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When you meet someone for the first time and they ask what do you do for a living and you tell them that you are a photographer. What is the next question they ask?

For me, it is always, what do you shoot? There are variations are: what sort of subjects do you photograph? Do you do weddings? And so on.

My answer for years and years was: just about anything. Or I don't have any particular subject. Or I just walk out of the house and photograph whatever is around. There wasn't any name for it that could sum it all up in one sentence. I did what they call street photography, or fine art photography, or urban photography... at last for years I could narrow it down to black and white, but I can't even do that any longer.

Anyway - what's the first question people ask you when you tell them you're a photographer, and have you come up with a good answer?
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Hmmmm inevitably they ask what I shoot, unless I'm doing a show. The wedding question and what kind of camera do you use so I can take pictures like you.

My answer to the what do you do question is that I am a freelance observer.
I tell them I shoot portraits primarily but I love making pictures of anything. If the price is right I'll shoot your pets. (I've yet to have anyone meet that price to do so, BTW. Nothing against pet photography, of course.). I then continue with a more conceptual notion that everyone is a potential photographer these days, given the ubiquity of iphones, etc. Saying something like, "I love the fact that there are so many great images being made by everyone these days." That usually shifts the conversation away from gear or specific genres and into a sphere of shared experience.
I tell them I shoot anything but people that are posed. I don't do portraits, but I do sports along with everything else. I just can't get the hang (nor do I have the desire to) of portraiture.
I got so tired of being asked if I do weddings (never, ever!), that after I left shooting commercially, I said I'm an artist that uses a camera.

Love your photo-based artwork here.
(with a dead serious face): I shoot porn
+Onny Carr Really? And if so what's the reaction? +Martha Leinroth Thanks! Yeah, it's been a weird transition. For decades I did realistic work. Now I can't take a realistic picture if I try. I consider myself more of a colorist now, or as you say someone that does artwork based on my photos.

Lately, I've gotten requests to redo some other photographers street work with the painting technique... So far it's been harder for me to approach this with someone else's work... But I have promised to tackle two of these jobs... will post them when done.
Hm... I'm not a photographer, sorry. I want ask about photo you added to this issue. Are there mirrors on the wall?
I split my answer into two parts: "Well, my income is mostly from weddings and high school seniors, but apart from that I love to shoot architecture, cars, nature, sports and anything else that interests me."

That usually works.
When I meet a photographer my first question is usually "Why don't you get a real job?"
"Are there mirrors on the wall? The picture was taken in the Metropolitan Museum. It's simply a collage of three images, sort of like a jig-saw puzzle. I stood in one place waiting - hoping for a couple to walk by that were in some way similar to the paintings in the background. Then snap, snap, snap.. and months later I get around to the original idea and pop them into the paintings with the usual digital trickery.
Why are people making out here? Get a room
I always liked Garry Winogrand's phrase " I photograph things to see what they look like photographed" (apologies if I remembered it incorrectly)
+James Stevens I find idiots using comment section for all sorts of bs that has nothing to do with the post. I delete 'em and block 'em. But there's always more. Mostly kids. They seem to think that I'm running a chat room.
+James Stevens Yep, that's about it. People who knew him said he said a lot of that stuff to mess with your mind... i.e. sort of like trying to get a straight answer from Bob Dylan.
+Dave Beckerman I follow up with "Oh and I also do children's portraits!". I just like to see their crestfallen faces when I then admit that I do not actually shoot porn. Nor do I shoot kids. 
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