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The Evolution of Data Storage
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After that it's the quantum structure of our local reality :-)
Don Cue
Y'all know that "the cloud" is just someone else's giant disk drive, right?
And it is cool that we have a means of secure off- site storage, but it's not that revolutionary.
I do appreciate the graphic though!
'Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars.... '

That's the new wave. Next thing you know we won't need the cloud either, is gonna be saved in our brain cells. Lol
What about punched paper tape, magnetic tape, cassette tape, 8" floppy disks, floppy 5.25" disks, the multi platter "washing machine" hard disks, Zip disks, superdrives, DAT tapes, Travan Tapes, EEPROMs, 5.25" hard disks 3" hard disks, 2.5" hard disks, CD,s/DVDs...  there is a lot more evolution going on than shown.
I wonder how many people even recognise those old media formats.

We learned how cards worked in Computer Studies at school because it was still in use in some old systems, although reel-to-reel (as seen in all old sci-fi films) was the standard by then.

Only 20 years ago I had a job working with reel-to-reel tapes on a massive computer and had to work in a climate controlled 10'x7' room. The data was old stuff from an oil platform (you'd know the name - it was very famous) but even the new data coming in was still on these tapes.

At that time the standard pc disc was 5-1/4" and the first "laptop" we had was a Compaq that more resembled a sewing machine case and it was shared between a department of 30+ staff. Only the top engineers and secretaries had a desktop pc.

When I think back to the speed that this technology has moved I'm stunned that although I'm only 45 years old, I've lived my adult life through a revolution that is still gaining pace.

Sorry, I got a bit nostalgic there.

So what's next? Data stored in crystals? DNA? Pure energy?
true but funny but did not the American Indians use smoke/cloud to communicate before the cloud was even puff of smoke?
masive progress,wonder where we wil b 5 yrs to com
leave microchips dude, Its cloud space.. u don even need any device...
but it is stored online
Ryan Ng
Wait a minute- iCloud did not come after Blu-Ray.
Talk about cloud nine
next evolution is in the higher dimensions, where you pull data in and out of nowhere! viola!
I wonder how will the world be when I wake up tommorow....
I'd like to know what a cassette was left out?
so the sequence is ... chisel-rock, pen-paper, punched card, floppy, CD, USB, Cloud. The first one had the longest storage - lasting for several tens of thousand years.
i like cloud storage with unlimites space and bandwith... goodbye hidden file and password protected directory :)))
I gueessss its not the same as the rest since u need internet connection 2 access your cloud storange.
Don Cue
+Steve Brown Re dogs.... Because they can. Same reason they.... well never mind. 
Better to have a personal backup storage, then anything that locates outside of your PC area.  You are handing over your privacy without even thinking about it.  Things that in time of war (which could be soon) could help the enemy.  Anyone hear about what is happening with N. Korea today?  The Dictator Obama of the US?  China? Russia?   
The first for me would have been; eyes to brain.
Ok so here we go your laptop or nine
i still dnt understand ........................................wesh drole...!..
Yo guys i think after the cloud its gonna be like jupiter space-unlimited storage .
So how would that be
Because i think that's the way the cookie crumbles
pliz dont snd me any stupid

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