10 MORE Questions to Ask Before Publishing Your Next Blog Post

This post builds upon my previous post which outlines 11 questions to ask before publishing a blog post. See that post at https://plus.google.com/112726038360301567381/posts/4SzeQbaoSK7

I hope you find the total list of 21 useful!

1. Have I written something previously that relates to this post that I could link to? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/c0zExk
2. Has someone else written something I could link to? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/aj9jBV
3. Have I left room for my readers to add something to this post? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/bUexCd
4. Have I invited them Readers to respond and engage? Could I ask a specific question to illicit more responses? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/cnqBrb
5. What keywords will people search Google for on this topic? Have I optimized this post for those words? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/aSwKv5
6. Could I add an image to this post to give it a visual point of interest? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/9d7ici
7. How could I make the post easier to ‘scan’ for readers (headings, formatting, images etc)? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/dkEufn
8. How could I follow this post up with another that extends it? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/nI7Xki
9. What time of the Day/Week would publishing this post give it greatest exposure? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/ijJH8Z
10. Where and with Who should I share a link to this post to help promote it? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/bYk2gL
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Great checklist! I'll put it to work right away on my latest blog. The blog is only a couple posts old so I should be able to take the tips and incorporate early in the blog's life. Thanks!
Rob G
Hello Darren I'm really interested with expanding my blogging abilities and skills any advice you could give me. I tryed WordPress but I did not like the fact you could not change the font styles.

I am now using Blogger and it seems a bit better and a lot more customizations and much more font style to choose from

Thank you for any tips you can give.
As always, great information. I need to hang this up and work it with my posts. Some come naturally, but others I don't give enough thought.
+Rob G I used Blogger in the past, but if you want to truly be able to customize your blog, you would want to go self hosted and wordpress.org. All you need is a domain name and web hosting which is inexpensive. The other big benefit is that you own your own content. If you use Blogger or WP.com they ultimately control what can and can't be done on the site. Hope that helps.
If I asked myself 21 questions before each blog post... I'd never get around to writing another post! ;-)

(Actually, I think that some - though not all - people think too much before posting. On the web, the informality and immediacy of communication call for a different approach than what is traditionally thought to be appropriate for more formal types of written communication. In many cases, it is worth thinking of web writing as being somewhere between formal writing and informal conversation.)
I agree with this in-between view. The spectrum is much larger, too, as you get the best of both worlds.
I think many people should think a whole load more before posting on blogs and some should think so much and then not bother

It is very hard to read blogs with bad grammar, sentence construction and poorly written. I for one am a poor writer, which frustrates me writing on my website. I can do the photos though 
Rob G
Thanks you Cheryl Pickett I have a WordPress account already I was playing around with rhe settings and notice that you are limited to how much you can change the font styles unless I'm missing something..
Hi Darren great post. Just one quick question Blogger v Wordpress what are your thoughts?
Thanks, Darren, from Moscow for your interesting and helpful posts about blogging! I'm interesting to read more about photography by you too...
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