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Darren P
Creative, like my Creator :-)
Creative, like my Creator :-)

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Hello and welcome to my Google+ page
You'll soon realise I really enjoy macro photography.
Click here to open my Macro Gallery:

I'm also very addicted to RC flight, especially FPV. 
Check out my RC Flight collection:
or head over to my YouTube Channel:

Creativity unleashed! Yes I'm loving my CNC machine.
New collection to share my projects:

Below is a photo of my Hobby Room where I design and build my RC 'toys'. Have a close look .. lots of multirotors, FT Dusty and other Flite Test planes, Wings and RC Cars.

Yes I'm a big child, and loving it ... enjoy your time here :-)

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Cruisin Koloona
Took the 'GoldWing' out for some easy flying having just set up MimimOSD and replacing a suspect KK2 FC. Loving the OSD and being able to visually see CrossFire LQ (Link Quality) and battery voltage.
NB Clean the lens before flight :-)

Oh, the 'GoldWing' is a Tricopter I've built to the same specs as the one I lost in the Namoi River, yes it was a sad moment. Looking forward to exploring and creating more memories with this guy.
#FPV #Drone #Tricopter #Penrith

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Autumn Leaves
Now this is how to play in the autumn leaves. We had fun chopping them up, almost getting buried under them, flying low n fast over them and capturing the sun shining through them.
But… it would seem I still have some gremlins to sort out with my TriCopter rebuild(s) Not sure what happened, suspect control signal loss??
#FPV #Tricopter #Penrith

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Stargate ... Infinity Mirror
Once you've googled 'infinity mirror' it soon becomes a must make project.
It can be simply placing a RGB LED strip between a mirror and a sheet of plastic with reflective film .. or .. you can totally take it up a few levels and get creative.

This must do project actually got put to a side for months until one day the thought of making a Stargate totally brought this little project back to life.
If you don't know what a Stargate is then go n google it and discover what you're missing out on.

I took the drawing into vCarve, converted it to vectors and then spent hours cut'n'pasting to remove the Chevrons. I had planned to enable the 'symbol wheel' to rotate but gave up on that towards the end. There's a 3D rendered preview of this wheel, it took 3.5 hours (and a beer) to cut using 5mm cleat plastic.

The Cheverons have LED's behind them. Also cut from clear plastic I used a silver pen, grey spray paint, clear spray paint, and then black sharpie for details.

My RBG LED's are mounted on the inside of a 12mm MDF wheel. The outside continuing the Cheveron shape around the edge while holding the 9 red LED's in place. This also got the same silver/paint treatment

Loving the end result .. looks like there is a hole in the wall behind where is sits and as my nephew said "it goes on forever" .. visitors cant help but look behind it.

So, be inspired ... go and create :-)

#Stargate #InfinityMirror #CNC

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sweet dreams
F11 - 1/100 - ISO 100 - MT24EX - MP-E 65mm
Wasting some time on a Friday afternoon ... playing with filters :-)
#Macro #Arachnophobia #SweetDreams

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Taranis .. Paint & M9 Gimbal upgrade
Like many others out there I was watching and waiting for the M9 Gimbals to be in stock again, and then .. happy days .. time for my faithful Taranis to be upgraded.
Quick Tip: In the 3rd photo I labelled the switches A B S1 S2 C D ... this identifies location and orientation when re-assembling. My E and G switches were already marked during the Antanna Mod.
Paint: I chose the color 'Inferno' primarily for repairs to our Toyota Corolla but am totally loving the finished results on the Taranis especially out in the sun.
I got my paint from .. applied 8 light base coats of the orange at 10min intervals .. dried quick .. 4 decent clear coats at 30min intervals .. then left it in the sun for the rest of the day and overnight to harden.
Audio Mod: While I had the case open I separated the 2 wires on connector P7-P3 as described here and wrapped some wire around them .. buzz is a lot quieter .. the TBS Crossfire can still be heard at higher power levels which I find useful.
M9 Gimbals Can I feel the difference in gimbals? They feel very locked in and smooth, maybe I'm not extreme enough a pilot to notice major differences .. definitely no dead spots at center. Worth it? Oh Yeah ... it's got M9 gimbals :-)
#FrSky #Taranis #M9Gimbal

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princess lily
F11 - 1/125 - ISO 100 - MT24EX - MP-E 65mm
These flowers have amazing colours and patterns.
This little jumping spider was also enjoying the scenery :-)
#Macro #Spider #Arachnid #Lily #Flower #MPE65

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F11 - 1/125 - ISO 100 - MT24EX - MP-E 65mm
Love these little guys. They're interesting and fun to photograph :-)

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hoverfly feeding
F11 - 1/125 - ISO 100 - MT24EX - MP-E 65mm
Interesting: The adult hoverfly feeds mainly on nectar and pollen.
Exciting: It's Friday afternoon ... yaaaaa ... have a great weekend :-)
#Macro #HoverFly #MPE65
Animated Photo

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Front yard FPV'n
Had some FPV flyin' fun this afternoon. Exploring my neighbours garden and cruised our front yard with my 150 size quad. This video shows what I see when flying.
#FPV #Drone
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