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Three Chairs A Million Stories
One of the classes I remember from my days as a philosophy major was how difficult it was to define something as simple as a chair. In the beginning, students tried to define it by properties such as: has legs, has a back, has a seat, has this and that. None of these properties worked.

Then they decided to try to define a seat by functionality. If you sit on it, than it is a chair. Of course we all jumped on that since sitting on the hood of a car didn't make it a chair.

Before the class was over, there were many puzzled people because chairs that were plastic and existed when filled with air were chairs. If you'd like to take a crack at a definition, feel free. But what was amazing was simply how difficult it was to define a chair. That was what I was thinking about when I took this shot of chairs outside a nearby laundry.

They have at least one thing that all chairs have - a seat. But just having a seat doesn't make it a chair. Of course, I didn't end up as a philosophy major since this sort of thing gets you nowhere.

One day, I was in an advanced seminar and truthfully I don't remember who we were discussing - it may have been Descarte and his "I think therefore I am" but that was quickly dismissed. But I did have an epiphany at that moment - that you could spend your life trying to build a system and all it took was one little flaw in the system and it all toppled over. I switched to English Literature at that point, and in fact ended up with a double major in Philosophy and English Lit. Neither one helped at all when I went out to find my first post-college job.

When I was in college, I didn't have a clue as to what I wanted to do. I read lots of books, and studied many great thinkers, and the first job I had was taking orders at a publishing company. Taking orders at a publishing company meant that my job was to take a form, look up the title in the ISBN book, fill in a fields (this was pre-computers) and put it into a box for someone else to check.

In between filling out order forms, I began writing a screenplay. (The screenplay story is for another post, but it ended up helping me get into film school). My father has made a list of all the jobs I had before I began selling photography. It is a horror story that really shouldn't be made public, but I suppose I will enumerate the tale of woe at some point.
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This very father your photo… mainly enchants the style to me that you handle
oh yes, love philosophy major students. most don't make through....true
The moral of the story is that cultivating a tolerance for ambiguity is both harder and more valuable than it seems at first glance. ;) Much of life is fuzzy around the edges, whether we like it or not. Isn't that what philosophy, literature and photography are trying to capture, after all? To "define" those fuzzy edges?
i hope ypu are happy in your job now?
i love the simplicity of the photo, and the story behind it.
As far as being "happy in my job now" I have never been happier. I have managed to live a creative life for about 15 years. That's really all I ever wanted. 
Good Photograph Dave and your thoughts too are poured out of your heart. How do I know? I am in a similar situation as you were. I would like to here any suggestions from you. But curious to know why did not you REALLY pursue Philosophy further on? Asking this questions 'cause lots of people having studied philosophy gone on making a good career later on. Ummmm! lets take Danial Danette for example.
+Bikash Biswas Why did I not really pursue philosophy? Honestly, it is as I said. It is all a house of cards. You really can't rationally "know" very much. The study of philosophy - the search for "the truth" seemed like a dog chasing its tail. I find more truth in the fiction of art.
You are right! And Thanks for your reply. I would like to add a few lines to this. Once I wrote 'Truth is fiction and Fiction Truth.' Because a dramatist once said that what we get to know in every day's news paper are facts and thereby true. But fiction is more true because news paper facts are just facts, facts are the phenomena of and about life. But by just being facts, only they can't go deep and churn out the truth about/or Life or anything. Had facts been more true then Newspapers would have been Literature which is not. And in Literature or in any art we get not facts but fiction. And they are more true of anything than mere fact. I liked even Loved that saying of the dramatist. The very essence of Life and everything can not be realized or felt or known by only means of the mere facts. And not everything is definable in clear terms and with logical bounds. Take Life itself. In the books of Biology the Life is defined only in vague terms till date. But I love another angle. Can we definitely say how much of hard facts and how much of fiction actually go make our lives? No. We come to know a story which is completely fictitious and we are driven by it knowingly or unknowingly deep inside out consciousness and we behave, lead our life by that 'drive' and we go on changing the world and there by us in turn.we see even truth in the light of fiction sometimes! So fiction has far richer far greater impact than we think it has. Fiction is the flip side to the same coin which has another side called Truth. I think i have written sentences long enough to irritate you but pardon me for that. Thanks for your excellent photographs and comments. Hope to kip in tough. All the best wishes.
P.S Eve in science facts don't stand for themselves they need analysis to know more and what cause and effect actually played behind those facts to come into being. What actually they say. What underlying patterns are there etc.
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