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So, remember Nocturne for 13th Age, the resurrected once-Nightfall Kickstarter book that I wouldn't let go?

+Rob Heinsoo said some nice stuff about it, thanks Rob!

Nocturne shades the heroic fantasy archetypes of 13th Age into a horror setting that's cunningly open to the many flavors of fantasy horror, each represented by a colliding magical realm or a horrific new icon. Even if you're not interested in running a horror campaign, check the book out for many nasty (and easily adaptable monsters) and three skillfully implemented new character classes (a monster creator, a ghost-binder, and a monstrous monster hunter!) that can keep up with the necromancer on the dark path. Sometimes I read 13th Age-compatible books to find ideas I can re-use. Nocturne has a lot of that good stuff, but my main feeling reading Nocturne is: "Oh! Good! They've totally handled this, the horror-side is taken care of."

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Savage Mojo asked me to share this with you, and well, I'm delighted to announce that if you want to pick up Nocturne on PoD -- you can.

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Hey folks, you've probably seen that Nocturne is now out. I just wanted to thank those backers who stood by me whilst I tried to get this immense headache resolved, and thank those of you who've come aboard since the product hit the stores.

There will be a print version via DTRPG once the files have been sorted/approved (this can take a while) -- and I've recently put some extra text together with Savage Mojo to improve the product listing on DTRPG/OBS.

Thanks to +Rob Heinsoo for keeping the faith, +Simon Rogers for his support, +Wade Rockett as well, and +Tim Baker for asking the original question here regarding ex-Nightfall and if it would ever see the light of day.

Thanks also go out to the whole rules/art/layout/editing/everything team on the project!

Have fun folks!

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Hey folks, just to let you know, there's now a DTRPG listing for Nocturne for +13th Age

Extremely proud of the team and what they were able to do.

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Nocturne, my +13th Age compatible fantasy horror setting is finally out. This project has had one heck of a history, ups, downs, downs, and ups. The team over at +Savage Mojo have done a fantastic job and the development crew who helped salvage the project from the defrauded KS have also done amazing things.

The backers have their copies, and now you can get one.

+Tim Baker +Wade Rockett +13th Age and anyone else who might be interested. I got an email today, and I am pretty sure that +ASH LAW  and co will be chatting about it too.

Nocturne is DONE. +Savage Mojo will be coordinating with me to see how we can get the final to the backers.

It's been a long road, I've endured some pretty meh behaviour from certain people who will remain nameless. However, it's done and dusted.

13th Age Nocturne is a thing!

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Call to arms! All fantasy and RPG fans, go check out The Awakened II anthology Kickstarter, for as little as $5 to get you the eBook and access to the mini-comic.
Missed out on book I? No problem! Tiers and addons are available to receive both.
Includes over 380 pages just from book II with best selling authors Ed Greenwood and Jaleigh Johnson. Also included are Richard Lee Byers, Erik Scott de Bie and many, many more. With only a week left, check it out before the deals are... gone.

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What +Hal Greenberg said!
Kickstarter anthology with stories from +Torah Cottrill, Ed Greenwood, +Erik de Bie, +Rosemary Jones, Jaleigh Johnson, +Richard Lee Byers, and more, starting now. Check it out. I'm a big fan of this setting (as introduced in the first Awakened anthology by +Hal Greenberg.

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