Traits of Successful Bloggers #3 - Connectors

Many successful bloggers that I’ve interacted with have an insatiable desire to connect with as many people as they can.

They have an ability to connect not only with their readers but other bloggers and key people in both the online and offline world. Their networks are often far reaching – enabling them to draw on all kinds of relationships when needed.

“It’s not what you know but who you know that makes the difference.” – Anonymous

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It's a great observation, Darren! I actually started the blog because too many folks in my network were calling and asking for advise and opinions. It was easier to just do a blog post and distribute to everyone!
That's a great obsrvation +Darren Rowse - though I find it the other way round often! I have come across many bloggers who have done well and made a name for themselves, but are no longer approachable.
I absolutely agree. Since i have started interaction, specially with my fellow bloggers its has vastly improved my network.
This is so true. Blogging is just a tool in the evolution of communication. Just a modern ink-free printing press. It's not far removed from the soap box in a town square.
Much of this frenzy to accumulate fans, friends, followers, circles, etc. is based on a childish approach to social media as a video game, where you rack up points by clogging your stream with sheer numbers.
+Steven Streight, this is not childish. It is human nature. Any number is a score to be compared with other people. Whether it's height, weight, chest size, shoe size, penis length, bra size, followers, friends, whatever. That is what we, as human beings, do. We are simply incapable of understanding an absolute - we must make a comparison. All things are relative.
'that you interacted with'.... this implies what they had to say was worthy of more than just your attention.

While the majority will rush to make a gazillion 'friends', in their attempt to talk to 'everybody' they will in fact be talking to no-one...

Does the fact that it is so easy to publish lower the quality? I wonder how the web would change if their was a nominal charge to actually publish....even a Penny?
I absolutely agree. Thats why I Created To bring women together because women across the world speak the same language. They build relatonships online offline and a blend of the two.
Connecting with more people is something I recently started working on after being isolated for the 5 months of my blog, but instead of being another "chore" it is actually really enjoyable.
I agree with your observation, Darren, and I'd add that for the really successful people, the 'insatiable desire to connect' is above all a sincere desire. They give and take - it's never one-way traffic.
Doesn't that apply to anyone who is successful? ;)
For me that is the entire reason for starting a blog, or using Google+ or any other type of social media. It's all about making connections.
You could say that connecting and relationships are "the meaning of life". That's why it's a key part of success. 
Connecting with others is one of the most important blogging activity. The higher number of connections you have, the more benefit you get.
Actually I've definitely read Tipping Point - many years ago. I must dig it out again.
Hey Darren,
Thanks for writing this trait. It's actually what my blog is all about: connecting with others, online/offline/online --> offline. It really is about who you know. Huge trait to be aware of!
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