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2015-04-17 (late) ... just got this photo sent to me by my grandson, coming into the main country-line station after delays ...

He does like the new phone I got him!  And it doesn't take a bad photo from inside a train at night.
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Dave Bath

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Quite beautiful ... "Swan Lake" vibrations used as a catalyst for crystal formation as art.�
Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka uses musical vibrations from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake as a catalyst in forming spectacular crystal paintings and sculptures. Each piece in Yoshioka's Crystallized project exhibits an elegant and eye-catching piece of work that simultaneously appears delicate and dangerous. The sharp edges of the crystallized material are menacingly beautiful, adding a unique aesthetic to the abstract structures. The project states:...
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Dave Bath

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Oh, I do love a quiz that is quick, challenging and different!

Little bits of a painting, no hint of composition, it's really "textural stuff" mostly ... a pattern on a dress but no idea whether it is an angel or a child or a woman, no idea what they are doing, no idea whether they are inside or outside ... and then pick which artist is responsible ... and both options are plausible at some stage during the artist's life.  A bit like reading a page without names or plot points and trying to guess an author.�

What was interesting was that I got them all right, was very confident with most, yet the 3 or 4 times I thought I knew the painting, I was wrong ... but I'd got the painter right.
Below are a series of famous works of art. Can you recognize the artist from just a small piece of his piece?
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Dave Bath

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You know ... the idea of nastiness in that region since the Pre-Cambrian kinda makes a lot of sense.,38428/
NEW YORK—In a major breakthrough that provides new insight into the region’s deep-seated instability, researchers at Columbia University presented evidence Tuesday that indicates the long-running conflict currently engulfing the Middle East pr...
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It's genetic.
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Who ya gonna trust : Smokin Joe Hockey or Dr Karl, on the intergenerational report?

Dr Karl was only shows "bits" of the Intergenerational report before agreeing to sign on ... and thought it was a report ... not a political statement ... but now it has come out and he has read the whole thing ... Dr Karl calls it "flawed"

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, the man promoting the Government's Intergenerational Report, backs away from the document, describing it as flawed.
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Dave Bath

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Code Quality .... oh ...  yeah ... I've seen some ugliness in my time that meant I had to get a kid on work experience from a TAFE going through indenting half-a-system of code so we could actually read it ... and only when it had been formatted nicely could we understand the true ugliness of it. 

And the magic text is nightmare fuel "I honestly didn't think you could even USE emoji in variable names. Or that there were so many different crying ones."
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Dave Bath

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Longest word in classical latin ... a real nitpicker
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"Rules are not the enemy of markets. They protect markets from blowing up. The real fight isn't between markets and rules, and it never has been. It's between competitive capitalism and crony capitalism." - Elizabeth Warren
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Dave Bath

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We are now seeing corporate armed enforcers, acting on behalf of government, given effective blanket before-the-fact immunity for lethal action - less at risk when they cause death than the police or military.  How long before the cabinet swings these Serco enforcers, or another corporatized arm of the executive, to "keep good order" in Australia rather than risk compensation when police or military use unnecessary lethal force?  Or the ability to detain indefintely without proper cause and without rights of detained citizens normally available when detained by police.

Thin edge of the wedge, slippery slopes, etc.

They used to argue we did not need a bill of rights, enforced by the courts, because our liberal democratic conventions worked better.  Well, those conventions aren't worth the paper they are printed on ... oh wait ... there IS no paper ... those conventions the anti-bill-of-rights types would protect us are worth precisely nothing unless we stop the ever more rapid dissolution of those conventions by an ever more over-reaching executive and a gormless gutless parliament.

Serco guards working in immigration detention centres could be granted broad powers to use force on asylum seeker with greater impunity than police, a Senate Committee has heard. The President of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs, told the Committee that legislation before parliament lacks the safeguards found in comparable laws governing when state and federal police can use force.
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Dave Bath

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In the Age of Information, ignorance is a choice.
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Religious exemptions for ANYTHING cannot be justified ... vaccination, tax, let alone the "church discount" for abuse within religious orders and church-affiliated schools compared to state schools.

If these proselytes of unreason claim they are good for society and deserve tax indulgences, then they can bloody-well be expected to conform to a higher standard than us mere pagans are held to, not given free kicks for behaviour that would have us rational people penalized.

Why not go the whole hog and have religious exemptions for murder (hey ... human sacrifice has a long tradition in religious observance), rape, genocide, hate crimes of every variety (which are explicitly demanded by the deity in so many parts of the scriptures of the abrahamic religions)?

If they want an out from vaccination, they should bloody-well be kept out of our facilities for scientific medicine altogether.  Send them to their churches when they are ill and let them be prayed for, don't let them into any hospitals at all.

Christian Scientists will be unaffected by new Government rules to strip childcare and family benefits from those who boycott national vaccination programs.
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Were early primate adopters of stabbing weapons mainly female?  Guess I'd be naming one of the chimps in the photo Penthesilea

#Science   #Anthropology  
Most chimps that use jabbing weapons to hunt prey are female, a pattern of behaviour that may also have been true of the first humans
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By training a biologist, by work an IT geek, but mostly a grumpy greybeard lefty softened by Bach and granddaddydom
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  • "What is bad for the hive cannot be good for the bee." - Marcus Aurelius

  • "Whatever the world may say or do, your job is to be as an emerald and keep your color true." - Marcus Aurelius

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I eat in the Malvern Glenferrie Road shopping centre every day - and Eden Espresso is by far the cafe I use the most, especially for brunch and breakfast. The french toast is the best I've ever had, anywhere.
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A delight - staff who know their books, make a good selection to have in the store, and are prepared to put the effort in to talk with the customer for long enough to help make a good selection ... and particularly good at figuring out the interests and reading levels of children. Whether it is asking the right questions of a one-off customer (such as my friends who visit), or keeping track of my child, and now grandchild, as they grow, this is the kind of service you simply cannot get online, no matter how many reviews you read.
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