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Thoughtful musings on German power, and how the moral trauma of the past makes German foreign policy different from the traditional forceful powers - and while it might not have a strategy, and may not even be comfortable with its own power, it has an approach - working with partners, bolstering international treaties, avoiding conflict escalation, and a strong wish for moral clarity.  There's a lot to like.
World events do not wait for deliberation. Germany is emerging, faster than it wanted, as a global diplomatic force. Compared with Britain and France, nuclear and globally oriented powers, Germany has a modest military budget. Better, then, to stick with economic and political sanctions. But does the country have a strategy? It certainly has a wish-list
A YEAR ago Germany’s elite launched a giant debate about the country’s foreign policy. There was a perception abroad, President Joachim Gauck said in a solemn...
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Well, Malcolm is smart enough to know just how invasive it is to have someone see your metadata, which is why he hides his, while being the enforcer implementing the collection of all of ours.
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Sprung bad.
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What a wicked idea ... cc Curious George Brandis everything ( so he gets what he obviously wants.

If you are into sexting your friends with the raunchiest text, images and video that is still legal, it should be really funny.

Oh .... afterparties from the Sydney Mardi Gras which is coming up ...
#AusPolitics   #Satire   #MetadataRetention   #GeorgeBrandis  
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Dave Bath

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If the planets were fruit .... which would be what?  (and looking forward to Ceres and Pluto maybe coming back into the fold, wondering what they'd be.

You know that Jupiter is bigger than Earth, but do you really know by how much? In their new book “Information Graphics: Space,” Guardian datablogger Simon Rogers and New York Times designer Jennifer Daniel show a fun and easy way of visualizing the size of the planets by comparing them to something we all know […]
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Never thought I'd get this particular tagset ...

#TheDress   #TonyAbbott   #AusPolitics  
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Why do we even bother having "jobs ready" products coming out of both secondary and university training factories, when there aren't enough jobs to go around, and even if you get a job, you'll probably be underemployed in time and capabilities for years, if not for ever.

We'd be better off spending money producing good citizens - playing nicely with others, including the patriotic duty of understanding the issues properly before voting, and making the politicians actually focus on important issues.

That probably means being at least conversant with Snow's Two Cultures ... touching enough bases across the spectrum of the liberal arts.

And those coming out of university without any grounding in any of the liberal arts, in the abstract that allows wide and adaptive application rather than the concrete that only covers a limited set of circumstances?  CP Snow argued that one culture was not enough, but there are so many university courses when you come out with none.

For many, being jobs-ready at the end of secondary or tertiary education means not having enough grounding in understanding the basics that allow for relatively easy adaptation to changing circumstance.  The very fact you need this course or that course to teach the latest computer language, or whatever, every few years or so when something new comes out in your field, means that university education did not equip you with the means to pick things up.  And they do this because if they teach you properly, you won't have to come back and spend more money every 5 to 10 years.

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Given that males have a reproductive "use by" date by 30 (perhaps earlier) before epigenetic rot starts setting in, there would be a good case for getting people to do the child-raising thing earlier, and climb the greasy pole when the kids are at school ... whether it is part time work, part time studying, and part time parenting.  Being the main caregiver for a young child is a job for the young ... a grandson jumping on you or expecting you to catch him tends to pull the back out a lot more than would have a couple of decades earlier.

And similarly, there needs to be a "cooling down" period in the workforce in the lead up to a (later, if the body fit) retirement.  Is there a way down the ladder, for senior managers, who might have the wit and wisdom, but not the energy, at 60, 65 or 70 or more ... in large part transferring the accumulated perspectives onto younger workers?

We are not geared to address these things in our current society, because most people don't even realize that we should be thinking about things like this ... it's all rush, rush, rush, money, money ... then retirement.

Consider the majority of students coming out of secondary school ... how many could provide a defensible answer to Socrates' question "What is a good life" and be able to have any shred of their arguments left when facing someone from classical Rome or Athens that had an upper middle class education, even with the hint of the aphorism of Marcus Aurelius, "Even in a palace, it is possible to live a good life".
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Dave Bath

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The alien invasion story I'd love to see:
Extra-terrestrial gets out of spaceship with giant anal probe and asks "Take me to your leader".
Everybody helps.
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An exciting First Dog on the Moon community service announcement – because you people don’t seem to understand that data retention is mass surveillance and also bad
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The 4th most common spam coming into work involves courses for project management or six sigma ... (I'm not a project manager, but I get some of these).

So .... for business manglers ... the words "become a six sigma black belt" probably relate to the same psychological needs as nigerian princesses, megabucks and viagra.

You know, now I think about project manglers, it kinda makes sense ...
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Dave Bath

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Dave Bath

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While we're all on a Star Trek nostalgia trip ...
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Hahaha haha haha hahaha hahaha
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By training a biologist, by work an IT geek, but mostly a grumpy greybeard lefty softened by Bach and granddaddydom
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