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It’s no secret that scientists are incredible, unrepentant geeks, so we really shouldn’t be surprised that the tentative maps for Pluto and Charon read like the most awesome mishmash of exploration history and popular culture to ever grace a planetary system. And every single place holds a story.
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Dave Bath

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I suspect I could be charged with assault just for sharing this, it hurts the brain so much.
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And somehow Windows 10 managed to screw up even solitaire. You have to pay, to use solitaire without ads.  Not once, but monthly or yearly.  Is that to recover costs of development, the new wonderful feature that lets you buy coins that make the game easier?

Oh, well, you'll just swap to Freecell and avoid the ads?  Think again.  Ka-Ching.

What next?  Having to pay $1 a day to keep Mr Clippy's bastard lovechild from invading your desktop?
I hate the future. Windows 10, which was released yesterday, includes an update to a number of Microsoft's card games previously included for free in Windows. The new versions ...
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Dave Bath

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From John Carpenter's "They Live" .... I think we could use a few million of those sunglasses.
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Dave Bath

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Perfect for Bronwyn when she cannot decide how to travel from a capital city to someone an hour or so away ... Melbourne to Geelong, Sydney to Nowra .... helicopter or plane .... WHY NOT DO BOTH?

#AusPol   #BronwynBishop   #LNPfail   #Choppergate  
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Dave Bath

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Engineered ribosomes for putting out novel polymers or using exotic amino acids?  Hacked so the two subunits don't separate?  Neat.  There'll be proper synthetic life soon ... way cooler than the recombinant genetic engineering I did with restriction endonucleases back in the way back.

(That said, re-engineering bugs with restriction endonucleases is still a cool thing to have even a little experience with.  I got in just the right time ... late enough for it to have become routine, but early enough so that the ethics committees hadn't caught on and clamped down on all the fun)

#MolecularChemistry   #Biochemistry   #SyntheticBiology  
Engineered ribosomes pave way for designer enzymes and synthetic cells.
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Dave Bath

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So, Right-wing US Presidential Candidates thinking challenges to do pullups is a valid way of choosing between them?

Next they'll be asking for rulers and pulling their zips down.
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Dave Bath

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Ok ... so Windows 10 "Wifi sense" shares passwords to network locations YOU know to your facebook/skype/outlook/etc contacts, and they can have sharing turned on with THEIR facebook friends, and those people with THEIR friends ....  so friends of friends of friends of friends of friends have access to networks you have access to.

And possibly scarier ... you have access to networks of friends of friends of friends of friends of friends that you don't know ... and you probably don't want that.  There are nasty networks out there ...
Wi-Fi Sense is a feature built into Windows 10. You may see a pop-up saying “Wi-Fi Sense needs permission to use your Facebook account.” It also works with and Skype contacts.
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Dave Bath

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It's called "WiFi Sense".  It makes sense if you have unlimited uncapped 10 Petabit links to the net.  Otherwise it makes no sense at all.  Shares your wifi password with your contacts, your contacts in outlook, skype, facebook, and not just your friends on facebook, but the friends of your friends on facebook.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

"The new addition shares your wifi passwords with your contacts ..."

"Wifi Sense will sync passwords with your contacts on Outlook, Skype and – with an additional setting switched on – your contacts' Facebook friends, too."

"It could be extremely useful and would allow you to distribute a new wifi password through the entire office in a matter of seconds."
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Dave Bath

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Braille smartwatch (with obviously a lot of other ways of making things easier for people who can't see)

A nice warm fuzzy to start the day
This startup wants to tackle Braille illiteracy and end the biggest discrimination issue you've never heard of - information discrimination against the blind.
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Dave Bath

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Snoopy dance ... Bronny will probably see my snark now Leyonhjelm's senior advisor has put it up on twitter ... Helen's backstory means that she is watched closely by the press for any slipup...  Then again, maybe most LNP figures wouldn't dare show it to Bronny ... what with her obviously privileged status ... exemplary display of LNP disdain for us plebs ...

“Bronwyn's Dilemma. #auspol”
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Dave Bath

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"The First Law of Skepticism: If it exists, there is woo for it."
I'd add a second law: "If it DOESN'T exist, but you can think of it, there is DEFINITELY woo for it".
And a third: "If there is woo for it, someone will make money from it."
And a fourth: "You make more money selling woo about things that cannot exist than you can make money selling woo about things that do exist"
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Been there a couple of times since it opened a few weeks back. Great to have a half-arthouse half-mainstream selection available in Glenferrie Road, with lots of small comfortable cinemas rather than one big one. ... and a good selection of cakes, nibbles and drinks (including coffee and mulled wine) with a sit-down area while waiting. We'll be back.
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I eat in the Malvern Glenferrie Road shopping centre every day - and Eden Espresso is by far the cafe I use the most, especially for brunch and breakfast. The french toast is the best I've ever had, anywhere.
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A delight - staff who know their books, make a good selection to have in the store, and are prepared to put the effort in to talk with the customer for long enough to help make a good selection ... and particularly good at figuring out the interests and reading levels of children. Whether it is asking the right questions of a one-off customer (such as my friends who visit), or keeping track of my child, and now grandchild, as they grow, this is the kind of service you simply cannot get online, no matter how many reviews you read.
• • •
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