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I think this is a perfect image for separating SEO from content... Content is the meat, or main attraction. SEO helps enhance how the engines digest it.
SEO is the Condiment, Not the Sandwich
Of course optimizing for search is important, but it's not the only thing. It's humans that spend money on your products and services, not search engines. That's why optimizing for customers and opportunities is far more effective and sustainable.

Distribution and discovery are as important as creation. That's why a focus on content that's optimized for search, socialized for share, publicized for media reach and influencer activated helps those marketers who make the effort, differentiate and dominate in their market.

It's interesting how a slight shift in perspective can mean all the difference in how content based marketing performs. This post is about making each content accountable to discovery, experience and action (vs. just discovery). 

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A blog publishing calendar in WordPress,@CoSchedule. Try it and I can save 10% on my account.

+Frederick Van Johnson Just listening to #386 and you were talking about RAW uploads. If you pay for the service, Zenfolio will take the raw uploads

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Women skaters aren't all back of the bus!

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Great listing of books that designers should know about. Happy to know I have more books I can read.
UX design reading list, curated by designers

This list is a good place go get started learning about design, and includes books on  #interactiondesign #cognitivescience   #visualdesign #iconography   #typography    #designprocess   

h/t/ +Clara S L 
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