10 MORE Questions to Ask Before Publishing Your Next Blog Post

This post builds upon my previous post which outlines 11 questions to ask before publishing a blog post. See that post at https://plus.google.com/112726038360301567381/posts/4SzeQbaoSK7

I hope you find the total list of 21 useful!

1. Have I written something previously that relates to this post that I could link to? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/c0zExk
2. Has someone else written something I could link to? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/aj9jBV
3. Have I left room for my readers to add something to this post? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/bUexCd
4. Have I invited them Readers to respond and engage? Could I ask a specific question to illicit more responses? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/cnqBrb
5. What keywords will people search Google for on this topic? Have I optimized this post for those words? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/aSwKv5
6. Could I add an image to this post to give it a visual point of interest? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/9d7ici
7. How could I make the post easier to ‘scan’ for readers (headings, formatting, images etc)? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/dkEufn
8. How could I follow this post up with another that extends it? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/nI7Xki
9. What time of the Day/Week would publishing this post give it greatest exposure? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/ijJH8Z
10. Where and with Who should I share a link to this post to help promote it? Further Reading: http://bit.ly/bYk2gL
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