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Darryl Van Gaal

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I think I still have one of these kicking around.
KIDS REACT TO WALKMANS (Portable Cassette Players)
....... it probably has an Ultravox tape in it too....
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Darryl Van Gaal

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I posted a different version of this single exposure image that was edited in only Lightroom.  I've reprocessed it using only PS and I like this version much better.
Along with this photo I'm also posting the full list of my tutorials. For those of you more "hands on" I've also added at the top a link to our "Capture the night" workshop taking place May 23, 24, 25.

Deep space photography is not as hard as you think it is! -

Why a GEM for astrophotography?  -

The "Top Secret" "Rule of 600" -

Hate how airplanes wreck your star-trail images? -

No more funky colors around your stars -

Coolers aren't just for beer!! -

Pinpoint Stars and Over 80 Seconds of the International Space Station How was it done?  -

How to stop camera lens fog -

Shooting Starry Night Landscapes.....  How to make it look even "Cooler"  -

How to be a Master Astronomer (or at least pretend to be) -

Inexpensive Solution to Widefield Astrophotography -

One of a Landscape Astrophotographers "Must Have" tools -

Enhancing the Milky Way -

How to Enhance a Meteor Streak or Satellite Trail -

The Beginners Guide to Landscape Astrophotography -

Landscape Astrophotography - Before the Big Night Out (2nd post in the series) -

Photographing Star Trails -

How to photograph the moon -

Why Subtract Dark Frames? -

The Power of Stacking Images -

The Orionids: Photographing Shooting Stars -

Photographing Meteor Showers  From Planning to Post Processing
     First post -
     Second Post -
     Third Post -
     Fourth Post -

How to Make the Stars POP! -

Making Stellarium More Realistic for Planning a Shot -
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+Klaas Hartmann thanks a bunch.
+Shelly Gunderson thank you.  You're always welcome.  I enjoy sharing :)
+Bill Blohm no problem.  Thank you!
+Sumit Sen thank you kindly fine Sir!
+Johan Peijnenburg thanks, I really appreciate it!
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Darryl Van Gaal

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Capture The Night – Weekend Photography Workshop – May 23, 24, 25 to coincide with the chance of capturing a strong  new meteor shower from Comet 209P/LINEAR.
This image is a panorama of one of the pre-scouted locations Ron and I discovered on recent journey to the area.

Join us for our annual Ontario Night Photography Workshop  at a Location North of Peterborough Ontario (one of the possible locations pictured here) to set up for a night sky long exposure workshop.  
This a great opportunity to have a chance to learn about long exposures at night, scouting locations, light painting your foreground objects, composition and if skys permit, the chance to photograph an active meteor shower along with star photography!  This is an exceptional opportunity to increase your chances getting those night shots you always hoped you could. Both +Ron Clifford and myself will be there to help you every step of the way from scouting to the final edits.

For more information goto Ron's website located here
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Darryl Van Gaal

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Just a little teaser because it's not good to deprive yourself of sleep and then edit photos.

This is not what I'd call my best image from a little outing I had yesterday with +Ron Clifford , but it is one that I like.
We were out scouting for a future event when Ron suggested we give this quaint little area a try.
Despite falling through the snow (several times) we made it to our north looking vantage point.  Between the great company, uncountable stars above, and the roar of the spring time rapids it was a very successful scouting trip.
and I'm not even mentioning the hundred or so deer we touched saw 

Carry on, I'm going for a nap.  3 hours is not enough sleep to edit photos.
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Thanks so much +ALFRED ALLEN 
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Darryl Van Gaal

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This is one of those times!!!
Every once in a while a song comes along that just makes you feel good.
Pretty cool vid to go along with it to.
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+Robin Yildiz Walk Through Life - Pink Zebra featuring Benji Jackson
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Darryl Van Gaal

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With perseverance comes success!!!
Hats off to +Alex Lapidus for perfecting the airplane/moon shot!!!!
Please click on the image to comment on his original post.

