#hotmail  getting killed off according to the news. Didn't realise it still existed! :-)
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I use hotmail and Gmail
Micro-eff replaced with x@Outlook.com. Get your own name if you want another email address. 
I use Gmail for my real e-mail, and Hotmail for signing up for things online. 
I know one person that still uses it. I'm surprised that they managed to stick to the same name for so long.
I know a surprising number of people who still use it as their primary account and quite a few who use it as a backup for signing up for things which might result in marketing spam.
I still use it as I've had it since 1996 and everyone knows they can get me there but have gmail too
The new interface looks outright minimalistic but freakin' fast.. right on Gmail's footsteps.
+Jaco Hamilton-Attwell This is what it says in the article: "Existing Hotmail users can switch to Outlook.com from their settings menu (and revert back if they don't like what they see), and once the service is stable and out of beta, Microsoft will begin migrating Hotmail users en masse. The name change is an attempt to move past the somewhat tarnished image that Hotmail has gained over the years."
I guess that also means that the hotmail.com domain will vanish in the future.
+Alexander Hommel, yes, I read about the migration, but I am not sure if [user]@outlook.com will be created as a new account, or if it will be an alias to my hotmail account. Sort of like gmail and googlemail.

I personally doubt that MS will kill the domain, they will probably just start redirecting.

Oh well. I will go an register my outlook.com account just to ensure that my XBOX account does not disappear. :)
Hotmail was my first E-Mail-Love - in a former life.
Your name@hotmail.com will not move to name@outlook.com. If you want the same name then you have to create a new account, or like I did, create an Alias from within your current account.

Some people were lucky enough to get FirstName@outlook.com
guess i'm out of the loop...i use hotmail as well as gmail
same here +Hans Steup, but lol
damnit.... but only ever since i forgot my pass and wasnt able to regain it cause i was like 5 when i got it and dont know any of the info to get it back.. so all my facebook and other is lost... but the only thing i used fb was to keep in touch with school mates... now start again fresh! lol
I was lucky enough and got to secure my name already. It looks very good, and very fast!
I still have a hotmail account though I haven't used it in years.
I think Hotmail was my very first free e-mail account and service I used.  It was awesome when it started.
Not killed off, just rebranded... Outlook.com
I kinda like it so far. Not replacing Gmail, of course. But the free 7 GB of SkyDrive space is nice. 
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