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Blog of the day: 'Essential steps to include in your disaster recovery plan.' - #DRaaS

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Brexit & Business: Is your cloud data stored in the UK?

We’ve put together a few starter points to encourage you to think about where your data is located, and how this may be affected if Britain leaves the EU.

#Brexit #DataSovereignty #UKCloudProvider

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More firms within the healthcare industry are adopting
cloud-based services than ever before.

Read our latest blog post featuring the main reasons why the healthcare industry is moving to the cloud.

#HealthcareIndustry #CloudBackup #OnlineBackupforHealthcare

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Grow your business with cloud computing.

Adopt a cloud solution to cut costs, free up time and improve efficiency, so you can get back to focusing on the important things.

We do the I.T. so you can get back to business!


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Size doesn't matter! -

However big or small your business may be, we have a cloud solution to suit your size.
By adopting a cloud solution, you only pay for what you use, so there are no unnecessary costs or expenses. Find out what all the hype is about today.

#SMEs #BackupforEnterprise #Backup #TheCloud #SMB #GrowYourBusiness

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More and more employees are using smartphones, tablets and laptops to access critical data - what steps are you taking to ensure this data is protected?

60% of enterprises will suffer data loss via mobile devices.

Is your business prepared?

Download your free whitepaper to learn more about the risks of BYOD and how to protect your end-point devices -

#BYOD #MobileDevices


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Ever wondered what Spock would say about cloud computing?

Check out Spock's guide to the cloud here in 3 Things Spock Would Say About Cloud Computing!

#Spock #GuidetoCloudComputing #WhatSpockWouldSay

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Infographic: Are your in-house servers preventing your business from growing?

By moving to the cloud, you can redeploy valuable I.T. people to areas that make more money for your business, allowing your team to focus on strategic activities that allow your business to grow.

#GrowYourBusiness #CloudComputing

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Download your free whitepaper featuring an effective way to comprehensively protect all of your corporate data sources

You have critical data scattered throughout your organisation – on back office servers, desktops, mobile endpoints outside your firewall and even in public clouds like Google Apps and Microsoft office 365.

But what steps are you taking to ensure none of this data is lost?

#DataProtection   #Office365   #CriticalData  #WhitepaperDownload

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We do the monitoring, so you can do the sleeping.

We reveal the secret to a good nights sleep in our latest blog post on cloud computing security.

#CloudComputing #CloudComputingSecurity #AgonyAunt
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