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Free Google Analytics dashboards. Valuable insights. Profitable decisions.
Free Google Analytics dashboards. Valuable insights. Profitable decisions.

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How have you installed Google Analytics on your website?
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Google Analytics directly on website
Through Google Tag Manager

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We have just released a new "Gender Insights" Google Analytics dashboard that can help you answer questions like:

 - Are your website visitors male or female?
 - What types of content attract which genders?
 - Is female or a male visitor worth the most?
 - How old are your male and female visitors?

You can download the free dashboard template here:

Questions or comments are welcome.

#googleanalytics #ga #demographics #gender #dashboard

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Did you read the popular 6-step guide on how to measure return on investment (ROI) of your digital marketing activities?

It's written by one of our dashboard pushers and it will help you master the difficult art of placing your marketing and IT investments where the yield is highest.

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New dashboard for those of you who sell gifts in your online store.

Try it out.

Post has attachment has just turned 1!

Thank you for visiting our site, downloading our dashboards and sharing our love for Google Analytics dashboards.

If you've haven't told webmasters in your network about us, then please do :o)

We want to see those numbers grow!

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New expert guest post by +Henrik Bondtofte on how to effectively use content marketing for #SEO purposes.

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Search Engine Journal has our social media dashboard among their favorites - It's actually our favorite as well :o)

Running a WordPress site?

Then check out the results of +Kim Tetzlaff's scientific test of +WordPress caching plugins and find out whether you have also picked the winner.

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It's been in the making for a while, but now it's here.

The very focused but yet versatile "Single Page X-Ray" Google Analytics #Dashboard .

Take it for a test ride today :o)
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