+Scott Kelby Kelby stirred up a hornet's nest with his evaluation of DROBO.  I also have a DROBO boat anchor or brick.  I looked into every RAID solution known to man.  ALL have very major dependencies on file type and manufacturer.  I got by with just an external USB drive for years.  What is wrong with that.  It all came down to the fact that I HAD to cope with bare PC internal drives when recovering a system a while back.  If the data had been further messed with by proprietary "stuff" I believe there would have been no way in the world to restore the machine.  As it was it was a two-drive RAID 0 ... which is hard enough.  After 2 months all was well again.  I had virtually 100% of my working files backed up on external drives and on two other computers as well.  As it turns out NONE of the general RAID drives uses PC NTFS file structure.  They are Unix.  I am all "geeked out".  My solution is now to continue with 100% clone drives on two machines so the entire systems (AND data) can be recovered very easily.  Following that example I intend to add a four drive USB/Firewire external drive box and use two drives for interleaved data backup for each of two machines.  I will be able to simply pop two of the drives out and keep them most of the time in another location.  No RAID or proprietary stuff ever again.  There are five drives in the boat anchor DROBO and two drives from my crashed machine and two from my dad's old machine and yet another pair from taking data from one of my dad's machines and there is an unused drive in a mothballed computer in the garage.  With the simple external USB approach ALL of the drives will be useful and there will be NOTHING proprietary.  AMEN.
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