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And now for something completely different.

I normally don't get caught up in the whole #caturday  deal, but I wanted to try out my new Nikkor 85mm 1.8 on my best friend - Momo the Cat.  This image was taken wide open at f/1.8 while he was looking out his favorite window... which he owns, BTW.  In fact, he own the entire house.

#caturday2014   #nikkor85mm  
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Hi Momo!  Beautiful as always :)
I like the new nick name, "Plushy"......
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Mesa Arch // Selective Orton Effect

It's not too often I see this view without a sunrise and the golden red glow lighting up the underside of the arch.  I arrived at this location far too late for the sunrise but decided to make some memories regardless.  This image was processed using the Orton effect.  This effect gives a very ethereal and almost dream-like look.  I did brush away the effect in some areas though just to maintain some of the detail in the rock.

#mesaarch   #canyonlandsnationalpark
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I woke up this morning to find out this image has made it to Explore on Flickr.  Fascinating!  Not quite sure what to make of that.
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The Hoodoo Forest | Bryce Canyon

While perusing my images taken last year I happened to stumble across this one taken at Bryce Canyon.  The lighting is not the most spectacular.  But, what really stands out is the vast "forest of hoodoos" that just goes on and on... and on.  It's quite a sight to behold in person.

#brycecanyon   #hoodoos  
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Liz C
OMG! So amazing!!!
Darren you always show me new wonders. Thank you so much. 
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I photographed this atmospheric phenomenon a couple of nights ago while not exactly sure what I was seeing.  Today, I learned it's something called a sun column.  It's caused by the setting sunlight striking ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.  I must say, it was a sight to behold.  It lasted for several minutes.

#sunset   #suncolumn  
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Thank you +Peter Hodgkinson Oddly enough, when I am out shooting, I am "at home"  :)
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Eye of the Canyon

A square crop on a photo I shot last year in lower Antelope Canyon.  This place is amazing.  I could spend hours upon hours exploring.

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I would love to spend hours there too! Some day when I grow up perhaps I'll be able to visit the place.  Fantastic pic!
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Tower of Babel // Arches NP, UT

I captured this image as the morning sun rose over the horizon.  I had just finished shooting the Milky Way over Balanced Rock and was headed back to my hotel in Moab when I came across this scene.

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Darren Neupert

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I was going to steer clear of this radioactive topic but over the past 48 hours I feel even more compelled to speak up.  I read the original blog post... twice.  I did not agree with the sentiment, as I was once a beginning photographer posting "mediocre" imagery.  Hey, perhaps I still do.  But, you know what?  I really don't care.  What really surprised me was the number of people here on G+ who reshared the blog post while conveying the notion that the sentiment contained within was some sort of universal truth and should be digested by all as some sort of gospel.

I have a lot of acquaintances here on G+ that are starting to get more involved with photography.  They enjoy sharing their images here on G+ simply because it brings them joy.  Nobody should feel bullied into not sharing a photo just because they're not a "professional" or don't yet know how to bring out the best in an image.  One day, that person who now posts mediocre images may very well turn out to be the next Ansel Adams or +Art Wolfe.  

This has been one man's opinion.  :)
Hi there, +Olivier Du Tré, I was the one who reached out to +Lauren Bath offline this morning to let her know about your article. I feel that if I actually know someone whose chosen livelihood is being disparaged, even in a passive-aggressive way, they should be aware of it, too, in the event that they want to take the opportunity to retort. I'm glad to see that Lauren has chosen to do so while retaining poise, dignity and professionalism. I haphazardly came across your article thanks to the Google+ hook that allows a commenter to (optionally) create a post with their comment.

In full disclosure, I am actually joining Lauren and a handful of other talented photographers/instragrammers/marketers/social media pundits/artists/whatever you wish to refer to them as next week on a 10-day trip sponsored by an Australian tourism company. So, given that I would be spending an extended amount of time with Lauren and her ilk, I thought it'd be interesting to get her take in advance. I do not know much about how Instagram is used in context with their influencers but I do know a great deal about working closely with influencers here on Google+ as well as being one myself, so my point of view is not unfounded.

