SEO Guest Post Pitches - The New Scurge of a Bloggers Existence

Over the last 12 months I've noticed a real change in the type of 'guest post' pitches that hit the ProBlogger and dPS contact forms.

While we still get some great pitches from passionate, knowledgeable bloggers who want to share their story and expertise with our readership (and grow their profile and drive some traffic in the process) increasingly the pitches are rolling in that are a complete waste of time (both for those submitting them, my team and me).

The pitches come from SEO companies or from individuals and brands who are trawling for links.

They usually go something like this:

* I am a big fan of your blog
* I represent XXX company
* I would like to provide unique, relevant and useful content for your blog
* The topics I can write about are XXXX (usually something completely relevant and on the topics of credit cards, holidays, a movie, pharmaceuticals etc)
* All I require is a link back to our company site with unchanged anchor text etc

Other characteristics of these emails:

* they are clearly copy and pastes
* they show no understanding of my blogs topics
* they are impersonal
* they are usually poorly written with terrible spelling and grammar
* they often come from the email address of SEO companies or article writing services

Once or twice I've actually had guest posts submitted with the pitches and they are similarly poorly written, usually irrelevant and written with a lifeless voice and such a shallow understanding of the topic that it would be embarrassing to post. The posts are clearly written by people with no understanding of what they're writing who have simply trawled the web and rewritten other people's content (or copied and pasted it).

The content is not unique, not relevant and certainly not useful to anyone.

Lately I've even started getting asked if I would be interested in being paid to post these articles. 

Just yesterday I was offered $1000 for a post to be published (back dated) on dPS (I said no and the offer was increased to $1500 which I again said no to).

This morning another company offered to pay me to ghost blog an article for them to appear on my own site. Again I said no.

Here's the thing SEOs - you are wasting your time (and mine).

Yes we accept guest posts but what we seek to feature is:

* relevant content to my blogs topic
* useful to my readers
* written with enthusiasm
* written in a genuine voice
* written by someone who knows what they're talking about

As a result you'll not appear on our site or any other site with any credibility. The only places you'll have much luck are dubious sites who's links are probably not going to be much use to you anyway.

Over and Out...
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