While this image is far from perfect, I'm pleased that I was finally able to get a plane in front of the moon.  This is a single exposure, taken the other evening while I was trying to do something completely different :-).  The moon is a bit blurred because it's still very low on the horizon, the effect of shooting through lots of choppy sunset air.  For past efforts (near misses), check out the following posts:

Clear but separate plane and moon:

Giant black plane obscuring moon:

Plane riding moon like a witch on a broomstick (with bonus plane exhaust):

Blurry plane and moon with bonus bright light:

For +Darryl Van Gaal; #headsupmonday  with +russ vallelunga (+HeadsUpMondays); #moonmonday  and #moonrisemonday   with +Stephen Krieg and +SyLvAiN RoUx; #aviationmonday  with +Mike Criss; #machinemonday  with +Michael Garza (+Machine Monday); #300mmmonday  with +Gailen Mapes (+300mmMonday); and  #hqspnight  +HQSP Night curated by +Dirk Müller  +Anja Wessels .
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The wait was worth it!
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Darryl Van Gaal

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how is it possible to go from 17 degrees to 1 in less than 24 hours?
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Same way it's possible to go from 40 to 20 in 30 minutes. 
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Darryl Van Gaal

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While +Ron Clifford and myself were driving along the road looking for a suitable location for our Capture The Night  Weekend Photography Workshop (  we came across some deer near the side of the road.  Like any good photographers I stopped the car, and Ron started shooting.  What happened next was a bit of a surprise to both of us.

Remember, this is NOT inside or even close to a wildlife park!!!
Close encounters
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+John De Bord Someone may be feeding them, though I wonder the wisdom in that given there are so many.  I have seen the same situation this time of year in other areas, especially after a particularly harsh winter like this.  they naturally herd in large numbers in late winter and early spring and are less scared than any other time of year
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Darryl Van Gaal

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So here is what I'd call one of my favorite images from the pre-scout +Ron Clifford  and I did yesterday.
The day was totally awesome!  We saw literally over 100 deer and even had a couple of them come right up to the open window of the car from where we were shooting.  Ron even got a kiss on the hand from one.
Ron and I have decided that we will be holding an anual Capture The Night – Weekend Photography Workshop, with the dates being  May 23, 24, 25, 2014 this year.
Why those dates??  
Becase there just may be a chance of capturing a strong  new meteor shower from Comet 209P/LINEAR.  Not only could this be the best shower of year,  some models have labled it as our best chance for a meteor storm (over 1,000 meteors an hour) in quite a few years.
For more informantion and to reserve one of the limited spots follow this link to Ron's website. 
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Darryl Van Gaal

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Not my image, please click on the image to comment
Give some lovin to Moe!
This is a fantastic composition!!!!
Here is take two on the Watchman in Zion. This is my preferred comp of the two but I held off on working on this one initially for two reasons. One, my buddy +Chris Lazzery  who was standing directly to my left here had just published an almost identical composition (pretty much unavoidable if you are going to shoot from the bridge). 

Two, there are definitely times where I will delay processing my favorite composition. Sometimes a little time and perspective lets you figure out exactly where you want to go with an image. In this case, I received a test print of the last photo I posted from Zion and decided it came out a little bit too unnatural for my tastes. Despite the fact that the cliffs were really blazing away in the moonlight I felt like a slightly more subtle processing treatment captures the feel of the night better in my eyes. 

Check out how much a single vehicle driving by in the distance can change a scene. In the little valley on the right you can see what the headlights from a single car driving the other direction a mile away can do to a scene. I don't feel like it detracts from the overall image here but there have been plenty of compositions ruined by seemingly trivial lights on the horizon or from passing boats, planes, trains and automobiles.

With +Chris Lazzery and +Brian Matiash on a cold Utah night. 
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I'm doing great too Darryl Thanks! Nice to talk to ya! =)
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Coatings (Paint) defect analyst.
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  • Automotive manufacturing.
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    Automotive coatings C.S.I. - If something is there that shouldn't be, I'm your guy!
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Darryl is a photographer that has a special ardency for the night sky.
He specializes in both landscape and deep space astrophotography, his work has appeared as the NASA APOD as well as being seen in science and astronomy publications.

His involvement on Google Plus and his “Tips and Tricks” section on his blog are a testament to his willingness to share what he has learned during his growth as a landscape astrophotographer with other photographers who are willing to learn.

His knowledge of the Earth’s rotation, the night sky, post processing techniques and experience with programs and apps will maximize the potential of getting that perfect image.

“Due to light pollution, each and every year we lose areas on earth where the true beauty of the night sky can be seen.  Millions upon millions of people have never witnessed the beauty of looking to the heavens above and seeing our own galaxy flow across the sky.  My photography is designed to give those millions a glimpse of that beauty in hopes that we can work together to preserve the stars above”
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