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About a week ago I posted a shot showing a stacked image without polar alignment. I will provide a link to that photograph at the end of this post.
Tonight I had about 45 mins of clear skies and decided to do a quick shot of Orion.

This is 31 mins and 30 seconds worth of shooting. I think I'll be spending some time shooting this image. You can see 4 major nebula quite clearly with that little bit of shooting. The Orion Nebula, the Running Man Nebula, the Flame Nebula and the ever famous Horsehead Nebula
This is the results you can achieve with tracking. No eggs, and lots of cool things showing up.
Full Specs
Camera - Nikon D7000
ISO - 2000
Exposure - 31min 30sec
Focal Length - 62mm @ f4.5

Link to previous untracked shot
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Awesome shot, I couldn't get my camera working right!! I tried, but it was freezing in PA tonight!!
TY for sharing this!!
Neat shot, Darryl. What did you use for tracking?
Sorry to hear about your camera +Jo Anne Thomas it was just above freezing here in Ontario, but the cam seems not to mind.
Thanks a ton +Lance Hagood
+Bill Kossmann thank you and the tracking was done by mounting the camera on a German Equatorial Mount (Orion Skyview Pro)
Thank you very much +Bill Mckim
Thanks +Ricky L Jones and +Ulf Bjolin I think when I get the opportunity, I'll shoot this at 70 or 80mm and try to get about 2 or 3 hours worth of tracking. I think it will make for a pretty cool deep space photo
Thats an awesome shot darryl and I think the cold is working in your favor to keep the camera cool and reduce the noise. If you go to you will see that they use very expensive SBIG CCDs and they are cooled to -20C. I am still working on getting a telescope setup and hopefully we will have some great shots to share with everyone.
+Hamza Khelifi Touhami those SBIG's are quite the dollar too. Very well worth the money though. Shooting with a DSLR that has a Pass filter does make it a lot more challenging as the red spectrum is diminished significantly. Those CCD's are not only cooled, they record much higher ranges in the red spectrum.
Nice one, +Darryl Van Gaal. I'm in the midst of processing my last night's shots--in fact, at this very moment, I'm working on a shot at 300mm (480ish equiv) piggybacked on my tracking rig. I'll tag you. Won't be this extensive, though, but I've set it for the best 10 frames (light).
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