Usually, I try to avoid these types of galvanizing posts. They are slanted, often one-sided, and derisive. They do not usually encourage honest debate, despite you expressing it to be your intent, so much as it creates a mob mentality. I don't doubt or deny your frustration. I hear the same thing from many other artists, very visible artists, who simply lament about how the times... they are 'a changin'.

You want to know the key? Well, several keys. None are avoidable or should be regarded as optional.

Be adaptable. If your end game is to earn a living through your passion, understand how the current industry is doing business and adapt accordingly. Unless, of course, you are able to offer a truly disruptive alternative, in which case I wholly encourage your attempts. Another way to look at it is that Lauren and her contemporaries are engaging with companies and agencies in a way that is disruptive to the existing, legacy ways. And she is garnering success, however which way you slice it. So, there is that.

Be genuine, humble and kind. In other words, don't be an asshole. Just be nice to everyone no matter how frustrated you may be on a given day. Admittedly, this is something that I try to work on myself every day given the amount of negativity, contempt and jealousy that is sent my way all. the. time.

Be constructive. Arguably, comparison is the bedrock of your article. That's great. But why? To what end? You're frustrated. I get that. And writing this article will alleviate that how? What constructive solutions did you offer? None. You only managed to galvanize and breed contempt. There is nothing constructive in your article. If you want to grow and excel, you need to be constructive and be open to receive constructively.

Be the best version of yourself. I know, totally hokey. But if you're looking to get paid in any meaningful way for your work or your services, be the best you. I've recently been in the process of buying a new home. The one phrase that I heard from selling agents more than any other is, "_Come with your best offer_". That phrase has a lot of substance beyond this costly transaction. If you're soliciting yourself or your work in any capacity, whether it's for commission or to gain credibility as a respected resource in our social channels, be the best of yourself and put out work that you are proud of. And the kicker is that this isn't limited to your photography/art. It should extend to your writing, ramblings, and muses. We have enough derisive trolls on the internet - there is no need to add to that stinking, flaming pile.

I hope you take my missive to heard, Olivier. I have absolutely no intent to demean or ridicule you in any way. Just as you felt compelled to write your piece, I feel the same way to write mine, if only to help anyone else reading. I appreciate your time.
I've been struggling with this for a while now. And I'm just going to say what I feel needs to be said. This morning a friend of mine forwarded me a few articles by a 'Professional Instagrammer' (ugh) that really grinded my g...
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+MiKE F. I think you nailed it - appreciate the feedback and your honest opinion!
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Darren Neupert

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Peace Out... literally.

Gum Wall - Pike Place Market, Seattle WA
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Liz C
Haha! A must-see ewwww :-)
I'm working on the return trip dear +Darren Neupert. Perhaps in July...
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Darren Neupert

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The sun sets over the Grand Canyon...

This image was taken last year on a very long road trip.  I love the way the setting sun shoots light right straight down the canyon and skims off the top of the land.
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Great photo and work! +Darren Neupert 
Selected for the stream and daily photo theme:
#landscapephotos +LANDSCAPE Photos
by +Robert SKREINER & +Roswitha Böhmer &
 +Tom Crews
Also shared at the page: +LANDSCAPE Photos
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Darren Neupert

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Mayday Mayday Mayday Need help ASAP - What is Lightroom doing to my preview images?

I just got back from shooting the marina with my new Hoya FLW.  My routine is to import my images using Nikon's ViewNX 2 and then trot off to Lightroom to do a simple import.  I DO NOT apply any develop settings whatsoever during the import.  Only Metadata and that's it.

So, here's my obvious problem...

As Lightroom was chugging along building previews for 195 images, I noticed the preview thumbnails along the bottom changing color.  Boink, boink, boink they all went from magenta to blue.  Whaaa?!  The image below shows unprocessed SOOC images from both Lightroom and ViewNX 2.  The true color is shown with ViewNX 2.  It's supposed to show a strong magenta cast due to the Hoya FLW.  Are the previews in LR just garbage?  I can't have that.

Any ideas???  I'm completely baffled here.
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+Dave Morrow I just wound up creating an import preset for LR that uses the camera standard calibration.  That will cure my headache for now.  It still bothers me though that Adobe's "standard" completely blows out everything I shot.  I mean, what's the point of trying to get it right in the camera if it's going to be wiped out?  That was the whole idea of using my Hoya FLW.  Argh...
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