LA, TX Agents Successfully Execute "Operation Daiquiri"

On 1 Jul 2018, at 1800UTC, 6 ENL Agents completed "Operation Daiquiri", a name referencing the first-layer northern anchor portal (Pirate Island Daiquiri in Grand Isle, LA). The BAF was comprised of 10 layers resulting in about 52 million ENL Mind Units total, and 2 Agents acquired Onyx status for their Illuminator Medal. Agents in Brownsville, TX and Grand Island, LA worked diligently on covertly timing ADAs and choreographing the creation of 5 layers by the Brownsville team and 5 layers by the Grand Isle team. A pre-existing link from Brownsville, TX to Guantanamo, Cuba was used as the base of the field.

Operation Daiquiri was conceived and led by New Orleans area ENL Agent @HubiePenguin, who initially threw a 2 layer solo field over identical geography a week earlier on 25 Jun, and decided that, because the Gulf blocker-link complexion had remained nearly unchanged since, it would be a perfect opportunity to "reboot" the BAF for multiple agents to participate in for regional MU gains, and for those needing their Onyx Illuminator Medal.

@HubiePenguin and New Orleans ENL wish to thank all Agents involved in planning and executing this op, as we nervously monitored Intel for any surprise rogue links over the last two days that could have all but killed the entire effort, and for their hard work and communication to make this operation a success. This shows how efficiently the Gulf of Mexico ENL community can do Ingress. @HubiePenguin also thanks his wife @Cherbird for enduring 8+ hours of car travel (and his jittery nerves) that day - she's a truly effective Agent on all fronts.

Total Mind Units Captured: 51.19 million
Total Agents: 6
MU per layer: ~5.11 million
Longest Link: 2361km
Total Fields: 26
Total Layers: 10
Countries: 2
Total Time to Complete: 67 minutes (30 minutes clearing and prep, 37 min layering)

Brownsville, Texas Agents:
@iillilliiliilil (Beastcode 35)

Grand Isle, Louisiana Agents:
@Cherbird (New Onyx)
@MaDDm0xXi (New Onyx)

#GreenGoblins #EPSOM #lllllegion #TFS #GCPD #OperationDaiquiri
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