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Watching what's been happening on 35th and this came to mind... +Ingress  #35thAvenueBlues   #ToadTears  
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+Jackie Grove​ I suggested you send +Momin Rashid​ to go up against me in a drinkoff instead, and you agreed. 😂 
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"These Days" by Gabriel Kelly at The Triple Door 6/11/15 (Jackson Browne cover)
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Annette Lake is a lovely hike. It’s just strenuous enough to make you feel the burn without feeling like you’re overdoing it. Sunday dawned cloudy but still warm, a perfect day for a hike up to a lake in the Pacific Northwest. We arrived at the trail head around 8:30 am where we found about 20 other cars already there with plenty of space for more. two and a half hours later we found ourselves up at the lake having passed only a few parties com...
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This is what happens when your headline is too long: 
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Have him in circles
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One of my shots from Gasworks park.
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I don't get out much. I mainly shoot birds in my backyard. I've gotten some lucky shots. None as beautiful as yours
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"Ship of Fools" World Party at The Triple Door 6/11/15
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The Nave Santo. A spicy blackberry margarita.
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I can get you the recipe. It was damn good!
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A copy of an approved portal on the Whispering Firs trail in the Paradise Valley Conservation Area Park.
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+Stressedoutmom  It's far too late to try and down vote this appeal. It already passed. :-D 
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The Pho Kings found themselves south of downtown this week allowing them to partake of another new pho place called Pho Hiho. We had heard good things about this place so we decided to put them to the test for our lunch. We were not disappointed. Pho Hiho is located in a strip mall south of downtown Seattle. It's a very small place with a kitchen on one side and some tables along the other. There only seemed to be one area where a larger group could have lunch, we had six with us for this day. The place was busy with both the people at the twelve or so tables plus a constant stream of folks coming in to pick up to go orders. Service was a bit slow throughout our entire meal. From being slow to give us menus to the odd sight of having them bring us one bowl or plate of food at a time, the entire process from beginning to bill was slow. It's lucky for them then that while service may have been slow the pho was absolutely delicious and perhaps some of the best that I've had in Seattle which I found a bit surprising because my first impressions were not nearly as favorable. After the slow service when we finally got our plates of condiments was I happy to see a unique addition of cilantro but the basil was a bit wilted with black spots and the sprouts looked a bit sad though plentiful. I ordered the combination pho, which in other places is usually just a combination of meat but in Pho Hiho it also has tripe and tendon. The broth was beefy without being greasy and had a unique, almost minty smell. This could perhaps be attributed to the tripe and tendon as I've never had them before. The broth was also very hot as it should be at any pho shop worth going to. I loaded my bowl up and then dug in, winnowing our pieces of chewy tripe and melt in your mouth tendon. The meat was plentiful and tasty adding a great texture to my bowl of soup. Soon we reached the end of our bowls, very satisfied and happy with what we'd had. I'm not certain how often I'll be back down in south Seattle, but given the chance I'll certainly try to go back to Pho Hiho again. Ratings Location: B Condiments: B+ Heat Index: A Broth: A+ Meat: A Overall: A- (three out of three pho bowls)
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For Seattle, the eponymous pho shop would have to be the Than Brothers Pho shops which are sprinkled all over town. I have one mere steps away from the front door of my office which makes for a quick, hot and convenient bowl of my favorite Seattle fast food. This was the place I would go before I began to understand the variations of pho available to me. And I was happy with my bowl then. I am still happy with my bowl but I rarely go now that I know that happy is just not enough when it comes to a bowl of pho. Happy is merely okay on the pho scale. I have to say that their many locations make them a very convenient stop. And they are consistent too. The condiments are always reasonable though occasionally the basil can be a bit wilted. For those that like tripe and tendon, Than Brothers has that available in their choices of meat additions. It never takes long for your bowl to arrive, I like how efficient they run their pho shops and the broth is almost always hot enough to satisfy though never is it as hot as i would like and have experienced at the better pho shops in town. I always take a sip of the broth of my soup before I spice it up. At Than Brothers you can pretty much guarantee a solid if uninspired bowl of beefy broth. It’s slightly oily but still hits the spot. They also have a truly vegetarian bowl of soup available to complement their beef and chicken soups. Their prices are modest and a good value falling in the lower end of most places I’ve visited in town. If you’re in the Seattle area and looking for a good bowl of pho and see a Than Brothers around you can be assured that you’ll get yourself a consistently good bowl of soup. Ratings Location: A Condiments: B Heat Index: B Broth: C+ Meat: B+ Overall: B (two out of three pho bowls)
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