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Daryel Villavicencio

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Made level 50 last night. Turf Wars seem pretty "meh" now since the points don't really count for anything. I ended up creating a second account and starting back at level 1. Funny thing is that it started putting me into battles with level 40+ players when I was still level 4. Thankfully the Splattershot is a favorite weapon. Having fun leveling up again. I can just imagine others seeing me added to their team and thinking "oh great, we got the low-bee".

The only thing to do on my level 50 account is rank up, I'm still a B, but I hardly play Ranked battles. Usually, I only do splat zones on certain stages, I'm not a Rainmaker or Tower Control fan.

What do other level 50s do after maxing out?

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When ever you reach a max level in any game. It gives you no purpose to keep going. The best part is watching that XP bar go up.
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Daryel Villavicencio

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My son's Halloween outfit....

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Ummmm I don't know what's it called but I know it's like when the mii thing before you enter a game and what account to use...(so descriptive)
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Daryel Villavicencio

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Daryel Villavicencio

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Can someone post their roomservice.xml and local_manifest.xml for bacon?  I'd like to do a build and include a few cherry-picks for some local testing.
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Fixed the error in the roomservice.xml and things synced properly now.  Building as I type this...
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Thanks for showing the Mate 7 at the #BigAndroidBBQ this past weekend. My only concern about buying this device is the speed of which updates will come, specifically Android 5.0 (L or Lollipop).  Can you shed some light on an upgrade schedule or plan to get the Mate 7 upgraded?  Some of the Emotion UI I think could be scaled back with the abilities of Lollipop and Material allowed to shine through. Overall, I liked the hardware and wouldn't mind carrying it in my pocket.
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If the Mate2 is any indicator the US edition will probably not see any upgrades to Lollipop
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Daryel Villavicencio

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I wish someday my broadband (Comcast) speed would surpass my cellphone speed (AT&T). #Comcastcares #Comcast
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Have you called to say you aren't getting your speeds?

That's the first thing I do when it doesn't come through right. And I keep calling until its fixed
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Daryel Villavicencio

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Just made level 44, dang these take longer and longer to accomplish...  It didn't help that 25% of my games today aborted because of connection issues.  Grrrrrrr.
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Not really, I prefer NZap-89 for turf wars and other weapons for ranked battles. 
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Daryel Villavicencio

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Why I quit Ingress...

The past year has been a year full of challenges and many life changes. At first Ingress was a cool geo-centric game, running around blowing up portals, making links, sending friendly messages to the other team back and forth, and even running into them once in awhile. All good.

After awhile I started playing with a group of other agents from the same team. The fun having dinner, making conversation with friends, and building farms was nice and social. I brought my son into the game and he quickly leveled up to 8 with his fast fingers and quick fielding. 

Competition in a town was nil when the opposing agents outnumbered you 10 to 1, with at least 2 or 3 agents "on alert" for any portal that turned. You could pretty much expect an agent to show up to flip a portal back within 10 minutes anywhere in the town. Flipping a portal was no longer for strategic reasons, it was for merely bragging. 

Things went bad for the us when the opposing agents took things personal.  A trail of media right to the front doorstep of my house gave me a feeling of insecurity for my family.  What type of person plays a game and takes it to someone's personal house?  Reporting to +Niantic Project did nothing. My son and I took a break... a long break.   

We still went to Pasadena to participate in the anomaly, but after the anomaly our scanners have been pretty much silent.  There's no point in playing a game where I feel my family's safety may be put in jeopardy because someone thinks I hunted their guardian (their portal at one of many local schools just off a main road) or they take offense to their long standing farm being blown up. 

After reading the post from the Sacramento Resistance (thanks Ronnie) about agents paying dues of AXA, MUFG, ADA, etc. and participating in a competition for blowing up farms, it's no wonder I no longer enjoy the game.  The game has become a game controlled by regional "higher ups" directing lower level (14,13,12,11 etc.) agents to do their bidding in order to be part of the "team".  It's become a "pay to play" situation..  and you know what?  I no longer care. I had a good laugh at the situation.

Since shutting down our scanners we have had a summer busy with trips, camping, swimming, traveling, and all sorts of exploring. There has been no need to go farming for gear, there hasn't been any looking over our shoulders for agents following our footsteps, or checking scanners to watch portals captured 10 minutes prior being flipped back.  We've moved on to real life, we still play games, stuff like football, baseball, and bicycling. Ingress was a good 2 year distraction, but it's been time to move on.
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2 comments sorry it went like this for you. I agree with you that family and safety come first. Also agree with Christopher about balance. 
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Daryel Villavicencio

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Daryel Villavicencio

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Smoked a pork shoulder, 9 hours and then tastebud bliss. 
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Daryel Villavicencio

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Merry Christmas everyone... 
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Next Generation Fix, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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Endlessly striving for a more balanced life.
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Clean but dated room. Staff was pleasant.
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reviewed 7 months ago
Not really a good BBQ. Meat had hardly any 'smoke' to it. There should be a smoke ring on a good BBQ piece of meat. There was no smoke ring on the pulled pork or the brisket. Atmosphere was cafeteria like. The value wasn't that great either, you could get a better value with better atmosphere at a full service restaurant.
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reviewed 2 years ago
8 reviews
Slow service. Inattentive waiter. Rude hostess. Avoid!
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
We stayed overnight after a week-long cruise and have to say we would not stay at this hotel again. Initial impressions are that the hotel is nice, the outside looks great, the lobby looks great, but when you start interacting with the staff the service is pretty awful. Since we were off the boat early, my wife and I decided to have breakfast and then walk around town while waiting for our room. The on-site restaurant automatically adds a 18% gratuity. This is like a flashing red warning saying the service would be poor. When a restaurant has to automatically add gratuity to all bills this usually signals a problem with service. The service we received was minimal and slow. The coffee served was cold and generally what we saw was 8 or 9 employees walking in/out of the dining room but rarely helping anyone. After our breakfast that turned into brunch because of the lengthy service, we decided to sit by the pool for a little bit and enjoy the sun. The infused water available poolside was empty an the employee working poolside at the bar even told guests not to drink the water, but to go to the bar to get water. Ummm... if you are an employee that notices an issue, take care of it, or get someone to take care of it. The employee clearly showed no concern. When we returned to the pool area a few hours later the infused water was still empty. The room we received was at best a 3 star room. The bathroom showed signs of wood rotting at the bottom of the shower. The sounds from the elevators and hallway were clearly heard in the room. When a wedding ended that night the noise of the people going to their rooms was quite loud. Because of the tiled floors, even the maids walking in the hallways was clearly heard. We stayed at a different Hilton in Fort Lauderdale prior to the cruise. Even though it was clearly an older building with older amenities, the service we received there was exceptionally better than the service received at the Marina location. Whenever I visit Fort Lauderdale this hotel will be on my "Do-not-book" list.
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Quality: Poor - FairFacilities: GoodService: Poor - Fair
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