How to Get Overwhelming Things Done

Today while chatting to a blogger they told me that they wanted to write an eBook but didn't have time and felt completely overwhelmed by the task.

I share this:

      1. Identify what you want to achieve
      2. Allocate 15 minutes a day to it
      3. Over the next year you will will spend 91 hours on your task

I know it is overly simplistic but it's perhaps the best thing I've done to tackle overwhelming tasks that I don't have time for.

PS: still don't have time? How about adding up the time you watch TV... play Farmville... stuff around on Facebook... waste time online shopping or do other mindless activities (insert your vice here.... you know what I'm talking about).

I once read that the average adult watches 2 hours of TV per day. If that's you that means over the next year you'll actually watch over 30 DAYS of TV. Yep - that's a whole month of TV watched per year!

Not everyone wastes their time on TV but I suspect if you do a little analysis of how you spend your time each day you'll be able to trip 15 minutes or so from at least one area of your life - I know I can!
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Such great advice.
And that's all the commenting I have time for today. x
I agree....I think the biggest accomplishments we achieve in life depend on what we focus on each and every day on the journey towards it. Great Advice...always need to hear things like what you said..thanks.
You could od not said it better, I have taken this attitude and I do get things done. Great advice
It is really that simple. I often think that what I need most is to learn how to manage my time better. Thank you!
I think we can all use continuous work in that area..that is for sure. It seems like a never ending battle sometimes.
OMG! You have the right words at the right time! So much a good timing! I have so many tasks and future projects that I don't know where to put my energy. By the way, do you have some websites suggestions for some tips and advice on "how to" for ebooks?
Thank you so much! :)
I fully. I like to celebrate every little steps in the right direction. It is the motion that count. 
Love your advice. I've eliminated most of my tv time except for movies but I only watch tv at night anyway. I've already been trying to tackle my time management issues. Thanks for this! :)
Yes, but for me, to getto tht rythym of 15 minute per day is difficult. I suppose if i schedule it right before i getout of bed or something like that, it will work. I think what happens to most people is finding that time to be in the zone to write and focus.
I cannot tell you how timely (pardon the pun!) this post is! You have nailed it with the 15 mins/day tip..thanks so much!
Thank you. On today, of ALL DAYS, I need simplicity when it comes to understanding how to better manage my time. With my children, work, husbands (well actually I only have one - I mean who could stand any more than that lol...but I digress), work, children, work, lol...the's no wonder I'm feeling slightly undone. I am, however, pleased to have come across your nuggets of tick-tock wisdom. Thanks again, and please keep it coming :-).
For me that would be 15 minutes less of sleep or 15 minutes less spent with my child... sometimes you just have to prioritise... maybe it is not good timing for writing an eBook at this moment in one's life. There are plenty of things that I have to just put on hold (write down to return to later... maybe years later).
I completely agree, determine where your time is valuable.  Love your idea of 15 minutes a day to one particular task, might implement that myself.
I totally agree +Daria Kutuzova  My son is 19 now but so lucky, blessed that I cherished many moments with my son as a young child..each time comes for someone at the right time. All what I learn from many people like Darren are preparations for when that time is right.
OM Hare KRSNA +Darren Rowse We concur and only wish to add that most people these days are trying to put to much into one day.
IT IS our suggestion that one should rise 10 mins. before usual and plan the day, at least in your head, or keep a note pad near your bed.
ALWAYS remember to give your Self 15 mins. a day. You will find that IT IS how one can become happy even in the worst of days.
Our Love to ALL. Om tat sat.
Yep this works. I've been doing this with 20-minute time-limits on writing each day and amazed at how much I've written in a month.
Superb advice! I have been doing this at least a few days a week and it is amazing how all those 15-20 minute intervals add up.
I'm a huge fan of this idea! A coach friend of mine even recommends setting a timer when you want to spend 15 minutes a day. It lets you off the hook if you really need to stop!
I really don't watch TV...but I seems not to able to stop my fb session... ;-)
So true! Even if you only set aside a small amount of time each day you'd be amazed at what can be accomplished! 
I want to create a project but keep making it far bigger in my head. You give a great tip like this. It's like you can read my mind!
I hope that us all procrastinators actually get to work instead of commenting around on this post!
I felt exactly the same, can't do anything. That's a big problem of blogging. And maybe, a lot of people give up their job because of this issue.
very good tip. One thing's for sure, burn out is a risk! Some days you go WAY over that time and the next day you just don't want to look at it again. So yes, timing is key! 
Great advice....will be spending more time on me then on other things....because as a society we can waste time and complain....♥
12 months ago if someone had told me i would be blogging and be photographing as well, i would have smirked! How i am managing that with being a trainee occupational hygienist is only a miracle. But a miracle which came about with hard knock decisions like quitting CityVille, Farmville and TV series (very reduced) and lots of grace. The time i spend on Facebook is to actually update my business pages and check on stats. Even when i am in a saloon to do my hair, i always have my lappie with me writing or updating. I need every second of the 24hours! Great Post +Darren Rowse 
I like your post Darren and I agree with you. I'm one of those who doesn't have nerves to sit in front of TV, I'm one of those who likes fresh air and If I have to sit in front of something, that would be PC or Lappie....
Wow you are so right.....pertaining to the time I've wasted....I still love my games...(I was really engaged in them before returning back to school, writing my blog now...and taking pic...) thanks for the advice!
You're welcome...I really love nature, so even if it's cold, I have to be a little bit on a fresh air...
Nathy; I love nature too and I'm going to spend a great deal of  time in the fresh aire tooo♥
I know you will enjoy... <3 <3
This is really worth spending of your precious time.
Darren, your advices are really great and usefull....prescious to me... :)
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