliant reds, and sort of burnt sienna - and they fall into place. #nycphotography #centralpark

But green. Green should be the color of life. But it's the color of gloom. Here I try my hand at all types of greens, and still wind up with greens that belong in the backseat leather of very used Buicks.

Where it's from:
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creative imagery :) i like it...
I like this feel.
i like your greens, a symphony of love with a dash of serenity
Keni Ha
like haeven :D
it's so 3D .. superb!
nice strong caracter....
these picture is so beautiful...
wow! I love this picture!!! It just makes me feel good! lol
so beautiful, like a dream
I like how I immediately focused on the people. Good job
very nice... yes green might be the color of gloom, yet it still is the color of hope... :)
Dave -- I'm not a poet, but I appreciated your post. My wife and I went to the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL for breakfast this AM (Sunday) then walked around the Lake and the childern's section of the arboretum. The colors of the flowers was intense -- the blues, reds, pinks, whites. I used to lead Spring wild flower tours at the Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge in Southern Illinois, and always loved the change in colors week to week.
Beautiful. What strikes me most about this photo is the light that is filtering through the trees, It looks as though intelligence and love are glowing around the young couple.
sooooooooooooo cuteeee...
Nice, I love green and all of it's different moods :D
I think your problem with greens, as in landscapes, is that there isn't just one green even on the same plant - and it's not all green - some is yellowy-green, some is olive, some is blue-green, and some is blue-green with bite. There's usually some umber, and depending on the light even muted purples. Nice picture, but I might have made his shirt a different color.
nice pic..............
you've killed them... not trying to be mean, but you've turned every green in that scene into some sort of horrible not-really-a-color-beige. If you want an interesting take on things, upload the original and see what people come up with.
yub raj
So very lovely.
nevermind... while the original post was "I hate this, why does it end up like this?" people are falling all over themselves saying how great it is. Thought you were looking for a different take on things, but no one reads comments in this day and age....zzz
sugestion, Have you tried to play with green filters? you caught the real sense of greens in your beautiful pict above yet to compare it with how our eyes pick up green tones verses the camera thats like comparing apples to oranges. I'm no photographer but just a sugestion how to possibly emulate how our eyes would see and make more vibrant the greens that the film would not pick up. still i think your subject material is perfect and your frameing is great. a very interesting point of "view" you have captured.
natural , good for meditation .... i like it
i think i drop my wallet in this park lol
I would suggest that any color can represent doom and gloom, given the correct shading..... thoughts?
So peotic!as if cut off from a romance.lovely
i love it amazing how romantic
+Dave Beckerman -i am a green addict....the shade of green are in different level and the effect is of such a nostalgic and mystical at every level inch by inch of the photo. congrats for a job well done!
I think everyone should feel this awsom feeling ...... with their dream partner......
Backseat of used Buick, thats where i fell in love.
gou yi
slight sadness and...happiness:)
Puc ca
Life is great and love is good. If life with love, it's the great always good.
A true friend sees the first tear... catches the second... and stops the third.
Still a great attempt to gloom the green.
everything is beautiful when you fall in love
fant om
filteration of colour hue philosphy
When you fall in love with someone for the first time, butterflies form in your stomach
Beautiful,the best color of live is green .I love color green
Looks like painting! Very nice. 
Looking like a walk in heaven
nice photo, i like it too muck :) tanx
Yu Ma
Love , i think so !
Yes you capture the being in love feeling for me. Life is grand when you're in love!! 
+Dave Beckerman hello, sir.
send it to us as well; Yes.
we are hungry ....
: (: (
the world's poorest people
อากาศดี เดินเล่นในสวนสาธารณะ
dreamy walk when you fall in love...<3
this is the awesome place.
this photograph reminds you your pleasures moment of life.
chaltey chaltey yu hi chaltey rhe.
Ram Ram
wonder ful placeeee
How nice is this picture? How did you take?
aye mar
very like. so thank.
its very very quit.........................
Perhaps you bring a mood to your analysis? I see a beautiful, softly romantic image. Wonderful capture.
very nice........
I kinda of like it I think you did a great job and no way green like a back seat of a Buick .......been there done that!
Oh....I really like this.....very interesting
I love it +Dave Beckerman, and don't agree with your back of the buick assessment, lol. I love the shades and the muted, toned down effect, I think it lends a nice dreamy quality to the photo, like someone daydreaming about taking a walk with their love.

+Richard Ericksen, your very saturated version is very pretty as well, but it has an entirely different feel to it. To me it is oversaturated - yes the colors pop now, but there is so much vibrant popping going on that the eye doesn't know where to go first. In Dave's toned down version, the couple is a focal point, and the photo becomes a story about them. In the very vibrant, saturated photo, the colors are so strong that they compete with each other. Everything is brilliant, calling attention to it all, all at once. The white/gray space, then, becomes a focal point because it is the only area that stands in contrast. If there were more kids playing right there in the middle of that concrete square, or something else happening there to focus on, that saturated theme would be a great setup for that focus.

Of course this is all just my own subjective feeling :)
+Richard Ericksen I almost didn't post this version... Of course it got more comments than anything else I've posted. I don't know why.

Would you like more kids in the shot. No problem. The whole thing is a composite. The couple are from another shot, done on a tripod with same setup. It all falls under the rubric of experiment for me in the sense that I don't really know what it will be until I get to some point where it has some special feeling.

If it were a book, it would be written without an outline or knowing what the ending was going to be. This is not to say that they can't be improved or that they can't be made worse... they just get to some point where it feels like enough is enough. And then six months later I stumble across it again and say - hmmm - maybe it should have more children... maybe the couple should be dressed entirely in green...
I really like the look and processing on this image a lot. However, it reads as tilted to me (which I think it actually is, but even if it is not, it tilts perceptually). Everything seems to lean to the left about 5-10 degrees. Otherwise, fabulous look, mood, and story.
Green is my favorite color.. very nice. I am guessing you did a double exposer effect..?
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