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Thanks for that +Tom Krol. +Russell Brunson is absolutely one of the greats!!

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If anyone knows this business, it's +Tom Krol and +Todd Toback!
Have you registered for the LIVE TRAINING I'm doing tonight on "How to Create a 6 Figure Income from Wholesaling Houses"?

Me and Todd Toback will be delivering a TON of value on this training and show you EXACTLY how to build a Wholesaling business that will generate you a MINIMUM of 6 figures a year...even if you don't know the first thing about Wholesaling.

We'll show you exactly how to find Motivated Sellers wherever and whenever you want! We'll also reveal some "Ninja" tactics for building a hungry, "salivating" list of cash buyers who are BEGGING for deals ...and want what you have.

We will be giving you actionable advice that you could immediately implement so have a pen and paper handy and bring any questions. 

Please note: Space is limited to 350 students (and over 10,000 people are being invited to this workshop) so if you are serious about building a 6 figure wholesaling business that can provide you with the freedom, flexibility and income you desire, grab your spot now.

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Got a chance to spend some time with Monique Welch on the Start Your Thing Podcast recently. We talked about how I came up with the idea for my Big Wig Nation Podcast as well as how I've been able to connect with some of the biggest influencer's on the planet.

#podcast #success


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This weeks Podcast episode is LIVE and I got to speak with the AWESOME +Amy Porterfield

If you're still trying to figure out how to grow your online business, you "need" to listen to this episode!

Amy goes deep into list building, email marketing techniques and shows you how to use webinars to MASSIVELY grow your business!

Check it out here:

#success   #marketing  #podcast

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Awesome #Podcast!
"Hey guys. I am REALLY excited to announce that I just released the Wholesaling Inc Podcast. I’ve been working really hard on creating the absolute best, most “valuable” Wholesaling Podcast out there today and I’m confident this show will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

On the Podcast, I literally walk you, step by step, through an actual deal made by a Wholesaler! I’m talking finite “granular” details about the deal from the exact dollar amount made to the marketing methods used to the actual property address! A literal roadmap that you could follow and easily duplicate.

This Podcast is NO JOKE!

I could really use your help. We are REALLY trying to make a big splash with this Podcast! I’m tired of seeing so many people out there struggling to make a buck at wholesaling so this Podcast is for them.

How you can help: Go give the Podcast a listen and if you enjoy it, just subscribe, rate and review it in iTunes. It will literally take you 2 minutes and the link I’ve included will walk you through it. 

Help me blow this thing out of the water so we could help our fellow wholesalers CRUSH IT in wholesaling!

For anyone that doesn’t already know this, Wholesaling is real. Yesterday, I made over $46k from wholesaling houses and I know if I can do it, ANYONE CAN DO IT!!

Let’s join forces and make this happen! Comment “IN” below to let me know that you are “in” and going to support our cause.

To your prosperity,

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This week's Podcast is out and I had the privilege of speaking with +Fox News's own +Clayton Morris.

In this very revealing conversation, Clayton held NOTHING back! We discuss his recent epiphany which led to a massive break through in his life.

Clayton talks about living life authentically and how for many years, he went through life chasing what HE thought would be the next, best thing. It's not often you get to see behind the curtain of a celebrity like this. We typically see these polished people and think they have no fears, worries or problems.

He talked very openly about his fears and insecurities and I'm glad that he shared with me on my show. I truly believe this conversation will be transformational for some.

You can listen to it here:

‪#‎inspiration‬ ‪#‎podcast‬ ‪#‎foxnews‬

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“The business is just a vehicle for living the life that we want to live. My philosophy always starts with wanting to be happy and living a balanced life. I became a systems expert out of necessity.”

This week I had the chance to speak with systems and productivity expert, +Tina Spriggs. We talk about the importance of having effective systems in place in both your life AND business and why it is critical to any long-term success. She also shares how she was able to overcome some of the demons of her past and turn her adversities into advantages.

Check out the convo here:

‪#‎success‬ ‪#‎podcast‬

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Are you working in your business or ON your business? If you've ever thought about hiring a virtual assistant to lighten up your load, check out this awesome Podcast episode with the king of outsourcing, +Chris Ducker.

#outsourcing   #podcast   

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This weeks POWERHOUSE of an episode is out! I had the honor of speaking with Content Marketing Evangelist, +Joe Pulizzi.

If you currently sell ANY type of products and/or services, you need to listen to this episode. Heck, even if you don't sell anything at the moment, you still need to listen to this EPIC conversation!

Joe lays out EXACTLY what constitutes great content and even delivers his own 6 Step "Blueprint" on how to create, curate and LEVERAGE great content!

Traditional marketing/advertising is like TV Dinners and hula hoops.

Today, this is the ONLY way to effectively communicate with your audience and of course...sell your products and services imo.

Multiple "A-Ha" moments to be found here! This could be the most important conversation you ever listen to (no joke).

Click the link to listen in:

#podcast #contentmarketing #bigwignation  
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