Do you swear on your blog?

Warning: if swearing is offensive for you.... you might want to avoid the the comments below.
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fuck no you can't swear on the internet
try not to unless absolutely necessary to make a point
I just started a new blog and I said "hell" in my first post. But no I don't think I will say fuck or anything else on that level.
Occasionally. But nothing over the top because my wife, kids and mother all read it on occasion. Unless it's for dramatic effect.
Eric W
Every chance I get!

Um, no. Not without purpose.
No. I don't need to swear to express myself.
I have not sworn on my blog. However, I've wondered about whether I should avoid mention of certain species names (on my nature photography blog), and certain behaviors that I have photos of. Stuff like "naked broomrape", "bush tits", "breeding plumage", "mating rituals", etc.

If you have any thoughts or comments about whether that would get me filtered out by a lot of nanny filters (and thereby lose business), or how this might (or not) negatively affect a blog for my business, I'd love to hear.
Yes, every time I mention "Canon"... ;o) Just kiddin' ! No I don't. It's my professional tool to inform my customers about my work - So hell no! =)
no... some things are just better live and in person...
Depends. I speak the way I would talk in person to that audience. So for a personal blog, I might now and then. I see no reason to pretend to be anything I'm not. But then again, I'm not one who sees cursing as necessarily bad, nor do I judge other people's choices to do so or not...
Rarely. I try to keep it clean. My mom reads it, you know. :-)
I curse like a sailor IRL, but almost never in writing anywhere online, blogs or SM. 
nope, it's something that lost its gist for me since I was 9. I mean the thrill of making this publicly for the sake of getting attention. There are a few bloggers I know who are doing it, but I find it dull and useless.
No, but I like to swear shit loads in other people's comment areas ;)
I try not to swear, but my military and law enforcement background overrides it often. My wife refers to it as my self sensor feature. This feature kicks in when I write, around children, women.....the pastor =)
Occasionally, just like I do in real life.
Xah Lee
i do it often. For me, it's somehow natural to swear, insult, offend. e.g.
〈Are You Intelligent Enough to Understand HTML5?〉 @
〈Professor Victor Mair and 肏 (Fuck)〉 @
〈Lily Allen - Fuck You Very Much〉 @

i think that if you find it natural to do so at the time, then do it. (it's prone to happen more in hardcore programing communities) Though, of course the writing must have content. But also, advertisers will shy away from it, as usual.

i've been trying to find well known writers today or in the past that are well known for blunt swearing or offensive writing style. I thought there surely must be few, but couldn't think of any. Closest i can think of is Marquis de Sade (e.g. ). Jonathan Swift came close (e.g. modest proposal and , but mostly it's just offensive satire.
Another is Sir Richard Burton's translation of Arabian Nights, e.g.
〈The Arabian Nights: 70. ABU AL-ASWAD AND HIS SLAVE-GIRL〉 @ (here we have cock-sucking in 1850, from tales of ~1500.)
but again it's not that he swears freely, but rather he's just doing faithful translation.

Besides Marquis de Sade, the other i can think of that actually qualify is 〈S.C.U.M Manifesto (by Valerie Solanas)〉 @ , but that's just a one-hit-wonder.

can anyone suggest other well-known writers who swear a lot in their work? I really like to collect a list. (note: porn/erotica writing doesn't count here. Am more looking for writers who swear a lot, or known for offensive writing style.) Thanks.
(from the few of Darren's blog i read in the past, i knew it's not his style. I think he has written that even bitching/complaining style doesn't work for him.)
What would life be without a fuck here and there? Boring.
Depends on the subject, a good 'What the fuck' is in order
Absofuckalutely !! Not that much but it happens...
Like a construction worker at a strip bar happy hour.
Generally no. And if I feel compelled to make a point I say s---...not sure why.seems more suitable
It's a professional blog, so no. If it was personal, maybe. I get sworn at enough in real life, it loses the impact.
To cheat some one else. But not all the time :)
I swear very little either in writing or in my daily speech. However, I do allow myself to swear on occasion in either context (including my blogs) when necessary. When used only very occasionally and selectively, swearing can have real power and shock people who know it is out of character.
I don't swear in real life, so no. However, I think it is foolish to risk offending someone without purpose. No one refuses to read a blog because it doesn't have swearing, but many will refuse to read it because it does. If I'm going to offend someone, I'll do it through my views, not my language. As an author, I consider swearing lazy--anyone can use a swear word. An author ought to be able to come up with something more interesting.
No, but that's ok because no one reads my fuckin' blog anyway. hahaha!
I may have, but it just doesn't come up in the things I write about so....not so much. If somebody swears in their post, it isn't a big deal. It's just a part of language. However, if that is the only language someone used in their blog, I probably wouldn't be that attracted to it.
I swear I don't swear....
I don't swear on my blog because 1) I don't really think it's relevant to the type of content I have and 2) I feel like swearing on my type of blog would only serve to alienate parts of my audience. I feel like there are blog topics where swearing doesn't matter, and topics where it doesn't fit in. Mine's the latter.
Yes I do, but my blog is about skateboarding, so...
my blog is named "Art Graham | Online | Uncensored" but no one goes there and I don't use explicit language unless necessary. but i reserve the right.
A bit but I try keep it mild and not overuse it. Sometimes a well-placed swear just sums the sentiment up best. It also keeps my word-count down since I don't have to pussy-foot around what I'd really like to express.
No. Well ... unless "crap" is a swear word. .}
(My blog is about living and eating well.)
No. If you need to swear, you need to increase your vocabulary.
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